Dragon Slayer - Old School
Prove yourself a true hero. Kill the mighty dragon of Crandor Island and earn the right to buy and wear the powerful Rune Platebody.


Skill Requirements: None.Quest Requirements: None.Other Requirements:
32 Quest Points
At least 50 Combat
Items Needed: Crayfish cage or Lobster pot, One handed weapon, Adamant Armour , 3x Plank, 90x Steel nails, Wizard's mind bomb, Silk, Anti-dragon shield, Law rune, Air rune, Or instead of runes, 10,000 coins if under 33 magic, 2000x Coins, Bowl (unfired)

Items Recommended: None.
Reward: Click to reveal

Starting Your Journey

Talk to the Guildmaster, who is located in the Champions Guild.

He will tell you to talk to Oziach for a quest, who is found in his hut in Edgeville.

Talk to Oziach, and tell him that the Guildmaster told you to speak to him.

He will give you a quest to slay Crandor's dragon, Elvarg. He will also tell you that to get there, you need a map. However, the map was torn up into 3 pieces. He will also tell you that you need a shield capable of withstanding Dragonfire breath.

Head back to the Guildmaster and tell him about the quest Oziach has given you.

He will give you a brief explanation about the history of Elvarg, and will also explain to you what you will need to get to Crandor. Talk through all the available options to find out that you will need:

  • Protection from the dragon's breath, which can be obtained from the Duke of Lumbridge.
  • A ship capable of getting through dangerous reefs, which can be bought in Port Sarim.
  • And a map to show the way, which has 3 pieces to it.

The Guildmaster will tell you that a trio of wizards escaped from Crandor and each of them hid a piece of the map.

Talk through the options then given to find out more about the map pieces.

He will tell you that:

  • Melzar's piece of the map is hidden inside his maze north of Rimmington, and will give you the key.
  • Thalzar's piece of the map was taken to the grave, and you should talk to the Oracle on Ice Mountain for its location.
  • Lozar was killed by goblins and the goblin Wormbrain in Port Sarim jail has that piece of the map.

Melzar's Map

Enter Melzar's Maze which is located north of Rimmington. You will have to kill the appropriate monster for the key. Use the map above to see which door you will have to enter through to progress to the next level.

Kill Zombie Rats (Level 3) until you get a Red Key as a drop. Then head through the north-western door and climb up the ladder.

Kill Ghosts (Level 19) until you get a Orange Key as a drop. Then go through the second door from the north and climb up the ladder.

Kill Skeletons (Level 22) until you get a Yellow Key as a drop. Then go through the south-western door. Follow the bend round, and climb down three sets of ladders.

Kill Zombies (Level 24) until you get a Blue Key, and then head through the Blue Door.

Kill Melzar the Mad (Level 43)until you get a Magenta Key, and then head through the Magenta door.

Kill a Lesser Demon (Level 82) until you get a Green Key, and then go through the Green door.

Search the chest to get Melzar's Map piece.

Thalzar's Map

Gather the following items: Wizard's Mind Bomb, Silk, Lobster Pot, and an Unfired Bowl. Then talk to the Oracle who is found on Ice Mountain.

The Oracle will tell you that you need four items.

Head south of the Oracle to the Dwarven Mines and enter them. Head south and then east until you find a Magic Door. Then use the Wizard's Mind Bomb, Silk, Lobster Pot, and the Unfired Bowl on the door to open it. Go inside and search the chest to get the Map Piece.

Lozar's Map

Go to the Port Sarim Jail, and talk to Wormbrain.

Either kill him using Magic or Ranged and use the Telekinetic Grab spell to drop the Map piece he drops, or pay him 10,000gp and he will give you the map piece.

Killing Elvarg

Use all 3 Map pieces on each other to put the map back together.

Head to Lumbridge and talk to Duke Horacio and he will give you a Anti-Dragon shield. Then quickly head back to the Champions' guild and talk to the guildmaster.

Now gather 2000gp, 90 Steel nails, and 3 Planks, and go to Port Sarim docks, and talk to Klarense.

Offer to buy the boat, and he will sell it to you for 2000gp. Walk aboard and climb down the ladder, and repair the hole 3 times.

Now head to Draynor Village and talk to Ned. Give him your map to Crandor and he will tell you that he will meet you at the Lady Lumbridge, which is the boat that you just bought.

Warning: Do not commence the next step unless you are ready to fight a level 83 dragon!

Once prepared for the fight ahead, head back to your ship and climb aboard. Talk to Ned and you will set sail, however you will crash the ship at Crandor.

Get off the ship and head to the centre of the island. Climb down the hole and walk through the tunnel until you reach the skeletons.

Note: If you are worried you may die, run south and push the wall. This will enable you to get back to Elvarg's lair without having to fix your boat again. You get back by going down Karamja volcano and pushing through the wall.

Climb over the wall and fight Elvarg.

Once you have defeated Elvarg, you will pick the head up. Head south, push through the wall, and run through the tunnel and then climb up the rope. You will be outside the Karamja volcano.

Take the head of Elvarg back to Oziach to finish the quest.

Once the quest is completed, you will be able to equip the Rune Platebody which requires 40 Defence to equip, Green Dragonhide Bodies which requires 40 Defence and Ranged to equip.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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