Grouping System


The Grouping System is a powerful tool that aims to allows for players to create, find, and join multiplayer game sessions as quickly as possible, and to eliminate the problem with some of the minigames being empty all the time.

You can get started with the Grouping System by clicking on its icon located on the ribbon, or on the edge of the minimap if you are using Legacy mode.


Upon opening the Grouping System for the first time, you will be presented with the following interface, assuming you are not already part of a group.

  • Allow Invites: This option allows you to set whether you will receive group invitations from anyone, from friends, from clan members, or nobody.
  • Create Group: This option allows you to create a group without any settings. You can update the settings, such as minigames and team sizes after creating the group.
  • Join Any Group: This option allows you to join any group at random.
  • Invite Player: This option will create a new group, and then prompts you to enter the name of the player you wish to invite to the newly created group.
  • Member List: This tab lists the members who are in your group.
  • Ban List: This tab lists the members who are banned from your group.

If you are already part of a group, the right-hand section of the interface have different options available.

  • Allow Invites: This option allows you to set whether you will receive group invitations from anyone, from friends, from clan members, or nobody.
  • Ready Status: This option allows you to indicate to the group whether you are prepared to participate in the minigame.
  • Invite Player: If you are ranked as Recruiter or higher, you can use this option to invite other players.
  • Matchmaking Registration: If you are the group leader, this allows you to specify whether the system can assign players that searching for groups into your group.
  • Leave Group: This option allows you to leave the group you are currently in.
  • Member List: This tab lists the members who are in your group.
  • Ban List: This tab lists the members who are banned from your group.


You can join a group for any multiplayer minigame at random, or you may choose find a group for specific minigame to join.

To begin, click on the Grouping System icon on the taskbar, or near the minimap if you are in Legacy mode. There are several ways of joining a group:

  • To join a group for any minigame at random: Simply click the Random Group button in the lower middle section of the interface, and you will be assigned to one of the five groups at random that has the highest number of players in it. You can also avoid joining groups for specific minigames by selecting the minigame in question, and then enabling the Exclude from automatic group selection checkbox.
  • To join a group for a specific minigame: Select a minigame from the left hand section of the interface, then select some of the settings to filter the variety of groups available that you'd like to join. The number of groups matching your criteria will be shown near the bottom of the screen. Once ready, click Join Queue in the lower middle part of the interface.
  • By invitation:: By being invited by anyone who has the Recruiter or higher rank inside that group.

If you receive an invitation to join a group, an envelope will appear in the middle of your screen. Click on it to view the invitation and to either accept or decline it. Please note that invitations are valid for one minute before they expire.


To create a group, you first must not already be part of a group. If you are, you will need to leave first by clicking on Leave Group. When ready,click on Create Group. This will create a group without any settings and with you as the leader.

After creating the group, you can adjust the parameters of the group, such as the minimum combat level required to join the group. To do that, select a minigame from the list on the left-hand side of the interface, and then go to the middle section of the interface and expand the Settings menu, where you can choose the settings specific for your group. Do note that the options presented varies by the minigame that has been selected.


Group Chat

There are two chat channels within your group: A global channel, and a team-specific channel. Messages sent to the global channel are visible to all members of the group, while messages sent to your team channel are only visible to those who are also assigned to your team.

To chat with everyone in your group, type /gr into the chat followed by a space to switch to group chat mode, then type your message and press enter to send. The same process applies for when you wish to chat with only your team within your group, but you will type /t instead. You can also send messages directly into the group channels while in any chat mode by typing four forward slashes for the global group channel, or five forward slashes for your team-specific channel before typing your message. Examples of such usage are as follows:

For global group chat: ////I am now talking to everyone in my group.
For your team-specific chat: /////I am now talking to my team mates within my group.

Inviting Players

There are several ways that you can invite your friends and as well as other players into your group. To begin, you will need to be already part of the group and have the rank of at least Recruiter, otherwise the options will not appear. The different methods of inviting players into the group are as follows:

  • In your Friends list, right click your friend and select Invite to group near the bottom of the list.
  • Similar with the Friends list approach, clan members in both your own clan and the clan you are visiting as a guest can be right clicked and invited by selecting Invite to group
  • Near the bottom of the Grouping System panel, click the green man with a yellow line across near the bottom and then type the player's name.

Member Management

When you right click on a member of the group in the panel, you will be presented with various actions, some of which are administrative, appropriate for your rank. The possible options are:

  • Switch world: This option will allow you to switch to the world that the selected player is on. It only appears if that player is on a different world.
  • Set Rank: This option allows you to set the rank of a particular member. You need to be the leader of the group to see this option.
  • Set Team: This option allows you to a team for a particular group member, such as Saradomin or Zamorak team in Castle Wars. The options available depends on the minigame that the group is hosting. You will need to have the Organiser or higher rank to use see this option.
  • Kick: This option allows you to kick and ban a group member from the group. You need to have the Admin or Leader rank to see this option. As the player are banned during the kick, they cannot be re-invited into the group until they have been unbanned by the Leader or an Admin of the group.

To unban a player from the group, go into the ban list, right click a player and then select the sole option of unban.

Ranks Management

Managing a group is relatively simple through a hierarchical structure of the group consisting of Members, Recuiters, Organisers, Admins and the Leader, with most of them associated with a power to perform administrative tasks within the group, such as inviting, kicking, and ranking other players within the group.

  • Member: An ordinary participant of the group.
  • Recruiter: This rank allows a member to invite other players to join the group.
  • Organiser: In addition to the above, members with this rank are able to allocate players in the group into teams. This rank is mainly used for minigames where teams are involved such as Castle Wars.
  • Admin: In addition to the above, this rank also has the ability to kick, ban and unban players from the group. Do note that kicking a player will also ban them from the group in the process.
  • Leader: In addition to the above, this rank is also able to change the settings of the group, including the minigame the group is based on and the requirements for joining. This rank equivalent as the owner of a group, where total control is possible. There can only be one leader per group. If the leader logs out of the game world for more than a minute, they will lose leadership and will be passed to the next highest ranked member.

When you open the Grouping System panel or the interface, depending on the rank, you will be presented with various administrative options for the group appropriate for your rank.

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