Barrows: Rise Of The Six


Basic Information

Barrows: Rise of The Six is the 'hardmode' version of normal Barrows and is more commonly known as 'ROTS'. Compared to all of the other bosses, these 6 are one of the hardest in the game even though the fight usually ends quite quickly. To get to the Barrows, you first need to have access to Morytania.

Getting There

There are a few routes which players can take to get to the well and the most fastest is via the Drakan's medallion which can teleport you right outside of the normal barrows area. From teleporting there, go straight West until you see a well in the ground. This is your starting point. Other routes include running from Burgh de Rott or taking the boat from the Morytania Swamp.

• The green dot indicates the fastest route using the Drakan's medallion.

• The blue dot is the end point when taking the boat from the Morytania swamp. From there, you just travel North-East to the well.

• The red dot is just outside of Burgh de Rott, where you can teleport to via the Games necklace. Simply travel North-East towards the well, crossing over the bridge near to the boat.


The 6 brothers are located underground, just like the normal barrows. To get into the underground area, you will need a Barrows totem to enter one of many different sized Shadow Dungeons. Once inside, there will be a route towards the starting point where 4 members of the team must stand on pressure pads. Along this path will be some bridges. Some of the dungeons will have 0 bridges and some with 5; many are 1-3 bridges though, and players usually choose to go in with a maximum of 2 bridges, due to it being easier to get out when the brothers have successfully been killed.


In the next few sections, there will be some recommended Equipment, Inventories, Levels & Familiars.

Equipment & Levels

To start attempting 'rots', you should first have at least the following recommended levels:

The following equipment is represented below:

  • Head: Tectonic/Sirenic > Seasingers/Death lotus > Virtus/Pernix
  • Amulet: Arcane stream/Farsight sniper > Amulet of Fury
  • Cape: Completionists cape > TokHaar-Kal-Mej/TokHaar-Kal-Xil > Max
  • Body: Tectonic/Sirenic > Seasingers/Death lotus > Virtus/Pernix
  • Legs: Tectonic/Sirenic > Seasingers/Death lotus > Virtus/Pernix
  • Gloves: Celestial wraps/Ascension grips > Virtus/Pernix > Spellcaster/Swift
  • Boots: Virtus/Pernix > Ragefire/Glaiven
  • Shield: Seismic singularity/Off-hand ascension crossbow > Virtus book/Off-hand Chaotic crossbow
  • Weapon: Seismic wand/Ascension crossbow > Virtus wand/Chaotic crossbow
  • Ring: Asylum surgeon's ring > Sixth-Age circuit
  • Aura: Supreme runic accuracy/Supreme sharpshooter
  • Pocket: Sign of life* > Scrimshaw of the elements/Scrimshaw of cruelty

* Use this if you do not have 99 Divination to create a Portent of life.

These are not the minimum, but having T90 weapons, a T3 pack pig and ports gear will help you through the kill fairly well.

Inventory & Familiars

Below is a picture of a recommended inventory for both you and your familiar. A Pack yak is used below but in all carrier familiars, you should store the best food you can use. For the inventory, you won't need many restores as the fight usually lasts around 3-4 minutes. It may also be a good idea to replace some of your food with Phoenix necklaces and equip them when you are low hp to boost you back up. If you are using range, then swap out the runes for two extra pieces of food. By taking the Enhanced excalibur, you can heal yourself by activating the special attack when equipped so it is really useful, especially when you are running away from a spinning brother.

The Fight

Upon entering the well, you will travel to the end of the dungeon with your 3 team members and stand on each of the pressure plates to get into the fighting area. Once everyone is passed the energy barriers, one person can start the fight by clicking on the shadow portal. It is recommended to use and potions, auras and scrimshaws if you have them before the fight has begun.

When the kill has started, the 6 brothers will be split up into 3 on each side and every day, the combination of brothers changes, for example: You might have Karil, Ahrim & Verac on one side and Dharok, Guthan & Torag on the other side but on the following day, you could have Ahrim, Guthan & Dharok on one side and Verac, Karil & Torag on the other. As the fight starts, one of the brothers will put everyone into the shadow realm if they are not killed quickly enough and they can be identified by them saying "You dare disturb the shadow!" (Game chat needs to be on to see this in the chatbox). If the team fails to kill the brother, all team members will be sucked into the shadow realm and must continue the fight there where the brothers can damage you for even more (100% chance to hit and their special attacks will deal more damage).

Ahrims yelling: "You dare disturb the shadow". If not killed quickly enough, your team will be put into the Shadow Realm.

During the fight, if one side of team members die, the brothers on that side will hop over to the other side to fight the other two which results in all 6 brothers on 2 players with all of the brothers gaining a boost. When all of the brothers are killed, all survivors can collect some loot from the rewards chest (2 players will need to jump over the rift to collect their reward). When all players have looted the chest, they usually stand on top of each other, on the same square near the exit where the second energy barrier is during the start so everyone gets a fair chance of getting out alive. If one players moves too far, then there will be a countdown until the dungeon folds in on itself and blows up. Everyone must go back to the rope and climb up out of the well, avoiding any traps along the way. Bridges will be broken, so you will have to go along the ledge and the last person to cross is advised to use the middle path where they can use a shortcut and cross the broken bridges quicker. Due to the countdown, it is recommended that a team gets a dungeon with less than 3 bridges to make it out quicker.

Barrows Brothers Attacks


  • Levitate. Ahrim will levitate in the middle of the room which halves damage dealt by Magic, and prevents any Melee damage dealt. However, Ranged attacks still work at 100%.
  • Gas Clouds. These clouds come in two different colours and have different effects. Purple gas clouds deal 500 damage to the player standing on them and the red colour clouds heal a brother for 500 health.


  • Give me Everything! Dharok will say this when he lifts his axe into the air with a blue circle of energy around him. During this phase, any damage dealt to Dharok will be reflected back onto the player that he is targeted at. To prevent any damage being dealt, don't attack him.


  • Spear Throw. Guthans will throw his warspear at the other player on the same side who he is not already attacking; dealing rapid damage. Provoke or stand next to him so that he can remove his spear which will deal 1000 damage.


  • The Bomber. Karil dashes into the Shadow Realm and teleports over to the other side of the rift, leaving a dangerous bomb cloud behind. You must stand at least 8 squares away or suffer up to 8000 damage. Alternatively, you can go through the bomb cloud to follow him over the other side but will deal 1000 damage upon entering.
  • Lightening. Occasionally, Karil will send a linear lightening strike across the room which can deal rapid and high damage to all players within its range. Move towards the North/South walls to prevent any health loss.


  • Grounded! Torag has the ability to ground people that he is focussed on which deals 250 damage per tick with his hammers. You'll need a teammate to help you out here as they will have to hit him a few times so that his attention is drawn away.


  • Soul Bind. Verac will tie the soul of a player that he is focussed on, to a random square which rapidly decreases your prayer points unless you are stood on that square. It is recommended to not stand in the square as you can quickly drink a restore potion to bring your Prayer points back up.
  • Flying Flail. This attack is similar to the spin attack except that Verac will be in the air.
  • Throw. Torag or Guthan will throw Verac up into the air and do his Flying Flail attack but will target only one player and deal heavy damage to them.

Rewards & Loot

Upon completion of successfully killing all of the Barrows Brothers, you and your team members will be able to loot the Rewards Chest, on the West side of the rift. Each team member will be able to loot the chest and will get 1-2 unstable malevolent energy* and other items which can include Runite ore, Magic seeds, Onyx bolts & Raw rocktail. Below you will find the most sought after loot:

* The energy will become stable and tradeable once the player leaves the dungeon alive.

Item Notes

Malevolent kiteshield
This is a Level 90 Melee shield which has a Life Bonus of 735. It can be repaired using by talking to Bob in Lumbridge or using an armour stand in a POH.

Merciliess kiteshield
This has the same Life Bonus as the Malevolent kiteshield and can also be repaired by Bob or using an armour stand. The only difference is this being a Mage shield.

Vengeful kiteshield
This is the Level 90 Range shield which also has the same Life Bonus. In addition to the Life Bonus, there is an Armour Rating of 491 for all of the shield. Bob, in Lumbridge, or by using an armour stand can repair this item.

Barrows amulet
These amulets can be used during a normal Barrows trip as using one of them on a sarcophagus will instantly kill them until the next round. Only 3 of these can be used per trip.

Malevolent energy
This is a raw material used to create the Level 90 power gear: Malevolent. 14 energy & 1 Reinforcing plate is required to create the Malevolent helm, 42 and 3 plates for the cuirass & 28 energy with 2 plates for the greaves. 500 energy + a full Barrows set of your choice will create the [Barrows Brother name] bobblehead.

Guide Made by: SkillrzUnite
Corrections submitted by: Umbra, SkillrzUnite