One Small Favour
If you're fresh to Shilo Village after solving the mystery (or even if you did it some time ago), you may like to check out Yanni Salika's antiques shop. He's a busy chap revamping antique items, checking out new stock from potential adventurers and maybe he'll have a small(1) favour to ask of you? Probably nothing particularly large, Yanni isn't a demanding(2) person, should hardly take you any time(3) at all really, something to do when you have a spare moment. That's assuming there aren't any complications.

1: - Perception of the word "small" may be open to interpretation.

2: - In a recent vote, Yanni Salika was only voted the second most demanding person in Shilo Village.

3: - As everyone knows, time is relative.


Skill Requirements:
16 18 Herblore
13 25 Crafting
14 30 Smithing
17 36 Agility
Quest Requirements:
Shilo Village (Quest)
Rune Mysteries
Druidic Ritual
Other Requirements:
Ability to defeat a level 92 monster
Items Needed: Iron bar, Bronze bar, 4x Steel bar, Bowl of water, Clean harralander, 2x Clean guam, Clean marrentill, Hammer, Empty pot

Items Recommended: 5000x Coins
Reward: Click to reveal


Talk to Yanni Salika, in the Antiques shop in Shilo Village.

Ask him if there is anything to do in the city, and he will ask you to do him a small favour, which is to go and talk to a Forester to get some Red Mahogany. Before you leave, head to the Shilo Village fishing shop. Climb upstairs and purchase a ticket for 'Lady of the Waves' from Seravel. Now head outside of Shilo Village and talk to any of the Jungle Foresters near the Khazari Jungle. Ask about the Mahogany, and they say that they will give you some Red Mahogany if you can take their blunt axe to Captain Shanks so he can take it to Port Sarim to get it fixed.

Forester's axe

Head west of Shilo Village until you come to a boat. Climb up to it and talk to Captain Shanks.He will tell you that he does not do favours, and to take it yourself. Talk to him again, and he will sail you to Port Sarim. Head to the Axe shop, and talk to Brian. He will tell you that normally he would sharpen the axe, but he is worried about his best friend spending the rest of his life behind bars, after getting in a bar fight. He will tell you he will sharpen your axe for one small favour, which is to go see Aggie the witch, and ask her to be a character witness for his friend.

Character Witness

Head east into Draynor Village and talk to Aggie the Witch. She will agree to be Brain's witness if you do her a favour, which is to find her apprentice 'Jimmy the Chisel', who did not turn up for work. She suggests the old abandoned building.

Finding the Apprentice

Head east, to the H.A.M. headquarters trapdoor. Pick-lock it, and then head southeast until you find Johanhus Ulsbrecht. Speak to him and ask about Jimmy Chisel. He will tell you that the organization needs food, and he will release Jimmy Chisel if you can get him a months worth of chickens.

Food for H.A.M.

Exit the headquarters, and then head northeast to the Lumbridge farm and talk to Fred the Farmer. Ask him about giving you the chickens, and he will tell you he doesn't have enough. He will refer you to Seth Groats, who is at the farm over the river near Varrock. Head to Seth Groats, and he will agree to do it once he gets everything organized. He will tell you that he needs chicken cages, and will suggest that you talk to Horvik, who is found in the Varrock armour shop about those. You should also take three steel bars over to Horvik, because Seth owes him that for his last job.

Chicken Cages

Before doing anything, head into the south east area and steal a cup of tea. Now, speak to Horvik and then give him the three steel bars. You will then notice that is he is sick, and he cannot work for you until you bring him some medicine. He will also tell you that it would be easier to get him some pigeon cages that he could modify.

Healing Horvik

Head southwest and talk to the Apothecary. Ask him about the medicines, and he will give you the herbal tincture but will then accidentally drop the breathing salts. He will tell you that he needs a new airtight pot, and will suggest talking to Tassie Slipcast in the Barbarian Village. Head to the Barbarian Village, and talk to Tassie Slipcast who is in the Pottery shop. She will tell you that she is too busy trying to make money to pay off a loan from Hammerspike, a gangster in the Dwarven Mines, and that you need to deal with him if you want the pot lid.

Dealing with the Gangster

Head west to the Dwarven Mines, and enter them. Head as west as you can and you will find Hammerspike Stoutbeard. Talk to him about being a gangster, and you will learn that he wants to be a druid. He will ask you to go talk to Sanfew.


Head into Taverly, and enter the Herb shop. Climb upstairs, and talk to Sanfew. Ask him if he is accepting new initiates, and then tell him you know a dwarf who wants to be his initiate. He will tell you that he will take the dwarf on if you do him two favours; the first is to take some herbal tea for the Gnome pilot on White Wolf Mountain, and the second is to organize a trip with the gnome to Feldip Hills. Sanfew will then give you the recipe for making the Guthix Rest Tea: fill a bowl of water, and then heat it on a range or fire. Then use it with a empty teacup, and then add 1 Harralander, 2 Guam, and 1 Marrentill.

Once you've made the tea, head to White Wolf Mountain. Talk to Captain Bleemadge and give the tea to him. After that, talk to him about the trip to Feldip Hills you want to organize for Sanfew. He will agree to do it if you do him a favour, to get him some lightweight rope, or T.R.A.S.H. from Arhein, in Catherby.

Gathering the Rope

Head to Catherby and talk to Arhein. Ask him if he has any T.R.A.S.H. and he will offer you some if you can get him a weather report from a person called Phantuwi in Seers Village.

Collecting a weather report

Head west into Seers Village, and go into the house directly south of the bar. Talk to Phantuwi Fanstwui Farrsight about the weather report, but he will tell you that he cannot do it for you because he is too distracted looking for a missing person, called Petra, and is is in a cave, inhabited by some smelly creature, or creatures.He says the cave must be somewhere nearby. He will ask you to look for her. Make your way to the southeast of the Fishing Guild, and you will see a Cave Entrance.

Finding Petra

Enter the cave, and head straight down. On the right you will see a room. Enter it, and search the carving. You will see that the missing girl yo are looking for has turned to stone and is stuck in the wall. You will also find a note, leading to Wizard Cromperty in Ardougne.

Freeing Petra

Head to the north-east part of East Ardougne, and talk to Wizard Cromperty. He will tell you that he needs some Iron Oxide, which you can get from a merchant called Tindel in Port Khazard. Head to the house south of the north bank. Behind it you will find the pigeon cages, take five. Now head to the Port Khazard docks and talk to Tindel the Merchant. Ask him about the Iron Oxide, and he will offer it to you if you do him a favour, which is to take his mattress to Rantz the ogre in Feldip Hills to get it re-feathered.

Re-Feathering the Mattress

Head south and then east into Feldip Hills. Head to the east coast and talk to Rantz. Normally he would agree to help re-feather the mattress, but because of the man making too much noise with his 'man flapper' making too much noise he cannot hunt any Chompy birds. He will ask you to do him a favour, to help the man and get the noise to stop. Head west to find the Gnome Glider. Talk to the pilot and tell him that Rantz thinks you should help. He will tell you that the landing lights are not working, and that you should fix them. Search the lights to receive uncut gems. Cut them with your chisel and then place them back into the lights. If you need a chisel, you can buy one off the pilot for 10gp. If you crush a gem whilst cutting it, you can buy a new one for 500gp. After you have fixed the lights, talk to pilot again and he will switch the lights on. Now head back to Rantz, and he will then stuff the mattress for you. Take the stuffed mattress back to Tindel to get some Iron Oxide. Bring the Iron Oxide back to Wizard Cromperty, and he will give you a Animate Rock spell.

Note: Fight ahead - Level 92.

Releasing Petra

Head back to the cave entrance and back to the room with the carving. Cast the spell and you will release a level 92 monster called Slagilith. Once you've killed him, he will drop a Uncut Ruby, an Uncut Diamond, and an Adamantite ore.

Once he is dead, cast the spell again to free Petra. Head back to the Seers Village and talk to Phantuwi Fanstwui Farrsight about the weather report. You will learn that he cannot give you the weather report because the weather vane is broken, and will ask you to fix it.

Fixing the Weather Vane

Gather 1 Steel bar, 1 Bronze bar, and 1 Iron bar and a Hammer and climb up the ladder to the roof. Use the hammer on the broken weather vane, and then search it to get the parts. Take these parts and use them on a anvil to fix them. Now return to the roof and place the parts back onto the weather vane to fix it. Talk to Phantuwi again, and he will give you the weather report. Take the weather report back to Arhein in Catherby, and he will send the T.R.A.S.H. to Captain Bleemadge. Return back to Captain Bleemadge and he will agree to take Sanfew and you if you ever want too, to Feldip Hills.

Lying Gangsters

Talk to Sanfew and he will agree to take on Hammerspike Stoutbeard as his initiate. Head back to Hammerspike Stoutbeard and tell him, however you will learn that he has changed his mind and thinks he makes a much better gangster. He will then set all his gang members on you (level 40s). Kill them and talk to him again, and he will agree to forget the loan to Tassie Slipcast. Head back to Tassie Slipcast and she will then teach you how to make pot lids. She will give you some soft clay. Use this on the potters wheel to make a pot lid, and then fire it in the oven. Then use the finished pot lid on the pot. Head back to the Apothecary, and show him the airtight pot. He will then give you the Breathing Salts. Go back to Horvik Breathing Salts and the Herbal Tincture. Then give him the five pigeon cages and he will modify them to chicken cages. Head back to Seth in the Varrock farm and give him the cages. He will tell you the fanatics will let Jimmy go now.

Go back to the H.A.M headquarters and talk to Johanhus Ulsbrecht. He will agree to release Jimmy the Chisel. Make your way back to Draynor Village and talk to Aggie. She will agree to be the character witness for Brian. Go back to Port Sarim and talk to Brian. After playing a prank on you, he will give you the sharpened axe. Take the sharpened axe back to the Forester near Shilo Village, and you will get the red Mahogany log. Finally, enter Shilo Village and give Yanni the log.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: DaDa
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