The Wizards of the Yanille Watchtower have been reporting increased ogre sightings recently. Use a wide variety of your skills to help the wizards recover their stolen power crystals and stop the advance of the ogre hordes!


Skill Requirements:
7 14 Magic
16 14 Herblore
18 15 Thieving
17 25 Agility
15 40 Mining
Quest Requirements: None.Other Requirements:
Ability to defeat a level 68 Ogre
Items Needed: Gold bar, Candle, Death rune, Dragon bones, Bat bones, Jangerberries, 2x Rope, Clean guam, Vial of water, Pestle and mortar, 20x Coins, Any pickaxe

Items Recommended: None.
Reward: Click to reveal

This guide is suitable for current RuneScape and Old School.

The Stolen Crystals

Head to the outskirts of Yannile and go the Watchtower. Around the north side of the Watchtower wall, you will see a trellis. Climb that to gain access as the Guards will attack you if you try and enter through the entrance.

Head to the top floor, and talk to the Watchtower wizard.

He will tell you that the Crystals powering the Watchtower have been stolen, and will ask for your assistance in searching the bushes outside for clues.

Head outside and search the bushes until you find some fingernails.

Take the Fingernails back to the Watchtower wizard, and the wizard will notice they belong to the Skavids, and they could be the ones stealing the Crystals. He will ask you to gain entrance to Gu'Tanoth and find a way to navigate the caves.

Gaining Entry to Gu'Tanoth

You will now have to go speak to the Ogre called Og. Exit through the west gate of Yanille to find him. #2 on the map.

Talk to Og and he will agree to help you if you get him his gold bar which was stolen from Toban, and will give you a key.

Head south until you reach a small island. #4 on the map. Use a rope with the "Long branched tree" #3 on the map. Swing across to the island and talk to Grew.

Grew will ask you for a tooth from his enemy Gorad. Before you leave, pick up some Jangerberries which respawn on the island.

Note: Fight ahead, level 68 Ogre.

Now you will have to gain access to the island where Gorad is found. #6 on the map. Head southwest, and enter through the cave entrance. #5 on the map.

Once you're on the island, attack Gorad. Once he has been killed, his tooth will appear automatically in your inventory. Now find Toban who is on the island, and talk to him. He will ask you for the bones of a Dragon.

Give him the bones, and then he will give you part of a Ogre statue. Find Toban's chest and open it with the key Og gave you to get Og's gold bar.

Now head back to island with Grew. #4 on the map. Use the second rope to swing across and give Grew the tooth, and he will then give you another part of the Ogre Statue, and a crystal. Head back to Og and give him the gold bar to receive the third part of the Ogre statue.

Take these three statue parts back to the Watchtower Wizard. #1 on the map. He will make it into a Ogre statue, which grants you access to the Ogre city.

Exploring Gu'Tanoth

Now head South of Yannile and follow the dirt path up the hill and then western until you reach a Ogre guard. #7 on the map.

Talk to him and he will throw you down the hill. Head back and use the statue on him, and then he will let you through the gate into the city.

Now head into the market area and find the Rock cake stand. #8 on the map. Steal a Rock cake and then head back up the path and follow it down until you reach two ogres guard and a battlement. #9 on the map.

Attempt to climb the battlement and you will be stopped. You will learn that the Guard will let you pass if you give him a Rock cake. Give him it, and then climb over the battlement and across the bridge.

You will then come across a bridge with a gap in it. #10 on the map. Attempt to jump it but you will stopped by a Ogre Guard, who will ask you to pay a toll of 20gp if you wish to cross.

Pay the toll and jump across. Head over the bridge and you will see some more guards. #11 on the map. Talk to them and they will tell you a riddle.

The answer to the riddle is a Death rune, so use that on the Guard and he will give you a Skavid map. Now head out of the city and enter the cave marked A on the map and talk to the Scared Skavid. He will tell you that he will help teach you his language, but you must talk to the others.

The Skavids

Now head out the cave and enter the other caves marked B, C, D and F on the map. You must use the correct words or else the dialog will end.

Skavid's Word Response
Ar Cur Gor
Cur Tanath Bidith
Bidith Ig Cur
Gor Nod Tanath

After you have done that, return the cave marked A on the map and talk to the Scared Skavid. He will tell you that his kinsmen have told him that you have learned the language, and that you should now try and talk to the mad one in the cave.

Now head out the cave and follow the path north until you find two Ogre guards. #12 on the map. Talk to the one of them and they will ask for a Gold bar. Give it to them and then head through the gate. Follow the path around and cross the bridge to arrive at the cave marked E.

Enter the cave and talk to the Mad Skavid. Talk to him and reply with Tanath. The Skavid will then tell you that it is impressed with your knowledge of the language and will give you a crystal. Now pick up two Nightshades that can be found within the cave.

Note: Do NOT eat the Nightshade as it will damage you a lot.

Head back into the Ogre market area, and use the Nightshade on one of the Enclave guards. #13 on the map.

Note: This is a very dangerous area, the most dangerous animals being Blue Dragon's and Ogre Shamans. Do not talk to Shaman unless wish for a quick death.

Enter into the Enclave, and then head north and exit through the cave entrance. You will appear at one of the cave entrances south of Yanille. Head to the Watchtower and talk to the Watchtower Wizard.

Restoring the Watchtower

You will tell him that you have seen the Shaman but you cannot hurt them. The Wizard will then suggest making a potion which he will enchant, and tell you to make the potion with the following ingredients: Guam, Jangerberries, and Ground bat bones.

Put the Guam into a Vial of Water, and then add the Jangerberries. Grind the Bat bones and then add them in and talk to the Watchtower Wizard and he will infuse it with magic.

Head back to the market and use the second Nightshade on the Enclave guard. Enter the cavern, and you will now have to use the potion on all six Ogre Shamans.

After you have used the potion on the last Shaman, it will drop a crystal. Head into the center of the cavern and prospect the large crystal in the middle, and then mine a piece off.

Return to the Watchtower and talk to the Watchtower Wizard. Tell him that you have killed all the Shamans, and he will be pleased. He will then ask you to place the crystals on the pillar and then flick the switch.

Place the blue crystal on the north-west pillar, the yellow crystal on the south-west pillar, the green crystal on the south-east pillar, and pink crystal on the north-east pillar.

Pull the lever on the west wall to activate the shield.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: DaDa
Corrections submitted by: Deathslayer, Simon, Naylor, Dark, Majinvegito3