Fate of the Gods
The gods are returning to Gielinor but something is preventing the arrival of Zaros. Help Azzanadra to bring his god to Gielinor and find out more about Zaros and the elder gods along the way.


Skill Requirements:
24 67 Summoning
17 73 Agility
26 75 Divination
19 76 Slayer
7 79 Magic
Quest Requirements:
Missing, Presumed Death
Other Requirements:
Recommended quests are: The World Wakes, The Ritual of the Mahjarrat, The Temple at Senntisten and The Firemaker's Curse.
Items Needed: None.

Items Recommended: Some sort of face mask, Combat gear, A beast of burden, Food
Reward: Click to reveal


The World Gate

To start the quest, Speak with Azzanadra by the World Gate, south of the Eagle's peak lodestone and Char's cave and he will explain that Zaros has called you to assist in his return. Once you have accepted the quest he will inform you that Sliske is the only one who can help bring the World Gate out of the Shadow Realm.

On Sliske's arrival, he will pull you into the Shadow Realm. Once in the Shadow Realm he will make a proposition towards you explaining that you do not have to help Zaros and can in fact sabotage him, should you so desire. After this he will then explain how to power up the World Gate. By investigating the pillars next to you, the symbols will appear. The left console will rotate the symbols to the left and the right console will rotate them to the right.

Symbol Step
Press the right console until this rune is shown.
Press the left console until this rune is shown.
Press the right console until this rune is shown.

Once the gate has been powered up Sliske will be able to pull it into the material world where Azzanadra will then complain about how long it took you both. Here you can tell Azzanadra of Sliske's proposition or just keep quiet. The gate is ready to take you to Freneskae, so once you're stocked up with your armour and food you can step through the World gate. It is advised you bring some sort of face mask as well as the Engrammeter from the Mahjarrat Memories mini-quest as they will prove useful in taking less damage while on Freneskae.

The Approach

Once you've arrived in Freneskae you shouldn't stay in one place for too long as the environment here is extremely treacherous and can deal a large amount of damage if you're not careful. If you have a charged Engrammeter then use it now; it will become distorted and cause you to take less damage from the environment. You will want to look out for:

  • The air as it is filled with smoke and will make you choke, causing 50 points of damage. Wearing some form of face mask then you will not take any damage from this.
  • Lightning will start to charge up on the ground giving you a short time to avoid the strike that follows. By being hit directly you will take 1500 points of damage, whereas if you're near to the lightning strike you will only take 750 points of damage.
  • Volcanic vents will send out searing hot steam should you get near them, which causes 400 points of damage.
  • Balls of lava will be spewed out from nearby lava lakes and mini-volcanoes and will deal 500 points of damage should you be directly hit by one, whereas if you're near to the impact then you will only take 250 points of damage.
  • Finally, certain walls will leak lava and if you're directly hit by these then you will suffer 1000 points of damage, whereas if you're near to the flow then you will only take 500 points of damage.

You will have to navigate Freneskae whilst trying to avoid many of these hazards to reach Zaros' Sanctum. Thankfully, there are archways that emit a mysterious aura; when stood under, these archways will heal you slowly and make a good resting place to catch your breath. It would be best to recover to full health points while there and remember their locations so that you can make your way to them should you get low on health as opposed to using your precious food.

On the way you may find Memoriam crystals, which can be collected to give additional lore once in the Sanctum and are required to unlock the cosmetic overrides at the end of this quest. There are 8 that can be found in the Approach. If you wish to fnd all of these then follow the yellow path, however, should you just want to get to Zaros' Sanctum as soon as possible then follow the cyan path to the orange dot.

World Gate, Memoriam crystal, Obstacle, Zaros' Sanctum, Currently impassable bridge that leads to the light memoriam crystals

Zaros' Sanctum

Upon entry of the Sanctum, you can step on the memoriam device to deposit any crystals you found, which unlocks memories of Zaros' history. While in here, there is also another memoriam crystal just left of the door at the far end of the room. Once you're done exploring Zaros' memories, click on the door at the end of the room and you will be greeted by a puzzle. You must match the combination of symbols by rotating the dials and lighting up all the connections. This must be unlocked three times with increasing difficulty between each lock.

Lock 1 Lock 2 Lock 3

Once the final lock has been opened, walk into the mist and through the opening to progress to the next area. Before entering this area, make sure you are well stocked up on supplies as you must face four tanky level 160 monsters that use special attacks and could be quite problematic if you are ill-prepared.

Follow the paths until you reach the room and step on the pressure plate in the centre and four Nihil will begin to charge through the many holes in the room. They will not be aggressive and continue charging like this in random paths of the room but you must avoid getting hit by these as they each have varying attacks. Once you're ready to fight, attack them and they will stop charging and aggro onto you. It is recommended to only take on one at a time, however, if you attack and fight all four simultaneously then you will unlock the title "Annihilator".

Monster Normal attack Charge attack Special attack

Blood nihil
Uses melee attack. All other nihil in combat will be healed from theses attacks. If hit a bleed DoT is placed on you. The nihil will change stance and begin to glow; during this time any damage it recieves will heal it.

Ice nihil
Uses magic attacks. Prayer points are drained from these attacks. If hit prayer points are drained. The nihil will freeze you in ice but Anticipation and Freedom can be used to break free.

Shadow nihil
Uses ranged attacks. They are shadow based. Causes the screen to darken dependant on the proximity of the nihil to you. This does not require the charge attack to hit. The nihil will create a shadow trap where you stand, which will cause large amounts of damage while stood near it.

Smoke nihil
Uses magic attacks. They are smoke based. If hit combat stats are drained. The nihil will create a cloud where you stand, which will rapidly drain your combat stats while stood near it.

Once all four nihil have been defeated, you can pass through to the door and head to the next area. Remember to grab the memoriam crystal near the exit door.

The Cradle

You will find yourself on top of the volcano with a large statue in front of you. Approach the statue and Zaros will reveal himself to speak with you. He explains that the statue is in fact Mah, an Elder God. Zaros will hastily teleport you into your own mind so that he can hide from Mah while still communicating to you. This will lead onto a lengthy conversation where you may ask Zaros a variety of questions about himself, his history and his opinion of others, such as his followers and the young gods.

Once you end the conversation, Mah will have begun to have nightmares and Zaros offers to aid you in your survival of he manifestations. It is recommended that you allow him to help to make the battle easier as he will help lower some of the damage, provide you with unlimited prayer when using Curses and provide free spell casts when using the Ancient spellbook. It is also recommended that you use ancients for this fight as the Muspah that are conjured are weaker to the ancient spellbook than any other form of combat.

You must survive the onslaught for approximately 5 minutes whilst attacking 3 types of Muspah, one for each combat style as well as taking Mah's cries of pain, which will damage you for 1/5th of your maximum lifepoints and stuns you. Luckily, these cries will also damage her Muspah, too. As the fight progresses, more Muspah will spawn and Mah's cries will become more frequent. Once you have survived long enough, Mah will fall back to sleep and the Muspah will despawn immediately, allowing you free access down the volcano.


You will find yourself at the core of Freneskae in a place known as the Elder Halls. On the ground you will find the Measure, a device used to reveal hidden and weak Mah wisps. Place the Measure down near weak wisps so that you can harvest Mah energy and memories. Pour the memories into the rift in the centre of the halls to gain additional energy. You will need 250 Mah energy to create a dark or a light simluacrum. A dark one will help Zaros and a light one will hinder him, so choose wisely. Once you have have made one or the other, grab the memoriam crystal and head back up to the top of the volcano.

Zaros will ask you place the simulacrum in front of him so that he may become corporeal again. Choosing which simulacrum will also affect his appearance, however, once he become corporeal again, Mah begins to wake up. Zaros hastily teleports you both back to the World Gate on Freneskae and speaks with you quickly until Mah get's close. Escape through the portal and speak with Azzanadra where you may ask him some more questions. Tell him you're ready for Zaros' full return and you will meet with Nex, Char, Sliske, Azzanadra and Zaros. He will banish Sliske from the Zarosian faction and then hand out orders to everyone else. Finally he will hand you the Shard of Zaros and the quest will be completed.


There are many extra rewards thet you can acquire after the quest is complete and some of them aren't really explained, so this section is to show how to get every reward from this quest. Please note that a few of these rewards requires extra content to have been completed before you may be rewarded fully.

Large prismatic lamp

Simply speak with Wahisietal (Ali the Wise) in Nardah and explain to him that Zaros has returned and Sliske has been excommunicated from the Zarosian faction. After he wonders why Azzanadra hadn't told him sooner he will reward you with a Large primsatic lamp that may be used in any skill.

Survivor's lamp (combat skills)

Head over to Senntisten and speak with Azzanadra. Talk to him about Zaros' return and he will promptly reward you with a Survivor's lamp (combat skills) which will give you 75,000 experience in any combat skill above level 80, not including Prayer and Summoning. This can be used three times before it disappears.

Distorted Engrammeter

This requires completion of the Mahjarrat Memories miniquest. By taking and using a charged Engrammeter inside Freneskae, it will overload and become distorted. This will protect you from some of the damage caused by Freneskae's harsh environment, but it also gives you 25,000 Divination experience once it becomes distorted.

The Measure

The Measure is an elder artifact used for measuring the levels of Anima where it has been placed and can be placed in four key locations to reveal elder wisps gain 50,000 Divination experience. These locations can be found:

  • By the Oracle on Ice Mountain.
  • On top of the Karamja volcano by the entrance of the TzHaar city.
  • By the sunken statue (the 'Sleeper' from One of a Kind) off the North-West coast of Entrana.
  • East of the Agility Pyramid on the plateau by the archaeologists.

Sliske's Gift

This requires the completion of the General's Shadow miniquest. Head into the Empyrean Citadel and as you start to leave Sliske will reveal himself. He allows you to ask one question that he will answer with a straight answer. These questions range from asking him if he is a god, if he has the Stone of Jas, what his plan is and even what his favourite colour is! You only get one answer though so choose wisely. After he has answered he will strike you and tell you that he has bestowed the power of sight into the Shadow Realm without the need of the Ring of visibility.

The Annihilator title

Simply go back to "The Pit" in Freneskae through the World Gate and fight all four nihil at the same time. Once you have defeated them all (they must all aggro you through the entire battle) then you will unlock this title.

The World Gate teleport

This requires a Sixth-Age circuit. Head over to Guthix's shrine and speak to the Guthixian High Druid and he will add a teleport to the World Gate to your Sixth-Age circuit, allowing quick access back there at any time.

Helm of Zaros cosmetic headgear

There are 12 purple memoriam crystals found on Freneskae, the first 8 can be found in the Approach and found using the map near the start of this guide. The last 4 can be found in each of the next areas, one in the Sanctum, one in the Pit, one on the Cradle and the final one in the Elder Halls. Once you have acquired all 12, head back to the Sanctum and use the memoriam device and a door will now open up to give access to the Helm of Zaros cosmetic headgear.

Crest of Seren cosmetic headgear

There are four blue memoriam crystals found on Freneskae that may only be accessed after the quest has been completed. Cross the bridge that was not accessible earlier (seen in the Approach map) and you will find 4 blue pillars which you must continue to hit. This must be done a great amount of times and the more times you hit these pillars, the more static that is built up and the more frequent lightning strikes down. Do your best to avoid them and continue until all four blue memoriam crystals have appeared. Grab them, head to the Sanctum and use the memoriam device as you did with the puple memoriam crystals. This will unlock another door to give access to the Crest of Seren cosmetic headgear.

Shard of Zaros

All that is required for this reward is completion of Fate of the Gods, however, this item can be equipped in the pocket slot and stops all God Wars Dungeon creatures from attacking you, much like a piece of Nex armour, so that you do not need to bring faction specific items when heading there. Also stops Muspah from becoming aggressive to you.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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