Dragon Slayer
Prove yourself a true hero. Kill the mighty dragon Elvarg of Crandor Island and earn the right to buy and wear the powerful rune plate mail body.


Skill Requirements: None.Quest Requirements: None.Other Requirements:
Be a member of the Champions' Guild.
Items Needed: None.

Items Recommended: Anti-dragon shield
Reward: Click to reveal



Champions' guild Guildmaster

Head on over to the Guildmaster of the Champions' guild, ask him about a quest. He'll direct you to Oziach who lives in Edgeville. Oziach isn't willing to give you the rune platebody, he tells you that you need to kill the Crandorian dragon Called Elvarg. Head on back to the Guildmaster for more information about the dragon and the task, he'll tell you that you need all three map pieces, some sort of protection against dragonfire.


Map pieces

The Guldmaster told you where you can find all 3 pieces. Piece one was held by Melzar, a wizard who survived the Crandorian massacres. Pieces two was held by one of the survivors in a house in Lumbridge. Unfortunately, the house has recently been raided by goblins and they had killed the survivor and took the piece. Piece three is in a grave of the third survivor.

First map piece

The Guildmaster tells you that one of the pieces is held by Melzar, one out of the 3 Crandorian survivors. Melzar built a castle on the site of the camp that they refuged to, keeping him safe from the dragon. in the castle he start to practice necromancy in an attempt to resurrect the fellow crandorians. after while he started to go mad, his mind crumbing under the seductive whispers of the lesser demon. Finally sealed him self after while with a series of locked doors, twisted passages, and experiments.

Map of Melzars Castle

The Guildmaster gives you a key for Melzars castle for a map piece. he's likely to keep the map piece close, and deep in the keep.

Head up the ladder and attack the ghost (level 12) for a orange key, for the orange door.

Once in the the maze, you will be on the first floor, kill the Zombie rats for a red key, for the red door.

Climb the ladder and attack the skeleton ( level 12) for yellow key, for the yellow door.

Once fully down the ladder, kill the level 14 skeletons, you will notice a blue door, zombies drop the blue key for that door.

Continue to Melzar, kill him for the purple key use the purple on the purple door.

Kill the lesser demon for the green key, use the green key on the door.

Search the chest, Congratulations 1 out of 3 map pieces have been found!

Second map piece

The Guildmaster told you about what happen to the second piece of the map. head on over to the goblin Village, just north of Falador talk to one of the generals to find some information about the gold that took the Wizards possessions. he will tell you that the goblins name is Wormbrain, and he is currently in the Port Sarim jail, Home teleport to port Sarim and visit the goblin, before you do this have runes or arrows and a bow.

Hes not willing to give you the piece of the map for free, so you have two choices, either pay 10k (10,000 gp) or beat him up a bit with magic or range then telegrab the map piece from his corpse.

Congratulations 1 out of 3 map piece have been found!

Third map piece

The guild master told you about the Oracle, head over to Ice Mountain where you will be able to talk to the oracle. The Oracle will tell you where the third map piece is found, and the items that you will need.

"A drink used by a mage (a Wizard's Mind Bomb), some worm string changed to a sheet (silk), a small crustacean cage (crayfish cage or lobster cage), and a bowl that's not seen heat (unfired bowl)."

You need those items to get in the door below the mountain, once you have the items head down the ladder at the dwarf camp, and head south east, you will notice little area with a chest.

Use the items on the door and open the chest! Congratulations 1 out of 3 map pieces have been found!

Preparation before the fight

Now you need to get to the island. First head on over to lumbridge.

Anti-dragon shield

To get the shield you need to get it from the Duke of Lumbridge. You can find him in his bedroom on the second floor of the castle

you can also buy the shield of the G.E


you need an experienced captain to make it to Crandor, from lumbrudge head on over to draynor village to talk to Ned. He will need some persuade him.

Lady Lumbridge

Crandor is and island, Go to port Sarim to find a sailor called Klarense, will is selling his ship for 2,000 gp its not in a sailing state you need to repair it first, will 90 steel nails and hammer you can fix it up and be ready to set sail to Crandor.


Once the ship is fixed, and you have the map together and the shield you can gear an fill up on food and a safe teleport out just in case, its also recommend to have a antifire potion or flask. Time to set sail!

On the island, you should follow the path around the mountain until you reach the cave entrance at the top of the mountain. You will have to slay Elvarg the dragon now. She is weak to stabbing or Ranged attacks but you must make sure that you are wearing your anti-dragon shield at all times just in case. With out the shield it's a 500+ hp blow. Once you have defeated Elvarg, you will cut off her head as proof of her defeat and simply return back to Oziach to get your reward.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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