Royal Trouble
It's tough being the regent of a small island kingdom, especially when the king has declared war while you were off adventuring.

Something is up in Miscellania and Etceteria, and you'd better find out what before both kingdoms end up in royal trouble!


Skill Requirements:
17 40 Agility
19 40 Slayer
Quest Requirements:
Throne of Miscellania
Other Requirements:
Items Needed: Pickaxe

Items Recommended: Antipoison (3)
Reward: Click to reveal

This guide is suitable for current RuneScape and Old School.


Talk to Advisor Ghrim, who is in the Throne room in Miscellania.

He will tell you that King Vargas has had nothing to do, and has started arguing with Queen Sigrid. Ghrim will then advise you to speak to the Prince and Princess. Talk to one of them, and you will have a cutscene with the both of them. They will suggest that the King and Queen should get married.

Investigating Missing Resources

Speak to King Vargas and he will tell you that some of the villagers resources have gone missing and will ask you to investigate so head outside and speak to either Gardener Gunnhield, Lumberjack Leif, or Miner Magnus. You will learn that Etceterian Soldiers came and demanded tithes, but they refused and the next morning found their resources stolen.

Head east to Etceteria and talk to Queen Sigrid. She will tell you that Miscellanians have been stealing their resources. Go outside and talk to one of the citizens, and they will tell you that it was also Miscellanian soldiers that stole from them. Report this to Queen Sigrid and she will blame King Vargas. Head back and tell King Vargas, who will blame Queen Sigrid. He will then tell you to talk to Advisor Ghrim.

Talk to Advisor Ghrim, and he will tell you to ask the Sailor if he has seen anyone suspicious. Speak to the Sailor and he will tell you about some teenagers that came from the Mainland a few weeks ago to visit their relatives in the dungeons.

Go tell this to King Vargas and he will give you a scroll that gives you access into the Dungeons.

Investigating the Dungeons

Speak to the guard outside the dungeon and show him the scroll. Upon entry in the dungeons, speak to Thorodin who is a dwarf mining towards the north. Thorodin will refer you to Donal, who is in the inn to find out about the monster. Head to the Inn and talk to Donal, and he will give you a mining prop.

Make sure you have your pickaxe, and head back to Thorodin. Use the mining prop with the crevice nearby, and then squeeze through. Take 2 ropes, 3 beams, 3 pulley beams, and a engine from the crates. Now use a pulley beam with the scaffold, and then use another pulley beam with a normal beam to get a long beam. Use another beam on the long beam to get a longer pulley beam, and then use it on the scaffold.

Now use another pulley beam on the scaffold, and then use a rope with it. Use another beam on the platform, and then use the engine with the engine platform. Mine 5 Coal from the rocks, and then use the Coal on the engine. Operate the lift, pick up the plank and then enter through the tunnel directly ahead.

Follow the tunnel around, and at the river, use the rope with the rock to make another ropeswing, and swing across. Search the fire remains to get a burnt Diary page. Read the diary, and then follow the tunnel round. When you reach some rocks, use the plank to cross otherwise you will slip and be dealt damage.

After crossing the rocks continue to follow the passage picking up diary pages from the smouldering fires as you go. when you reach teh end of the passage go through the crevice, a cutscene will ensue showing the 5 Fremennik teenagers who took refuge in the caves. Apparently they thought they could prove themselves as adults by starting and subsequently ending a war between Miscellania and Etceteria, their plans however were thwarted by a giant sea snake which you are now poised to slay.

The Sea Snake

After you have collected all the pages, read them and then squeeze through the crevice. You will see a cutscene and learn that a Sea Snake has made a nest with all the stolen items. Walk through the tunnel some more, past the Snakes, and then squeeze through the crevice. You will now have to fight a level 149 Sea Snake. It can poison up to 10 damage, so be aware of that, and use protect from melee.

After killing it, it will drop a Large Box, Big Bones, and a random item. Pick these up and then squeeze back through the crevice. Climb up the rope to exit, and then go and speak to Queen Sigrid. She will give you 20k coins and offer her workers to you. She will also hand you a letter to take to King Vargas. Take it to him to finish the quest.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: DaDa
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