Death Plateau



The Death Plateau is an area in the south of Troll Country which is currently occupied by hostile mountain trolls, who are engaged in an on-going war with the Imperial Guard of Burthorpe. The plateau is heavily involved in the Death Plateau quest where the player is tasked with assisting the Imperial Guard in an offensive against the trolls camped there.

Getting There

Due to the Death Plateau's close proximity to Burthorpe, it is relatively easy, albeit dangerous, to get to. These are the principal methods of travelling there:

  • The easiest way to reach the Death Plateau is to utilise the Lodestone Network to teleport to the Burthorpe Lodestone. From there, run through the Troll Invasion gatehouse to the north-west and follow the path until it curves round to the north-east. There is a wall that players must climb over en-route.
  • A longer but safer method of reaching the plateau is by making your way through the agility course in Sabbot's Cave. Enter the cave which is just south of the plateau and go through the tunnel there. Then just follow the agility course until you reach some rocks that you can climb up to reach the top of a cliff overlooking the Death Plateau. Head east and climb down the rocks and you're there!

Map of Area


The Death Plateau is a thriving troll war encampment. Whilst it may seem to be a barren and bleak place, the presence of the trolls makes it an interesting location for adventurers to explore.

Rock's Tent

In the western part of the Death Plateau the troll's leader, who goes by the name 'Rock', has made his tent. Although it may not look like a tent, the crude assembly of wood, stone and bone acts as one. There are a couple of chests and a bear rug on the floor.

Camp Tents

The other trolls have thrown up their own 'tents', albeit smaller than Rock's Tent. There isn't much to see in them, asides from a couple of Bucket spawns and some boxes.

Cooking Area

In the middle of the Death Plateau is a huge cooking pot with an unknown green broth simmering away in it. The two cooks, Ash and Dung constantly debate as to the choicest ways to cook a human. Eventually, they resort to violence in the typical trollish manner.


To the north of the Death Plateau is a cliff where a few Imperial Guards are stationed to keep watch over the trolls. In the Death Plateau quest, the player leads the guards there in order to stage an ambush. The guards currently there seem a little bored, although they are satisfied that their work provides pivotal intelligence to the war-effort. Sabbot's Cave ends up at the top of this cliff.

Sabbot's Cave

Underneath the plateau is an extensive system of caves. They are solely inhabited by Sabbot; an ambitious but stubborn dwarf who seeks to set up a trading post once the trolls have left. If the player offers to help him, he will refuse. As such, he has made little progress so far.

The entrance to the caves.

The caves are on two levels with two main caves. The first is where Sabbot sleeps and has two tunnels, one leads to the Troll Warzone Gatehouse and the other leads into the second, much larger room.

The second cave has two small raised levels at either end of it, to navigate from one to the other the player must descend the rockface and progress through the agility course before climbing up the other rockface. The southernmost raised level has a tunnel that leads to the cliff-top north of the plateau.

ObstacleAgility Experience

Jump Crevice

Swing-on Rope Swing

Jump Stepping Stones

Squeeze-through Gap


The approach up to the Death Plateau is notoriously dangerous, with multiple thrower trolls hurling rocks at players who attempt to walk through it. When doing so, it is advised to activate the Protect from Ranged prayer.


Non-Attackable Personalities

PersonalityLocationExamine TextNotes

Cooking AreaHuman is his specialityDung is the larger of the two troll cooks, he often fights with his colleague Ash due to culinary differences regarding cooked-human

Cooking AreaHuman is his specialitySmaller than Dung, yet just as obnoxious. This troll cook heartily disagrees with Dung when it comes to how best to cook and eat a human

On the cliff-topA Burthorpe Castle archer, waiting in ambushThere are two of these archers on the cliff, they are entasked with watching over the trolls on the plateau below

Ambush Commander
On the cliff-topA Burthorpe Castle archer, waiting in ambushThis archer is in charge of the others, when talked to he will report the troll's activities (or lack thereof) and request that he receives more supplies

South-west of the Death Plateau, near the danger signsA soldier of the Imperial GuardA wounded soldier, he tells the player of how he went for an innocent walk only to be struck down by the infamous thrower-trolls. He advises the player not to pass the danger signs

In the caves, near the tunnel connecting the first cave to the second caveIf that rock breaks, he looks like he'll glare a hole in the cliff faceSabbot is hard at work in the caves trying to set up a trading post.

Attackable Personalities

MonsterLocationCombat LevelWeakness

Thrower Troll
Stationed on the plateau just above the approach110

Next to his large tent126
Water Spells

Usually next to Rock122
Water Spells

Guarding the northern entrance to the Death Plateau120
Water Spells

Mountain Troll
All over the Death Plateau108
Water Spells

Also guarding the northern entrance to the Death Plateau120
Water Spells

Unlockable Music

Music TrackLocation Unlocked At
TrembleDuring the Death Plateau quest

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