Rush of Blood


In the center of the Iorwerth district of Prifddinas the slayer master Morvran has created a challenge for the most elite of slayers. He has taken aid from Kuradel and gathered slayer creatures from all across Gielinor and trapped them in a dungeon below the Prifddinas crater. Once a week he will allow the highest level slayers to fight in his dungeon for XP rewards, unique titles, and a chance at cards that will increase the drop rate of some of the best loot from slayer creatures. Those skilled enough to accept the challenge will have to defeat as many waves of monsters possible in 10 minutes in order to recieve the best rewards.


There are four different difficulty levels for Rush of Blood, each with different slayer and quest requirements. The XP reward is lower based on the difficulty level, so players should always attempt the highest difficulty level they can access.

Difficulty level Slayer Requirement Quest requirements
Bronze 85 Plague's End
Legacy of Seergaze
Song from the Depths
Silver 90 Plague's End
Legacy of Seergaze
Song from the Depths
Gold 95 Plague's End
Branches of Darkmeyer
Blood Runs Deep
Fate of The Gods
The World Wakes
The Brink of Extiction
Platinum 99 Plague's End
Ritual of the Mahjarrat
One of a Kind
Fate of The Gods
The World Wakes


There are a total of four difficulties in Rush of Blood: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. There are also a total of four groups of monsters that can spawn. Bronze Difficulty spawns monsters from Groups 3 and 4, Silver Difficulty spawns monsters from Groups 2, 3 and 4, Gold Difficulty spawns monsters from all four groups but more commonly from the harder groups and Platinum Difficulty spawns monsters from only Group 1. The monster groups are listed below.

Group One

This group is the hardest group out of the four and primarily consists of high level monsters that can take a while to kill. It is encountered in the Gold and Platinum difficulties. For the "Slayer Master" title, preparation and high damage output is highly recommended in order to kill the monsters quickly.

Monster Quantity Weakness
Glacor (wounded) 1
Weak to Fire
Ganodermic Beast
Ganodermic Runt
1 Beast
2 Runts

Both Weak to Fire
Airut 2
Weak to Nothing
Mutated Jadino Male 5
Weak to Stab
Tormented Demon 1
Kal'gerion Demon 1
Weak to Nothing
Celestial Dragon 1
Weak to Arrows
Bladed Muspah 2 Ancient Spells
Throwing Muspah 2
Force Muspah 2

Group Two

This group contains larger numbers of tougher monsters with high amounts of LP. This group appears infrequently in the silver difficulty, and commonly in the gold difficulty, especially towards the later waves. Players are reccomended to kill these monster as quickly as possible before the damage builds up, use of the Sunshine ability increases damage and speeds up the waves considerably.

Monster Quantity Weakness
Black Dragon 4
Weak to Bolts
Mithril Dragon 2
Weak to Earth
Steel Dragon 3
Weak to Water
Waterfiend 4
Weak to Bolts
Mutated Jadino Guard 5
Weak to Stab
Dark Beast 4
Weak to Bolts
Mature Grotworm 4
Weak to Bolts
Dagannoth Guardian 4
Weak to Air
Desert Strykewyrm 3
Weak to Stab
TokHaar-Hur 5
Weak to Water
TokHaar-Ket 4
Weak to Water
TokHaar-Xil 4
Weak to Crush
TokHaar-Mej 4
Weak to Bolts
TokHaar-Tok-Xil 1
Weak to Crush
TokHaar-Ket-Zek 1
Weak to Bolts
TokHaar-Yt-MejKot 1
Weak to Water

Group Three

These monsters are usually easier to kill but often require some special mechanic in order to defeat. These monsters will spawn on Bronze and Silver difficulties very commonly.

Monster Quantity Weakness
2 Gladii and
1 Capsarius

Both Weak to Ranged
Black Demon 4
Weak to Bolts
Aviansie 4
Weak to Bolts
Mutated Jadinko Baby 5
Weak to Stab
Exiled Kalphite Guardian 3 Guardians and
2 Marauders

Weak to Water
Exiled Kalphite Marauder
Weak to Arrows
Vyrelord/Vyrelady 5 Blisterwood Weapons
Aquanite 5
Weak to Arrows
Death Spawn
3 of each
Weak to Crush
Iron Dragon 3
Weak to Water
Dagannoth Sentinel 3 Balmung

Group Four

This group of monsters spawn in large amounts and are usually very easy to kill; they have low defense and low LP and do not do too much damage. These monsters spawn on Bronze Silver and Gold difficulties, and are far more common on the earlier waves.

Monster Quantity Weakness
Rorarius 4
Weak to Ranged
Baby Black Dragon 6
Weak to Stab
Greater Demon 5
Weak to Bolts
Dagannoth 5 Balmung
Exiled Kalphite Soldier 3 Soldiers and
2 Paragons

Weak to Water
Exiled Kalphite Paragon
Weak to Arrows
Vyrewatch 4 Blisterwood Weapons
Grotworm 4
Weak to Bolts
TzHaar-Hur 5
Weak to Water
TzHaar-Ket 4
Weak to Water
TzHaar-Xil 4
Weak to Slash
TzHaar-Mej 4
Weak to Arrows
Tok-Xil 1
Weak to Slash
Ket-Zek 1
Weak to Bolts
Yt-MejKot 1
Weak to Water
Abyssal Demon 3
Weak to Slash
Exiled Kalphite Worker 3
Weak to Water

Gear and inventory setup

Here is the reccomended gear and inventory setup for Rush of Blood, always remember to upgrade gear where applicable.

Gear upgrade list

  • Head Void Magic Helm > Dragon rider helm > Warpriest helm
  • Amulet Dragon rider amulet > Amulet of Fury
  • Cape Completionist Cape > Max Cape > Spirit cape > Skillcape > Warpriest Cape
  • Body Elite void knight body > Dragon Rider body > Warpriest body
  • Legs Elite void knight legs > Dragon Rider chaps > Warpriest Legs
  • Gloves Void knight gloves > Warpriest gauntlets > Culinaromancer Gloves 10
  • Boots Silverhawk boots (level 60) > Warpriest boots > Ganodermic boots
  • Weapon Chaotic staff > Staff of Light > Abyssal Wand/Orb > Blisterwood Staff
  • Ring Asylum surgeon's ring > Sixth Age Circuit > Berserker ring > Ring of vigour
  • Ammo Royal Bolts > Dark Arrow
  • Ranged weapon switch Noxious Bow > Royal Crossbow > Dark Bow

Note: If using void remember to wear the body, legs, and gloves with the helmet. Also add a Void knight range helm to the inventory

This is the recommended ability bar to use for Rush of Blood, remember to use Sunshine as often as possible in order to boost damage. Players are recommended to use blood spells if they have access to them, otherwise players should be using their strongest fire spell.


Once the 10 minutes are up any monsters still alive will instantly die, and Morvran will throw a reward book to the player. The XP from the book is based on the following:

  • Difficulty level
  • Waves completed
  • Combat level
  • Died or not

At the back of the arena there is a chest, in there players will find the drops from the monsters they killed during the challenge. This reward chest will always hold these items, no matter if the player went for a reward challenge or a practice challenge.

If the weekly reward challenge was chosen, players will also have a chance at looting a Most wanted card; these cards increase the chance of getting a unique drop from certain monsters. The chance to receive one is x/20, where x is the number of waves defeated. These cards are found in the reward chest where the monster drops are stored and come with 100 charges. One charge is removed for every monster killed with the card in the inventory. No more than one of each card can be owned at a time, and if players own all four cards they will not receive any until one has been used up.

Tormented Demons Glacors Cres's Automatons Abyssal Demons

Finally, players will also receive a special title if they manage to beat wave 20. There is a different title for each difficulty level, and reaching wave 20 on a high difficulty level will unlock all of the titles on the lower difficulty levels. Thus if the player completes wave 20 on platinum difficulty they will unlock all titles at once.

Difficulty level Title
Bronze The Abyssal
Silver The Dark
Gold The Beast
Platinum Slayer Master

Receiving the "Slayer Master" title is a requirement for the completionist cape.

Guide Made by: Rendigo
Corrections submitted by: Rendigo, Runic Lord