Mighty Fall, The
After the death of Bandos, the Bandosian forces are in disbelief as to how the Big High War God could be defeated by the puny Armadyl. General Graardor has led the army of Bandos to Dorgesh-Kaan looking for revenge against Zanik and the Cave Goblins as he is blaming them for his death. Will you help the Cave Goblins to save their city by taking part in a tournament, and in doing so determine the new leader of the Bandosian forces?


Skill Requirements:
1 79 Attack
3 79 Strength
4 78 Constitution
2 72 Defence
19 69 Slayer
Quest Requirements:
Chosen Commander, The
My Arm's Big Adventure
Missing, Presumed Death
Other Requirements:
Must have defeated Bork
Items Needed: Light Source

Items Recommended: Combat Equipment
Reward: Click to reveal

Death or Diplomacy

To start the quest the player can talk to Ur-Tag who can be found in the northern area of the first floor of Dorgesh-Kaan. He will tell the player that various Bandosian forces are laying siege on the city of Dorgesh-Kaan, he will then request the player's help. If they accept Zanik will storm in and say that General Graardor is there with an army, she will also let Ur-Tag know that they collapsed the tunnel to slow them down. Ur-Tag will start plans to evacuate the city, but he asks the player to talk to the Bandosian leaders in an attempt to stop them or at least slow them down.

The Bandosian leaders can be found in the swamp caves, but due to the fact that the Dorgeshuun collapsed the tunnels the player will have to go through the entrance in the swamp. This entrance can be found in the southern area of the swamp near the water altar. The player will need a Bullseye lantern, open light sources will ignite the gas in the caves causing an explosion. Once the player is in the caves they can find the Bandosian Leaders in the eastern part of the caves. Talk to any of them to start a conversation where the player can ask various questions about their motives, once the player picks the "no more questions" option will cause the Bandosian leaders to start arguing amongst themselves about who's the strongest. They will announce a tournament where the various races will fight eachother to determine who is the strongest and who deserves to lead. Since the Dorgeshuun are also a race of Bandos they need a champion as well, the player can choose either Zanik or themselves, but in the end the player will have to fight as the champion.

The player will now have to return to the cave goblins to tell them the news. Talk to Ur-Tag or Zanik who can still be found at Ur-Tag's house, the player will then explain the entire situation. Zanik will then ask the player to meet them at the portal to Yu'Biusk, which can be found near Bandos's head near Goblin Village.

Entering Yu'Biusk

Talk to Zanik near the portal and she will tell the player that she is dying because of Bandos’ death. After talking to her go through the portal and the player will find themselves in Yu’Biusk. The player can use one of the various bank chests found around the area. Once they are ready they can talk to Zarador who can be found on the first floor of the area.

He will be able to explain the rules of the tournament to the player. One of these includes that the player can’t use summoning and that all fights have certain special rules.

Once you talked to Zarador you can head to your camp, or first talk to all other champions. Once you’re at your camp you will be greeted by Burnt meat, My Arm and Grubfoot who have come to support you. You can ask them various questions, however once you pick the option “no more questions”, a goblin messenger will appear. However he turns out to be a human who infiltrated Yu’Biusk. He will then attack you, he is not very strong so he should be easy to deal with. Once you killed him you will find a note which explains why is here and also mentions that there are 5 other humans in Yu’Biusk.


Return to Zarador who will tell you that because you're a human you will have to deal with them, but he asks you to kill as little regular goblins as possible. This means you will have to talk to the goblins and look for suspicious behaviour or use of words. Below is a map with the locations of all goblins.

Once the player defeated all humans they can return to Zarador, who will tell them about their first fight.

First Round: Yelps

The player's first fight is against the goblin champion Yelps. Even though he is a goblin the player should not underestimate him. The special rules for this fight are that both combatants are allowed to take as many goblin minions with them as they wish, yet the player obviously has no goblins who can aid them in battle.

Do not underestimate Yelps as he has a very high amount of lifepoints and a special attack which can deal a very high amount of damage unless it’s dodged. At the start of the fight Yelps will be accompanied by 2 bodyguards, whilst these are alive he can’t be damaged. Yelps will occasionally shout “extra spin for the win”. This means he will soon be using his special attack in which he spins around. If the player stands within the spin radius they will take a lot of damage in separate small hits. The location where Yelps will next appear and spin around is indicated by a small animation of coins appearing in the location.

To defeat Yelps make sure to kill his bodyguards whenever they are present, dodge his special attacks and keep your lifepoints up. Once Yelps is defeated the player can choose to either spare or take his life. If they spare him they will receive an expired spin ticket as well as Yelps’s very own cash bag.

Second Round: Lol

After they defeated Yelps the player has to go to Zanik, who can be found just outside the portal. They will tell her of their victory and have a small chat. It is then time for the next battle however. The second battle is against the troll champion Lol, and the player is not allowed to wear any armour for the fight.

The troll champion Lol is not very tough, however since the player is not allowed to wear armour they will take damage rather easily. He also has 2 special attacks, both are indicated by a chatbox message as well as an on screen message. His first attack consists of Lol throwing a rock at the player, this rock will hit for a high amount of damage but can be avoided by simply moving from the spot the player was standing on. The second special attack consists of several explosive rocks being placed in the arena. These can be avoided easily by standing away from the rocks. Lol will also pray magic and ranged, so it is highly advised to melee him.

To defeat Lol, keep your lifepoints high, dodge his rock throwing attack by moving from your current location. His second special attack can be avoided by standing away from the rocks. Melee is highly advised as this makes the fight a lot easier.

Final Round: Graardor

After you defeated Lol you can once again choose to let him live or to kill him. Zarador will tell the player he is actually impressed with them and will explain the rules of the final round to them. He will tell them that during the final round only one weapon can be used, the Kyzaj. The player’s next opponent, Graardor, is an expert with this weapon so the player will have to find some way to become familiar with this weapon as well. They will be handed the Kyzaj by Zarador, the player then suggests talking to Zanik to see whether she knows more about this weapon.

Zanik will explain how to use the Kyzaj, next the player will have to prepare for the next fight and then return to Zarador. The next fight will be against Graardor, but the player can’t use anything but the Kyzaj as their weapon. They can however wear armour and bring food and potions.

Graardor is a strong opponent who can deal a lot of damage if the player does not pay attention. He has several special attacks, these are either indicated by him raising the Kyzaj or by a chatbox message. Especially when he raises the Kyzah the player must be careful as this attack can deal over 3000 damage. He will occasionally also strike the platform, causing it to fall apart. The player can dodge this attack or else they will suffer 3000+ damage from the hit. His last special attack is indicated by a chatbox message. This attack is the least dangerous and the damage from this attack can be lowered by standing on the edge of the platform. The player must also not stand under Graardor too long as they will otherwise take a high amount of damage which can potentially kill them rather easily.

To defeat Graardor make sure to dodge his special attacks, which otherwise will damage the player for a lot of lifepoints. Make sure to run through Graardor when he raises the Kyjaz. Don’t stand under Graardor too long either as this is lethal. Use of good food is recommended as well as making sure your lifepoints don’t drop below 4000. If the player dies they should not be discouraged as the fight against Graardor is rather difficult.

Once the player defeated Graardor, Zarador will throw Zanik into the area and give the player a choice. They can choose to either kill Zanik, which will make Graardor the leader of all Bandosians, or they can let Zanik live, which will make her the leader of all Bandosians.

Regardless of what the player chooses, they will have to return to Ur-Tag in Dorgesh-Kaan to complete the quest and collect their rewards.
Note: The 50k xp lamp is only for skills over level 70 and the 75k xp lamp is for skills level 80+.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: Sytze
Corrections submitted by: Majinvegito3, Tilden, Jack, Sytze