Creature of Fenkenstrain
Dr Fenkenstrain, master and sole occupant of the castle to the northeast of Canifis, needs a new servant to go on a dark errand for him. Do you have the stomach to help Fenkenstrain complete his twisted purpose?


Skill Requirements:
13 20 Crafting
18 25 Thieving
Quest Requirements:
Priest in Peril
Other Requirements:
Ability to defeat a Level 51 Experiment.
Items Needed: Amulet of Ghostspeak, Spade, 50x Coins, Silver bar, Needle, 5x Thread, 3x Bronze wire

Items Recommended: 2 x Ectotokens, 2x Bucket, 2 x pots, 2x Bones
Reward: Click to reveal

This guide is suitable for current RuneScape and Old School.


Read the Signpost in the center of Canifis.

Now head north-east, across the bridge and you will see the castle of Fenkenstrain. Walk inside and talk to Dr Fenkenstrain.

He will ask you if you are here to apply for the job. Say yes, and then he will ask you two questions.

Q. How would you describe yourself in 1 word?

  • A. Brain dead.

Q. What is your greatest skill?

  • A. Grave Digging.

He will then hire you, and ask you to collect some body parts for him, so he make a person and bring them back to life.

Collecting Body Parts

Head west and climb up the staircase. Walk into the first room and search the bookcase. Select the book called 'The Joy of Gravedigging'.

You will now receive a piece of a Marble amulet. Head to the eastern room on the opposite side and search the bookcase. Select the book called 'Handy Maggot Avoidance Techniques'.

You will now receive a piece of a Obsidian amulet. Use this with the Marble piece to form a Star Amulet.

Now go out of the castle and head east, and use the Star Amulet with the last Memorial statue at the end of the path.


Note: Fight ahead with a level 51 Experiment.

Push the memorial and you will climb down.

Follow the path west until you see a level 51 Experiment. You will now have to kill it.

Once you have killed it, it will drop a Cavern key. Head north-west through the tunnel and use the key with the gate. Climb up the ladder and dig the three graves.

Collecting the parts

Go back through the tunnel and exit it, and head back to the end of the castle. Talk to Gardener Ghost.

Note: You will need your Amulet of Ghostspeak to be able to talk to him.

Ask him what happened to his head, and he will tell you that has a few minutes spare, and he will lead you to it. The Ghost will now follow you, and if you talk to it, it will give you directions.

Head to the Haunted Woods, which is south of the castle. Find the grave within there, which is a few spaces away from the Fairy Ring. Once you have found it, dig the grave.

Note: Leeches and Vampires may attack you within these woods, so a holy symbol and food are advised to have with you.

You will now have 4 body parts. Head to the Pub in Canifis, and and ask for something to eat. You will be able to buy a Pickled brain for 50 coins.

Use the Pickled Brain with the 'Decapitated Head'. Head back to the castle and give the body parts to Dr Fenkenstrain. He will tell you that he will need 1 Needle and 5 Thread.

Fixing the Conductor

Talk to Dr Fenkenstrain again, and he will tell you that you need to fix the Lightning Conductor to bring the body back to life.

Head outside and talk to the Headless Ghost. Ask him about the key, and he will give you it. Now ask him about the mould, and he will tell you about a person who would have the mould.

Unfortunately however, you will learn that he is dead. Use the key the Headless Ghost gave you with the shed nearby, and search the cabinet to receive a broom.

Now go back outside and pick up three canes. Use the canes with the broom, and the bronze wires will keep this stuck together.

Now head back to the western side of the castle and climb the staircase. Use the extended brush with the fireplace to receive a conductor mould.

Head to any furnace and smelt the Silver bar using the Conductor Mould to make a Conductor.

Head back to Dr Fenkenstrain's castle, and climb up any staircase. Head to the centre and walk through some doors and climb up the ladder.

Repair the Lightning conductor and you will see a cutscene and some lightning will strike down.

The Monster's alive!

Now climb downstairs, and talk to Dr Fenkenstrain. He will tell you that the monster has turned on him, and orders you to kill it. He will also give you a key to the tower, where he has managed to imprison it.

Climb up the staircase, and head to the centre of the room and use your key on the gate, and then climb up. Talk to Fenkenstrain's monster.

You will learn that his name is Rologarth, and that he used to own the castle. He will ask you to stop the Doctor's experiments.

Climb downstairs and pickpocket Dr Fenkenstrain.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: DaDa
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