Heart of Stone
A friend of Ariane's has been killed and some of her research stolen. Chase down the culprit using a state-of-the-art tracking golem and uncover a secret that could change the face of Gielinor.


Skill Requirements:
7 35 Magic
21 25 Runecrafting
Quest Requirements:
Rune Memories
Carnillean Rising
Other Requirements:
Ability to defeat a level 60 opponent and several level 53 opponents
Items Needed: None.

Items Recommended: Magic combat gear, Food, A waterskin, 20 free inventory spaces
Reward: Click to reveal



To start the quest head on over to the Wizards Tower that's South of Draynor Village, or South-West of Lumbridge. As you closer to the tower you'll notice Ariane and Xenia are in an argument. Speak to either and once you've accepted the quest you'll enter a cut scene in front of the Wizards' Tower itself.

Location of Xenia and Ariane

Ariane threats Xenia, blaming her of stealing research and murdering a acquaintance of hers. Xenia concede to having done so, but while she claims its supposed to be with good intentions, will not reveal her motive. Xenia will attack Ariane, who will supplicate an energy field to defend herself.

Choose which side out of the two, or even break up the fight. Once the concluding dialog has played out, Xenia will use a spell to stun Ariane then teleports away. Ariane will then guide you to meet her at the entrance to the old tower to explain more. head on over there, talk to Ariane who is now standing with a Golem named Kipple.

Ariane's location

Tracking Xenia

Ariane will explain that Kipple, Kinaesthetic Investigation Programmable Personality Lifeforms Emulator, is designed to has the power to track people teleporting. She asks you to re-tune Kipple, in an attempt to lock in on where Xenia's teleportation signal could be.

Retuning Kipple is operated through the Runic Frequency Modulator. Kipple explains in detail how it works.

There will be four frequencies that you will have to detect, so the interface will not give you any hints until you get closer to a specific frequency. When you do, a scrolling red dot on the graph to the right will show you which runes to focus on.

Turn the wheels to match the levels shown by the dot and you will find a match, after which Kipple will mark an approximate destination on your World Map.

When arriving to the area thats marked. Kipple will mention that you're getting close, and that you need to process his tuning. Succeed again and you'll reveal a portal to a hidden area, where you'll meet the mouthpiece of one of the elder gods. You must find a way to talk to it, and discover what it knows about Xenia.

You need to find four areas in total, but the fourth is only revealed after finding the other three. Note that there isn't a correct order on which you complete the locations, but they must be complete in order to complete the fourth.

The Mouthpiece of Ful

The Mouthpiece of Ful

Notice: Combat equipment (magic oriented) is required here.

After tuning Kipple correctly a portal will appear. Once entered; FulKra - the mouthpiece for Ful - will become angered and will summon a barricade of flame. Kipple, who is not impeded by the flames, will pass the barricade to reason with FulKra.

Portal location

While Kipple will be trying to reason with FulKra, the player will have to defeat 10 waves of FulKra's attendants. The attendants are combat level 44 and uses melee attacks. While fighting these attendants the player will also have to avoid flames which occasionally appear on the ground. These flames will deal fairly high damage to the player if they do not step out of them.. You'll need to survive, fighting the creatures and staying out of the flames, until FulKra understands. Speak to FulKra once he understands, and follow the conversation through to the end.

The Mouthpiece of Wen

The Mouthpiece of Wen

After re-tuning Kipple correctly, a portal will appear. Enter the portal and you'll find a locked door and a puzzle. You must direct varying amounts of energy to the door to open it.

Portal location

There are four steps, at which a different amount of energy is required to proceed to the next. At each step, X to activate or O to deactivate the nodes as shown below.

Node Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 step 4

After completing the puzzle speak to WenKra

The Mouthpiece of Bik

The Mouthpiece of Bik

When you tune up Kipple correctly, a portal will appear. As you're onEntrana, you won't be able to bring any weapons or amour with you. When you arrive, you will be rejected by BikKra, and will summon small earth elemental guardians, Mostly in threes to defend himself.

Kipple will provide you with a choice of weapons to defend yourself with, but there's still the issue with the barrier. Infrequently, variants of the creatures will explode and if Kipple gets to them first before they reach you, he will disarm and guide them to stand by the barrier. Be near Kipple, and when the temperamental creatures spawn stay clear of them. When all three creatures have been disarmed, light them at the barrier will blow up. Then, defeat the remaining creatures. Speak to Bik complete the conversation with the mouthpiece of Bik.

The Mouthpiece of Jas

The Mouthpiece of Jas

When you have come close to Kipple, a portal will appear on the marked location

Mouthpiece for Jas will be initially mistrustful of you and will refused to help you. It's your job to convince the mouthpiece that you can be trusted, by doing this you have to search the shelves in the room. On these shelves there are 20 'observation' items. These you have to combine and presented to the mouthpiece to gain trust.

First you need to combine the following 'observations'

Observation: Evolution + Observation: Imprinting = Combined observation: Golem and I
Observation: Predator + Observation: Focus = Combined observation: Ariane and the Golem

Then, combine these to give the combined observation of united we stand. If you make a mistake, you can separate the observations by right-clicking and choosing 'Separate'.

Observation: Dispersal + Observation: Arrival = Combined observation: Xenia was alone
Observation: Correction + Observation: Transition = Combined observation: We stand apart
Observation: Conflict + Observation: Condemnation = Combined observation: The madness of friends

Use all four combined memories on JasKra to prove your innocence. Speak to JasKra again, and it will tell you what it knows. Should you wish, the following can also be combined to provide further insight into the situation and the mouthpiece.

Observation: Theft + Observation: ERROR = Combined observation: Xenia is harming the mouthpiece
Observation: Revelry + Observation: Silence = Combined observation: Elder stalker
Observation: Transition + Observation: Present = Combined observation: The mouthpiece can observe events
Observation: Arrival + Observation: ERROR = Combined observation: Xenia is avoiding detection

Confronting Xenia

After speaking to all of the mouths of the Elder Gods, Kipple will alert you that he can track Xenia's current location. Allow him to do so and once you have tuned him correctly a portal will appear in the Lumbridge Cemetery.

Once inside the portal, Xenia will explain her motive; explaining that the elder gods are in a deep slumber underneath Gielinor and that she must prevent them from waking up else they will destroy the world. Ariane soon arrives moments before Xenia reveals her intentions to drain all of the magic from Gielinor to stop the Elder Gods from awakening. Ariane will object to this and she begs that there must be some kind of alternative. After threatening Xenia if she continues, Ariane attacks Xenia, knocking her into the portal to the Abyss. Unfortunately, the portal begins to destabilize, causing a Prehistoric abyssal to appear.

The abyssal is immune to damage during the start of this fight, so just evade his attacks by running around the area waiting for Kipple to locate the abyssal anchors. Click the anchors to destroy them and after all three anchors are destroyed, a cut scene will play. After Kipple sacrifices himself and Ariane is injured, you must fight the abyssal by force. Do be weary, the abyssal is heavily resistant to melee and range, so fighting with magic is highly recommended. Once it is defeated, speak to Ariane to complete the quest.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: Zammyskid
Corrections submitted by: Rendigo, Umbra, Zammyskid