Plague's End
Lord Iorweth, head of the Iorweth elf clan, has a new plan to summon the Dark Lord, a being with the power to re-grow the elf city of Prifddinas as an Iorweth-only city. Help Arianwyn put a stop to this plot by gathering the elders of Prifddinas and re-growing the city before Iorwerth can.


Skill Requirements:
17 75 Agility
13 75 Crafting
23 75 Construction
25 75 Dungeoneering
16 75 Herblore
15 75 Mining
5 75 Ranged
6 75 Prayer
9 75 Woodcutting
24 75 Summoning
Quest Requirements:
Within the Light
Catapult Construction
Making History
Other Requirements:
Items Needed: 10x Magic logs, Rune bar, Mourner Outfit, 200x Spirit shard, Crimson charm, Blue charm, Green charm, Gold charm, Super defence (3), Pouch x1

Items Recommended: Combat Equipment, Food, Plant cure
Reward: Click to reveal

The Plan to Find the Master Plan

Talk to Arianwyn in Lletya, he will tell you that dwarves cleared out the corridor of light so that you are now able to access Prifddinas, however it might be crawling with soldiers so you will need a mourner outfit.

Arianwyn will then offer to teleport you directly to the corridor of light, talk to the dwarf there who will give you a document.

Go upstairs and a captain of the deathguard will ask why you were in the storeroom. Tell him you saw a mouse, then pick the option which said it might get into the foodstores, and then that he was busy so you didn’t deem it necessary to report it to him.

He will instruct you to go relieve the guards in the next room of their duty to guard the archaeologist. Talk to the 2 mourners near Iestin Edern and they will leave, Iestin will then give you a report which you have to deliver to the mayor of Prifddinas in the northern tent in the camp above.

Go up the stairs and go to the large, northern tent in the camp, talk to the mayor who will tell you that she has the Iowerth master plan on her desk. She will next instruct you to check on the food delivery she was expecting. Go to the southern part of the camp and talk to the mourner there, tell him to distribute the food amongst the civilians and then go back to the mayor. Tell her that her food is being given to the civilians and she will rush out to stop them. This gives you the chance of stealing the master plan, once you have it return to the stairs and go down.


Talk to Iestin Edern and tell him you have the plan, he will explain that the Iowerth clan is planning to kill all humans in West Ardougne, and that he must be stopped. Arianwyn will then tell you to speak to Bravek the Warder of West Ardougne and Councillor Halgrive in East Ardougne.

Halgrive can be found just south of the church in east ardougne, he will hand you a proclamation, Bravek is on the first floor of the building north of the church in West Ardougne, he will give you a list of people to talk to who are able to aid in starting a revolution.

You will have to find several people and then meet them in the church in West Ardougne, you can explain everything to them then. They will then head to the mourner HQ, once there you can kick down the door. Inside you will find several mourners, kill them and then head to the basement. Once you’re in the basement you will have to kill several more mourners as well as the Head mourner. You can ask him several questions and then choose whether you want to kill him or let him go.

Once you completed that Elena will tell you that you are in charge of the Mourner HQ and give you a flag to hang on the roof of the HQ. Go up and replace the standard, Sir Hugo and Sir Edmond will appear and warn you that you are illegally occupying the building. You will show them Halgrive’s Proclamation. This will cause them to argue between them, as Sir Edmond wants to discuss it with the council, while Sir Hugo proclaims that the king is right. They will run off to East Ardougne after the conversation.

The Battle for Ardougne

Go to the castle in East Ardougne and talk to Sir Edmond, he will tell you that King Lathas will most likely try to flee and that you must head to the throne room. Go there and talk to King Lathas, he will get Sir Hugo to protect him, Sir Hugo is level 107 and weak to wind spells, he is not extremely strong.

Talk to the King once Sir Hugo is defeated and you can interrogate him. Once you’ve done so you can choose to let the King live or kill him. Once you’ve done so Sir Edmond will return and tell you to go back to Iestin Edern. You can do so by talking to Arianwyn in Lletya while wearing full mourner gear.

Finding the Elders

They will tell you that Iowerth has only temporarily been stopped, but if Prifddinas should be regrown before Iowerth can do so himself, then his plans will be halted for good. Arianwyn will then reveal himself as being one of the elven clan leaders, however you must still find the other 6 to regrow the city. Arianwyn will tell you to speak to the scribe Gwir in Lletya, and will also offer to teleport you back to Lletya.

Talk to Gwir and she will tell you to search the bookcase for a book with clues. Once you have read the book, talk to Gwir again and ask her about all of the elders. She will then hand you 2 items and additional clues on where to find all of the other elders.

Lady Trahaearn

For this part the player will need a runite bar. Go to the entrance of the Underground pass on the elf lands side and enter it. South of the well of voyage is a wall that can be broken down using the mining skill. Inside the player will find 3 automatons and Lady Trahaearn. The automatons use all 3 combat styles, however they are only combat level 70 and fairly weak. Once they are defeated the player can use their runite bar to repair Lady Trahaearn’s exoskeleton. They can ask her some questions, and then she will head to the Prifddinas undercity.

Lord Crwys

For this part the player will need a plant cure potion or runes for a cure spell (requires lunar spellbook). To find Lord Crwys the player can cut trees which will then send yellow orbs in a direction, if the player follows these orbs, regularly cutting trees to check the direction, they will reach a tree they can inspect. Use a vial of plant cure or a cure spell on it and it will turn into Lord Crwys. After asking him several questions he will head to the Undercity as well.

Lady Ithell

For this part the player will need 10 magic logs. To find Lady Ithell the player will have to find several symbols in Lletya, there are 5 in total. These symbols will lead to a plan for a statue in Lletya, build the statue using 10 magic logs. This will cause Kelyn on the first floor to regain her memories. Talk to her and she will tell you she is able to act as Lady Ithell. You can ask her more questions and then she will head to the Undercity.

  • First floor near the altar. Outside northern wall of the altar room.
  • Near the bank. Eastern wall of the bank room.
  • Southern building. Southern wall on the eastern side of the building.
  • First floor clothes store. South western corner.
  • Archery store. Northern wall in the south western corner.

Lord Amlodd

For this part you will need 1 blue charm, 1 crimson charm, 1 green charm, 1 gold charm, 1 empty pouch, 200 spirit shards and the Amlodd charm you received from Gwir. With these items you can go to any large summoning obelisk to create an Amlodd pouch. You can then summon Lord Amlodd with this pouch. He once again allows you to ask several questions before going to the Undercity.

Lady Hefin

To find Lady Hefin the player will have to take a path through the swamps in the southern part of the elf lands. They can start this by running south after passing through the tree gate at Lletya. There are several dead ends and only one correct path. At the end of the path the player will find an Elf hermit. Speak to her and tell her you seek the wisdom of Seren. You will have to take a small test. After the test you will be able to ask her some questions and then she will return to the Undercity.

  • Answer 1: Seren’s faithfulness to the elves.
  • Answer 2: The symmetry of crystals.
  • Answer 3: I don’t know

Lady Meilyr

To find Lady Meilyr the player will need a 3 dose defence potion. They will also have to pick a red and a blue mushroom in the elf lands. These can be found in various locations. Grind these and add it to the defence potion. Next head to Daemonheim and go to the actual castle, drink the potion there and you will see a portal. Enter it and you will find yourself in a room with Lady Meilyr, talk to her and you can once again ask her several questions before she returns to the Undercity.

Regrowing Prifddinas

Once all elders are found return to Arianwyn and return to Iestin Edern. They will suggest you try convincing general Hining to attack the Iowerth so that the elders are able to regrow the city without the Iowerth army attacking them.

The Dark Lord and the Light Puzzle

Head to Tyras camp and speak to general Hining, he will agree to attack the Iowerth. Return to Arianwyn once again and teleport to the Undercity. Enter the library and the player will have to solve a rather simple light puzzle using mirrors to reflect the light into the centre crystal. These start off rather simple, however, after the second stage, shadow creatures will appear and attack. Not only will each puzzle increase in difficulty after each stage, but more and more shadow creatures will appear until the Dark Lord himself reveals themselves. Thankfully, if the palyer is adequately equipped, these shadow creatures should prove little match for them. Should the player die or log out during any of the phases they will start again from that phase, although they will not have to restart entirely.

When battling with the Dark Lord, avoid the AoE attacks indicated by a glowing light on the floor before a smoke cloud fills that spot. Failure to avoid this will cause heavy damage to the player that can quickly kill them if they are not careful. It is advised to "kill" the Dark Lord first between the puzzles as his attacks are by far the most heavy hitting.

After completing all phases the Dark Lord will die and the player will have completed the quest.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: Sytze
Corrections submitted by: Dark, Sytze, Strey, Umbra