Glorious Memories
Over the seas around Rellekka peace reigns, proud nations brought together by masterful diplomacy. People can be harder to please than nations, though, especially where sour recollections are rife. Manni the Reveller is planning a birthday feast for Chieftain Brundt, but the plan is jeopardised by an incident long past that can't be entirely forgotten.


Skill Requirements:
22 41 Hunter
16 43 Herblore
17 50 Agility
7 57 Magic
Quest Requirements:
Mountain Daughter
Royal Trouble
Fremennik Isles, The
Heroes' Quest
Other Requirements:
Items Needed: Pickaxe, Pestle and mortar, Cosmic rune, 10x Earth rune, Vial, Clean irit

Items Recommended: None.
Reward: Click to reveal

1. Talk to Manni the Reveller, and he tell you he is organising a birthday feast for Cheiftain Brudnt.

2. He will ask you to invite King Vargas of Miscellania, and Mawnis Burorgar, the Burgher of Neitznot.

3. Head to Neitznot and talk to Mawnis Burorgar.

4. He wil tell you that he cannot go, and talking to King Vargas will be futile because he still blames the Chieftain for what happened to him, and that Brudnt will tell you more.

5. Head back to Rellekka and talk to Brudnt the Chieftan, who is in the mainhall.

6.Ask him the reason why King Vargas and Mawnis Burorgar will not come, and a custscene will happen, telling of them all joining up for an adventure to find a missing tablet, and will end with Brundnt thinking that Mawnis Burorgar has stolen the tablet.

7. After the cutscene, Brudnt will tell you to speak to the others, and will give you his part of the directions to the cave.

8. Head to Neitznot and speak to Mawnis Burorgar, and he will show you a cutscene of what happened inside the cave. He will tell you his reason for not going, and then will add his directions to the ones Brudnt has given you.

9. Now head to Miscellania, and talk to King Vargas. Another cutscene will happen, retelling another part of the adventure.

10. He will then add directions to your map, and ask you too see if you can find a way to turn him back.

11. Now read the cave directions.

Head north of the snowy hunter area, until you reach the Hunter expert. Look for tracks near the expert, and inspect them.

These tracks will lead to an ice mound, you will need a pickaxe to progress any further.

Fight ahead, be prepared to fight a level 156.

12. Dig the ice mound, and climb down the cave entrance. Run south-west until you find and climb through the tunnel. Fight Nial Swiflting, the level 156 yeti.

Pick up the Herb pouch, Unfinished astral rune, Nial's throwing axe, and yeti hair.

13. Now go talk to Freygerd on Jatizo, who is wandering around near the anvils. She will ask you to go speak to King Gjuki.

14. Speak to King Gjuki IV, who is in the building opposite the bank, and he will not force Freygerd to pay the emigration tax.

15. Go back and speak to Freygard, and give her Nial's throwing axe.

16. Now head to Neitznot and talk to Mawnis Mawnis Burorgar. He will tell you that he will attend the feast after all.

17. Now, head to the mountian camp area,and collect a pole from the bit near the quest start for Mountain Daughter, and then run up to the lake.

18. Climb the tree, then use the pole on the rocks, and then use the plank on the flat rocks, and then finally listen to the shining water.

19. Talk to Aslief Hamalsdotter and she will tell you she needs her herb pouch.

20. She will then go on to tell you that you must make a potion for King Vargas and that you will have to fill a vial with water from the mountain spring, then add Irit, grind the diamond root and enchant it using the Level 4 enchant spell on it, and then add it to the potion with some yeti hair.

21. Now you have made the cure, take it to King Vargas in Miscellania. He will be made human again, and will take the herb pouch. He also agrees to come to the feast.

22. Now head back to Relleka, and talk to Brundt the chieftan. Show him the unfinished astral rune. Following the cutscene you will find out that it was infact, one of the Moonclan who stole the tablet.

23. Talk to Manni the Reveller to finish the quest.

The Tome of Glorious Deeds grants 5000XP to any of the following skills 3 times: Attack, Strength, Defence, Magic, Ranged.

Talk to Baba Yaga in Lunar Isle to see what really happened, and to recieve an additonal reward - A prophecy tablet and an antique lamp worth 2500XP.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: DaDa
Corrections submitted by: DaDa, Tugboat, Majinvegito3