Shadow over Ashdale, A
Recently, ships ferrying supplies to Ashdale have returned with their cargo still aboard, reporting that the island has apparently been deserted. Gudrik is eager to investigate the mystery, but he is too old to do so himself – he needs someone to travel the island and find out what is wrong.


Skill Requirements: None.Quest Requirements: None.Other Requirements:
Ability to defeat several opponents whose difficulty scales along with the strength of the player.
Items Needed: None.

Items Recommended: Combat Gear, Food
Reward: Click to reveal

Starting Out

To start the quest talk to Gudrik who can be found in his house in the south-western part of Taverley. He will tell you that previously every few weeks ships with supplies were sent to Ashdale, but that lately sailors have reported the island to be deserted and under influence of a dark spell. He asks you to investigate and see what you can find about the situation on Ashdale, he will tell you to take the ship near his house to reach the island once you're ready. Make sure to bring combat gear and food ahead as this will save you time travelling back and forth between Taverley and Ashdale.

Once you're on the island you will notice that it is completely deserted. Make your way to the centre of the village. However make sure to inspect the puddle of goo and the claw along the path. Once you reach the centre you will find a woman named Lucy who is hiding in her house. Talk to her and she will explain that monsters came and abducted the villagers, she only managed to escape by hiding in her house. You will tell her that you need to reach the other side of the island, to which she responds that you will have to go through the sewers as the streets of the village are blocked by barricades.

The Sewers

To enter the sewers go to the back of Lucy's house where you will find a stormdrain, you can climb through this drain to enter the sewers. Simple follow the path in the sewers until you find a large room, here you will see a cutscene and then be attacked by a Crassian Scout. The scout is not particularly strong, however he will scale along with the player's combat level. Kill the scout and proceed through the tunnel after which the player will encounter another scout. Once the player killed this scout they can climb up the ladder in this room to reach the outside again.

Room with Barrels

Once you're outside follow the path and you will reach 2 more scouts. Defeat these and follow the path until you reach a small house on the edge of the cliff. Search the desk in this house to find a Journal entry. Next search the bust in the same room to reveal a set of stairs going down. Climb these stairs down and you will reach a new set of caves with 2 more scouts. Defeat these scouts and walk to the next room.

In this room you will find several barrels connected with eachother and connected with a door. One of the barrels is filled with water, and all barrels but one have a valve wheel connected to it. First look around the room and pick up the Valve inner wheel, Valve outer wheel and the tin of Pitch. One of the connecting cables has a leak, use the tin of Pitch to fix the leak and next use the Inner valve wheel on the Outer valve wheel to create a Valve wheel. Use the Valve wheel on the barrel which doesn't yet have a valve wheel. Next rotate the valve wheel on the barrel which is filled with water to allow the water to drain to the next barrel. Keep repeating this until the water reaches the door, this will unlock the door.

Warriors and Barriers

After the barrel room the player will find a large room with 3 more scouts, kill these and a barrier will break, allowing the player to gain access to the next room. This room contains a Crassian warrior, who can't be attacked and another barrier. To break the barrier the player will have to kill the warrior using spikes which hide under the floor. These spikes can be raised by pulling the lever on the opposite side of the hallway from where they entered. Once the warrior is dead the barrier will break and the player will gain access to the next room. Avoid being seen by the warrior as he is able to kill the player in one hit. If the player does get spotted they will however not loose any items or progress, but will simply respawn at the begin of this particular puzzle again.

Repeat this process for all rooms which they player next encounters, some of these will hold more warriors, increasing the difficulty of the rooms. However if the player times it well they can kill the warriors without getting spotted. If they do get spotted they will respawn at the begin of the puzzle they died at so there is no danger whatsoever.

The final room with warriors will contain 4 warriors, once the player dispatched of these they will enter a large room with a ship as well as 2 scouts. Kill the scouts and approach the ship.

The Source of All Evil

Once the player approaches the ship 4 tentacles will appear, these tentacles have extremely low lifepoints however the player can't deal more than 40 lifepoints damage at a time to them. Make sure to stay on one side of the ship to allow only 2 of the tentacles to hit you, kill each of the tentacles and a cutscene will play.

During the cutscene a giant kraken named Agoroth will appear, this is the final monster in this quest which the player has to defeat. Agoroth is not extremely strong however the player will need to pay attention, using either ranged or magic is advised. When Agoroth becomes immune to damage the player must look on the ground green smoke like areas on the ground. Standing on these should be avoided as they will deal rapid high damage, the player can move to an area on the deck which is not covered by them and then continue attacking Agoroth once he becomes vulnerable again. If the player is in melee distance of Agoroth he will also use an attack which will always hit the player, if the player is out of melee distance he will spawn unattackable tentacles which will deal damage to the player. It is highly advised to stay on high lifepoints at all times in case the player misses the green area attack.

Once the player defeated Agoroth the citizens of Ashdale will be released and the player will find themselves outside again. They can then return to Gudrik in Taverley to complete the quest and claim their rewards.

There are several chests along the way of the quest. These can be searched to obtain extra rewards in the form of money and uncut gems.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: Sytze
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