Mahjarrat Memories


Before the player can start this miniquest they will need to complete various other quests and match requirements. These are listed below.

The player can start the miniquest by talking to Kharshai, who can be found in the basement of Thorvald the Warrior's house in Relekka, which can be found north of the longhall. He will explain to the player that if a Mahjarrat resides in an area for a long time they will leave residual energy around in the form of memories. He will explain that these memories can be gathered in the same way the player can gather Guthix's Memories through the Divination skill. He will then hand the player an Engrammeter, which the player can fill up with 500 Vibrant memories or up and then use to gather the memories of various Mahjarrat. These memories can only be gathered in places where the Mahjarrat spent a long time or with which they have a connection. Each time the player recovers a memory they will have to recharge the Engrammeter again with 500 memories, there are 15 memories in total.

Gathering Memories

The player will first have to fill the Engrammeter with 500 memories of Vibrant type or higher, this will generally take about 20 minutes, enriched memories will fill the Engrammeter twice as fast. Once they have it filled they can travel to one of 15 locations to obtain the memory which lingers there. Once they have the memory they will have to take it to Kharshai who will be able to interpret it, he will give the player a transcribed version of the memory, as well as reward them with 25,000 Divination experience. Below the player is able to find all the memories as well as the locations.

When you gathered a memory, clicking below will highlight it in green (clicking it again will toggle it back off).

Memory Location Additional Information Map
Kharshai's Memory Kharshai's Room in Relekka None
Akthanakos's Memory Final Chamber of Enakhra's Temple, near Lazim None
Wahisietel's Memory Ali the Wise's house in north Nardah None
Azzanadra's Memory Deepest chamber of Azzanadra's Pyramid, south of the Bandit camp lodestone Enter through the back of the pyramid to get to the deepest chamber immediately
Enakhra's Memory First chamber of Enakhra's Temple, directly at the ladder back to the surface None
Sliske's Memory Empyrean Citadel The Citadel can only be entered using the Invitation Box
Lucien's Memory Lucien's house, west of the Grand Exchange None
Zemouregal's Memory Deepest Room of Zemouregal's Base in the Chaos temple, level 13 wilderness The player can talk to Hartwin, who is found in Varrock castle, to quickly gain access to the base. They will need insulated boots and a macaw familiar to reach the deepest room
Bilrach's Memory Ground floor of Daemonheim Castle None
Ralvash's Memory Ghorrock Castle, ground floor None
Mizarch's Memory Zaros Temple at the Digsite The temple can be accessed by going down the western wench in the digsite
Hazeel's Memory Hazeel Cult's cave, south east of Ardougne The player will have to enter the cave and then take several rafts, the memory is obtained in the deepest part of the cave.
Palkeera's Memory Mahjarrat Ritual Plateau None
Lamistard's Memory Zemouregal's Fortress, ground floor Accessed by entering from the Mahjarrat Ritual Plateau
Jhallan's Memory Tale of the Muspah cave, the center island This cave can be accessed by entering the cave south of the Snowy Hunter Area


For every memory the player brings to Kharshai they will receive 25,000 Divination experience for a total of 375,000 experience, however once they retrieved all memories they will obtain several other rewards.

  • 150,000 bonus Divination experience
  • Lucien Bobblehead pet
  • Dr. Nabanik's old trilby (head slot cosmetic override)
  • "Pontifex" Title
  • "Legatus" Title

Guide Made by: Sytze
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