Chosen Commander, The
Zanik the cave goblin has vanished, throwing the city of Dorgesh-Kaan into turmoil. Where has she gone? Uncover the truth behind Zanikļæ½s disappearance and save the city of Dorgesh-Kaan in The Chosen Commander, the conclusion of the Dorgeshuun quest series.


Skill Requirements:
17 46 Agility
3 46 Strength
18 46 Thieving
Quest Requirements:
Land of the Goblins
Other Requirements:
Be able to defeat level 50s - 75 +, Bandos avatar (level 110) two times.
Items Needed: Light source

Items Recommended: Tinderbox, Food and Melee armour, 5000x Coins, Ardougne teleport
Reward: Click to reveal

Captain Undak

Talk to Captain Undak in Dorgesh-Kaan.

Undak will tell you how the children are raised in the city, and then will tell you that many of the children have become sick, and he suspects that H.A.M is behind it. He will then ask you to help investigate the problem. You will now have to make your way to the nursery, so head slightly north, and up the stairs. Now walk down until you see a building full of little goblins and speak to a goblin called Mernik. You will find that Mernik doesn't know much, and suggests that you should talk to her assistant, Torzek outside. Talk to Torzek and tell her to calm down. Ask her if the children have eaten anything strange lately. Torzek will instruct you to ask the children what they have eaten.

Question the sick children, note down what they tell you, and then question the healthy children. After asking all of the children, you should be able to work out which two foods are poisoned, be sure to remember them. Talk to Captain Undak and tell him that you have figured it out. He will suggest that you speak to the food vendors downstairs. Go downstairs and speak to the various food vendors, who are in the market on the east and west walls. Talk to the two vendors to find out which is selling the poisonous food. Ask who they obtained their ingredients from, and they will each give you two names. Out of the names given, there should a name which is mentioned twice. That name is the culprit.

Talk to the merchant who you think is the culprit, and then tell Undak. Undak will then proceed to arrest the merchant. If you accused wrong, you will have to pay a fine of 5,000gp for compensation. Ask the merchant why he would poison the goblin children. He will tell you that the goblins are poisoning society with their Godless ways. Attack the Merchant, and he will turn on a protect prayer. A portal will appear behind the Merchant, and Zanik will arrive. After the merchant has been arrested, Zanik will tell you where she has been. You will now be able to control Zanik. Go west, and climb on top of the goblin statue, which is behind an ork statue.


Now, jump across the statues. Once you reach the ourg statue, a cutscene will happen. After that, jump along the north statues until you reach the balcony. Pick up the crossbow, which is on the floor, and then grapple across the spear. Pick up the pendant which is on the floor. The statue with the scrying pool will bend down low enough for you to look into it. Look into the pool and you will see a cutscene of your character talking with the merchant. After that, head to the back of the room where the mass amount of statues are stood. They will move and make way for a passageway. Enter the portal to arrive back and be in control of your character again.

Zanik will then advise you to go talk to the council. Head to the north and climb the stairs. You will now be in a cutscene with the council. The council will talk about taking the H.A.M agent to jail. Zanik will disagree and suggest a death sentance. Zanik will then kill the H.A.M agent and run away. Talk to Captain Undak and he will tell you that she has probably ran to the caves at the south of the city. Run south to the agility arena. Climb down the ladder and follow the tunnel south and you will see Zanik sat at the end of it. Choose the option to sit down next to her, and say nothing. Continue to say nothing and eventually she will tell you why she killed him. Ask her what she wants and she will tell you she wants a world filled with peace. Zanik will then give in and go back to the council. After the cutscene, the council will decide to banish Zanik. Talk with Zanik to say goodbye, and then she will leave.

Talk to Captain Undak and he will tell you he has another task for you, to infiltrate the H.A.M headquarters and find out what Sigmund is planning. Accept the job and he will give you a full set of H.A.M robes. Now head to the H.A.M headquarters (located in the woods between Lumbridge & Draynor) and pick lock the trapdoor. Make your way to the south-eastern tunnel to the headquarters jail, and talk to Johanhus Ulsbrecht. Ask him what the plans are for the Cave Goblins. He will tell you that they aren't planning an attack, but Sigmund is. Ask to join Sigmund's group and he will tell you to go to the Mill at Ardougne and give you the password 'Arrav'. Head to the windmill and speak to Milton the Miller, and give him the password.

Climb down the trapdoor, and make sure you have your H.A.M. robes on before proceeding any further. Open the door, and then proceed through the southen door, into a room with a hole in it. Squeeze through the hole to appear on the other side of the room. Open both doors nearby to unlock them. Speak to the guard to find out you need a signed letter from Sigmund before you can interrogate the goblin. Ask him for the day of the week, and then compare it to the noticeboard on the wall. Compare the day of the week with the name on the board, and then head back into the main room. Pickpocket the person with the name which matched up with the board to get a letter. Take the letter back to the guard to gain access to the jail room. Pick up the jail key on the floor, and go into the cell.

Speak to the prisoner goblin, and he will tell you that he is called Grubfoot. Tell him that you will distract the guard so he can make a break for it. Stand north of the gaurd and talk to him to distract him long enough for Grubfoot to make it into the next room. Talk to Grubfoot again, and tell him to wait at the west door whilst you distract the guard. Squeeze through the hole in the wall, to arrive next to some plates. You will break some plates, creating a distraction long enough for Grubfoot to make it into the next room. A guard will come and ask you what the noise was, tell him that it was the imps.Finally, speak with Grubfoot again and tell him to follow you. Exit the east door and go up the wooden ramp. You will now get another cutscene of Zanik and other Goblins fighting the H.A.M members. Sigmund will notice you, and will attack you.


Zanik will help you to defeat him. After you have defeated Sigmund, he will try to escape, but Zanik will cut his hand off, which has a ring of life. However, Zanik will now attack you. You will have to keep attacking her, and give positive repsonses whenever you are given the option. After a while, you will find out that Zanik is being controlled and will take the pendant off. Another Goblin will pick the pendant up and put it on. The Bandos avatar will control him and tell you that the Goblins have defied him for too long, and they must be stopped. Zanik will then teleport you away, but will get the location wrong. Walk to the other side of the cave and some rocks will fall from the ceiling, separating you from Zanik. Clear the rocks, and talk to Zanik on the other side. Tell her to grapple to the rocks next to you. She says you will have to help direct her though. You will get the options of some directions to give Zanik to help her grapple to the rock.

After she has made it back up, exit the cave. You will run past Juna, and she will talk about how Zanik has strayed from her destiny. Head back to Dorgesh-Kaan by running north, and then following Kezgar back to the Dorgesh-Kaan mines to enter the city. Head to the centre and talk with Captain Undak. He will tell you that the War God come through the city earlier, and planted a big obelisk in the city. He will also tell you that the council is having a meeting, and to go join them there. When you arrive at the council room, the council will give you a translation of what the obelisk says. Zanik will suggest to the council that they should fight, and that you should help. Agree to help and you will be asked to speak to the Scribe in the council chamber.

The Scribe will tell you that he wants to make a time capsule, to preserve any artifacts in case something happens to their race. He will ask you to speak to Tegdak to assemble the artifacts. Climb down the stairs and go south-east, into the second hallway. Find Tegdak and speak to him to obtain a box of artefacts. Take these artifacts back to the Scribe, and he will hand you a time capusule. He will then ask you to take it to Mistag to bury it. Exit the city and talk to Mistag and ask him to bury it. Mistag will then suggest that Oldak has a plan that might help. Go back into the city and head north-west to find Oldak. Speak to Oldak to find out that he has a plan to combine his technology with Grubfoot's magic, which should stop the War God from using his regenerative power.

For this to work, he will need some machine parts from Turgall. Turgall can be found on the opposite side to where you found Zanik hiding from the council earlier, in the caves south of the Agility Area. Return to Oldak and give him the machine parts. He will give you a crossbow to give to Zanik. After giving it to her, she will tell you to speak to Mernik in the nursery. Mernik will ask you to speak to Ambassador Alvijar, to see if he will allow the children to be evacuated to Keldragrim. Ambassador Alvijar can be found north of the nursery. Speak to him and he will tell you no. Go back and tell Mernik and she will commend you for your efforts, and tell you that Zanik is waiting for you at the portal.

Note: Fight ahead (level 110)

Speak to Zanik and tell her that you are ready for a fight. You will then enter the portal and the fight will begin. Attack the Avatar until his health is low, and then tell Zanik to fire her crossbow at him. The avatar will then smash the crossbow to the ground. Pick up the pieces of crossbow that have fallen to the ground, and use them with each other to repair Zanik's Crossbow. Statues will now start attacking you, so be sure to kill them. You will be too late to save Zanik however, and she will die. You will now have to attack the Avatar. Turn the Protect from Magic prayer on to force him to use melee attack. Once he has no health left, a dialogue will appear. Select the option use Zanik's Crossbow special attack, as you cannot wield the crossbow. When the Avatar has been defeated, pick up the pendant and sit next to Zanik. Choose to say nothing, and she will suddenly wake up. She will destroy the pendant and you will then walk out of the portal with her.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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