Wilderness Warbands


Wilderness Warbands is a Distraction and Diversion that is focused in the Wilderness. Quercus the Ent, found on the Wilderness Wall North-East of Edgeville and North-West of the Grand Exchange, will notify players of active camps that are being set up within the Wilderness and can be given supplies for experience in skills related to the type of supplies given or for coins instead. Warband camps are set up every 7 hours and are synchronized across all worlds.

Warband Times

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
02:00 UTC 06:00 UTC 03:00 UTC 00:00 UTC 04:00 UTC 01:00 UTC 05:00 UTC
09:00 UTC 13:00 UTC 10:00 UTC 07:00 UTC 11:00 UTC 08:00 UTC 12:00 UTC
16:00 UTC 20:00 UTC 17:00 UTC 14:00 UTC 18:00 UTC 15:00 UTC 19:00 UTC
23:00 UTC - - 21:00 UTC - 22:00 UTC -

Popular FC's

Due to the popularity of the D&D, there have been many Friends' Chats set up to help players achieve 75/75 resources from 3 camps. Below you will find a list of groups which you may choose to be a part of.

Please note: Due to the possible change in alliances, the following table may be inaccurate.

Alliance Friends Chat Group Type
PK Syndicate AtomicPK PK
Defqon Army PK/Loot
Slayers Nest Loot
Calamity & Allies CalamityPK PK
Synergy WBs Loot
WB Do Hue
Nsj Nsj PK/Loot
AlmostLost Loot
Mellie's FC
Warband Groups Wbs M8
Wilderness Empire WBs United
Other Judgement WBs PK
Bluemonst3rs Loot

These are just a few examples of popular Warband FC's. You may also find other groups on the RuneScape Official Forums.


Location Wilderness Level How to get there

South of the Dark Warriors' Fortress
13 North of Falador
Chaos Altar
South-East of Dareeyak Teleport

South of the Red Dragon Isle
42 East of Wilderness Canoe Station
East of Corporeal Beast Teleport on Games Necklace
North-East of Carrallanger Teleport
South of Annakarl Teleport
East of Wilderness Obelisk near Lava Maze

East of the Lava Maze
54 North of Wilderness Canoe Station
North-East of Wilderness Obelisk near Lava Maze
South-West of Annakarl Teleport
North-West of Corporeal Beast Teleport on Games Necklace

How to Play

Talk to Quercus in Edgeville, on the Wilderness Wall near the Grand Exchange. Quercus will inform you the location of the current Warband camp. If there is not one in the Wilderness then he will inform you how long until the next Warband camp will be set up. Once you know the loaction of the camp, go there and try to avoid attracting the attention of the hostile NPC's while stopping the magic beam in the center of the camp.

Try not to alert the Wilderness Warband (shown left) or you won't be able to interrupt the magic beam (shown right)

The goal of Warbands is to sabotage the beam in the middle of the camp. If the beam is sabotaged then allied NPCs will attack the enemies in the camp and will grant you an extra five minutes to kill the camp members and to loot the tents for supplies for Quercus.

When you have filled your inventory with supples heading back to Quercus is necessary. Teleporting with supplies in your inventory will not work and logging out of the world (including logging to the lobby) will cause all supplies to be removed from your inventory. To keep the supplies and to be able to hand them in for your reward you need to leave the wilderness by crossing the wilderness wall or by entering the Daemonheim Peninsula and then return to Quercus without the risk of being killed by other players.


Enemy Combat Level Weakness Enemy Combat Level Weakness

Saradominist thaumaturge

Saradominist enforcer
Fire Spells

Saradominist scout
Slash Attacks

Saradominist sergeant
140 None

Zamorakian occultist

Zamorakian blackguard
Fire Spells

Zamorakian bandit
Slash Attacks

Zamorakian demon lord
140 None

Armadylean shaman

Armadylean myrmidon
Fire Spells

Armadylean skirmisher
Slash Attacks

Armadylean archon
140 None

Bandosian wild mage

Bandosian reaver
Fire Spells

Bandosian hunter
Slash Attacks

Bandosian warlord
140 None


When you give Quercus supplies, depending on the type of supplies given, you can gain experience in Herblore, Farming, Smithing, Mining or Construction.

You get

((Skill (Skill - 2))/2 +50) experience in the skill corresponding to the type of supplies given per supply. For example, if you hand in Herblore supplies to Quercus with a Herblore level of 50, you will receive 1,250 Herblore xp per supplies given. Every time you loot a tent, you have a rare chance of looting a Wand of Treachery. It is a level 70 Magic wand can be looted only once per event by one player. The player who loots this item will lose all their remaining prayer points, and be glowing for about 20 seconds. The name of the player who looted the wand will be announced to everyone who is in the area around and in the camp and is able to be attacked by anyone, regardless of multicombat setting and combat level.

Guide Made by: Philby25
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