Spirits of the Elid
The people in the desert village of Nardah have a problem: their town well has dried up and any water they try to bring back to the town from the river mysteriously disappears before they can get it back.

The villagers suspect they have been cursed in some way. Can you unravel what is going on and save the village?


Skill Requirements:
7 33 Magic
15 37 Mining
5 37 Ranged
18 37 Thieving
Quest Requirements: None.Other Requirements:
Able to defeat three level 75 monsters using stab, slash and crush attack styles
Items Needed: Law rune, Air rune, Rope, Thread, Knife, Tinderbox, Needle, Light Source, Stab, slash and crush weapons, Bow and arrow, Pickaxe

Items Recommended: Shantay passes, Ring of Charos (a), 1000x Coins
Reward: Click to reveal

This guide is suitable for current RuneScape and Old School.


Take a Magic Carpet ride from the Shanty Pass to Pollnivneach, head south and take another ride to Nardah. Head to the eastern house and talk to Awusah the Mayor.

He will tell you that a curse has fallen up the town, and will ask for your help. Head north and talk to Ghaslor the Elder. He will tell you about the Water Spirits and will give you a ballad. Read the Ballad to learn that there is a cave at the river source, northwest of the Ruins of Uzer and west of the clay rocks. Now head to the Temple southwest of Ghaslor's house and enter the Temple. Cast Telekenetic grab on the Ancestral key.

Now search the cupboards which are in the same room, and you will get a Torn Robe top and Torn Robe bottom. Use a needle and thread on the two items to repair them, and then return to the Shanty Pass on the magic carpets. This time travel on the carpet to Uzer and then head west until you reach a waterfall.

Note: 3 Fights ahead, level 75.

The Golems

Use a rope on the root to climb up the waterfall and enter the cave. Put on the repaired Robes of Elidinis and use the Ancestral key on the door. You will now to have open three doors which are guarded by different Golems, which can only be attacked with a specific style. Attempt to open the southern door and kill the White Golem with a stab attack. Enter through the door and clear the blocked water channel using the thieving skill. Then attempt to open the southeastern door, and kill the Golem using a slash attack. Go through the door and clear the blocked water channel with a pickaxe. Finally, attempt to open the northwestern door and kill the Black Golem using a crush attack. Enter through the door and shoot a arrow at the target to clear the blocked water channel.

Once you have unblocked all three water channels, the second pair of doors will unlocked. Head through the door and follow the path around to the East to find the Water Spirits. Talk to them and you will learn that they are the cause of the curse, because the people of Nardah threw away Statuette of Elidinis. They will tell you that to remove the curse you will need to retrieve the Statuette and put it back on its statuette stand in the temple. Head back to Nardah and talk to Awusah the Mayor. He will tell you there was a crevice to the west which they threw the statue down.

Before you leave, take a pair of shoes. Now head west until you come to the crevice. Use a rope on it to climb down.

You will see a Genie down there. Talk to him and he will tell you that he will exchange the sole of Awusah for the Statue. Use a knife on the shoes you picked up, and then talk to the Genie again. He will give the statue. Take the statue back to the Statuette stand in the Temple. Praying at the Shrine will recharge your payer, and you will also get a boost of 1/10 of your Hitpoints level.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: DaDa
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