General Graardor


Basic Information

Graardor is located inside Bandos' Stronghold in the God Wars Dungeon, and has a reputation for being one of the easiest bosses to solo in the dungeon. Despite this, Graardor's drops are fairly good, and you stand to gain between just 1m to 8m if you get one of his unique drops!

Graardor's attacks

Graardor himself can attack you with melee and ranged, however he will use his ranged attack with equal frequency to his punch.



Graardor is located inside God Wars Dungeon (once inside, the Bandos area is north-west of the entrance). You will be required to have 60 Agility/Strength to access the actual dungeon as you need to get past a boulder. To access Bandos' Area you will be required to have level 70 Strength and a hammer (which can be in your toolbelt).

Getting There

The easiest way to get to the God Wars Dungeon would be to teleport right behind the boulder with a God wars teleport, but you can get there using other methods if required.

Red route = Trollheim Teleport

Orange route = Travelling from Burthorpe

Killing Graardor


Recommended Setup

When you choose to kill Graardor, you should be prepared for a varying difficulty fight, as sometimes Graardor hits extremely hard and sometimes does not. Please note: Graardor appears to have a very high ranged defence, so it is not a recommended combat style for this encounter.

To produce optimum damage, we recommend the following levels, but you can change these if you need too.

  • 90 Attack and Strength or 90 Magic recommended (Drygores or Seismics) | 80 Minimum Magic or 80 Attack and Strength (Chaotics)
  • 90 Defence recommended (Tectonic or Malevolent - Maximum DPS gear) | 85 Defence minimum (Tetsu or Sea Singers)
  • 92 Prayer recommended (Soul Split) | 43 Prayer minimum (Protect from Melee)
  • 60 Agility/Strength (Access to GWD)

We also recommend the following gear setup. Remember - You are in a very dangerous place and you may lose your items!


  • Head Malevolent Helm > Tetsu Helm > Torva Helm
  • Amulet Brawler's Knockout necklace > Amulet of Fury
  • Cape Comp Cape > Max Cape > Reefwalker's Cape > Skillcape > Warpriest Cape
  • Body Malevolent Chestplate > Tetsu Chestplate > Torva Chestplate
  • Legs Malevolent Legs> Tetsu Legs > Torva Legs
  • Gloves Pneumatic Gloves > Torva Gloves > Culinaromancer Gloves 10
  • Boots Steadfast Boots > Torva Boots > Other melee-specific boots
  • Weapon Drygores > Chaotics (Dual Wield)
  • Ring Leviathan Ring > Sixth Age Circuit > Ring of Wealth
  • Aura Penance > Vampyrism
  • Pocket Slot Shard of Zaros


  • Head Tectonic Hood > Sea Singer's Hood > Virtus Hood
  • Amulet Arcane Stream > Amulet of Fury
  • Cape Comp Cape > Max Cape > Reefwalker's Cape > Skillcape > Warpriest Cape
  • Body Tectonic Robe Top > Sea Singer's Robe Top > Virtus Robe Top
  • Legs Tectonic Robe Legs > Sea Singer's Robe Legs > Virtus Robe Legs
  • Gloves Static Gloves > Virtus Gloves > Culinaromancer's Gloves 10
  • Boots Ragefire Boots > Virtus Boots > Other range-specific boots
  • Weapon Seismic Wand and Book > Chaotic Staff > Armadyl Battlestaff
  • Spell Blood Barrage > Fire Surge
  • Ring Sixth Age Circuit > Ring of Wealth
  • Aura Penance > Vampyrism
  • Pocket Slot Shard of Zaros

In your Inventory you will also need a mix of Food and Prayer restore potions, the highest tier you can use. It will be extremely useful to have a familiar full of food, and a healing familiar pouch.

Getting Kill Count

You will need to kill 40 Bandos followers before you are able to access the boss room. It's recommended that you kill these in Bandos' Stronghold rather than in the general area of God Wars Dungeon as you don't want to be attacked by any other NPCs.

The fastest way to get Kill Count is to kill the normal Goblins, Hobgoblins and Jogres. Beware of Aggroing the Orks, as every nearby Ork will also attack you if you do.

The Fight

Generally, the fight is moderately easy. Use Deflect/Protect Melee/Range at first until you get a feel for the damage and whether or not to Soulsplit, and keep a constant eye on your health and prayer points. His melee attack can hit up to 3000 lifepoints, however this rarely happens. His ranged attack is not very accurate but will hit everyone in the room. This attack can potentially be deadly to players who decide to mage Graardor.

Another thing to keep in mind is that General Graardor has 3 bodyguards, each of these uses one side of the combat triangle. Although these are significantly weaker than Graardor they can still deal out a decent amount of damage. There is no use in killing them before Graardor dies, as they will simply re-spawn relatively fast. His bodyguards all have a combat level of 102.


General Graardor's regular drops are usually good enough to make a trip compensate for resources spent, as he often drops noted items or rune drops. However, his valuable drops are worth considerably higher amounts of money. His unique drops can be found in the table below.

Item Shard Dropped By

Bandos chestplate

Bandos tassets

Bandos boots
N/A Graardor/Bodyguards

Bandos gloves
N/A Graardor/Bodyguards

Bandos helmet

Bandos warshield
N/A Graardor/Bodyguards

Bandos hilt

Decaying tooth
N/A Graardor*

* - The more tracked General Graardor kills you have, the higher chance of obtaining the Decaying tooth as a drop.

Other Tips


If you happen to die whilst fighting Graardor, then your grave will appear within Graardor's waiting room. Even though your grave did not spawn within the main boss room, you will need to get 40 Kill Count to gain entry to the waiting room to retrieve your items. In order to ensure you are able to loot your grave in time, you can use a Sign of Respite III to boost your timer by 6 minutes. This affect can be used before or after a death!

You can find more information about Graardor from the Monster Database Here!

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