This skill is a members only skill although free players may train this skill to level 5.


Fletching is the skill in which you create ranging supplies from such items as: bowstrings, unstrung bows, logs, shafts, feathers and so on. Fletching has the potential to make you some money while you're training and is recognised to be one of the easiest skills to level in.

Fletching was once a great skill to make money in, although, it's not so much anymore. You can still make reasonable profits and train at the same time though. It is also very easy to get the supplies to fletch with via the Grand Exchange. It may get boring after awhile as the skill is highly repetitive but don't stress about it though, every skill has it's drawbacks.


It's quite easy to make a bow, all you need is a log and a bowstring. Simply left-click the log and this user interface should pop up:

Press knife and you will be presented with this user interface where you can choose what you want to fletch:

Now you must select what kind of bow you want to make (shortbow, shieldbow, crossbow or arrow shafts if you're using plain wood). Once the shortbow or shieldbow has been selected, your log will be fletched into an unstrung bow. Now use the bowstring with the unstrung bow and you will have a finalised bow.

Note: When you cut a log you get half of the total experience, when you string the unstrung bow you get another half.

Here is a table with level requirements/XP per bow:

Bow Name/Type Level Required Total XP

5 10

10 20

Oak Shortbow
20 33

Oak Shieldbow
25 50

Ogre Composite Bow
30 90

Willow Shortbow
35 66

Willow Shieldbow
40 83

Maple Shortbow
50 100

Maple Shieldbow
55 116

Yew Shortbow
65 135

Yew Shieldbow
70 150

Magic Shortbow
80 166

Magic Shieldbow
85 183

Elder Shortbow
90 102.4

Elder Shieldbow
95 232

* - To make a ogre composite bow you need to use an achey log, like all the other ogre items. First, get hold of an achey log. Next fletch it into an unstrung ogre composite bows (you must have wolf bones in your inventory; they will be fletched with the bow). Lastly, add the bow string to complete your composite bow.

In order to make an ogre composite bow, you must complete the quest Zogre Flesh Eaters.


To make a crossbow you will need: 1 log (for whatever type of crossbow you are making. Example: 1 yew log for a yew crossbow stock), 1 crossbow string, a knife, a hammer, 1 limb (to see what limb you should use for each stock, see the table bellow).

To make a crossbow, cut your log with a knife and make a crossbow stock'. Then add the appropriate limb to the crossbow stock. Now you can add the string to the crossbow to complete it.

Name Level Required Stock Required Limb Required XP Gained

Bronze crossbow
9 Wood Bronze 24

Off-Hand Bronze crossbow
9 Wood Bronze 24

Bronze 2h crossbow
9 Wood Bronze 24

Blurite crossbow
24 Oak Blurite 64

Iron crossbow
39 Willow Iron 88

Off-Hand Iron crossbow
39 Willow Iron 88

Iron 2h crossbow
39 Willow Iron 88

Steel crossbow
46 Teak Steel 108

Off-Hand Steel crossbow
46 Teak Steel 108

Steel 2h crossbow
46 Teak Steel 108

Mithril crossbow
54 Maple Mithril 128

Off-Hand Mithril crossbow
54 Maple Mithril 128

Mithril 2h crossbow
54 Maple Mithril 128

Adamantite crossbow
61 Mahogany Adamant 164

Off-Hand Adamantite crossbow
61 Mahogany Adamant 164

Adamantite 2h crossbow
61 Mahogany Adamant 164

Runite crossbow
69 Yew Runite 200

Off-Hand Runite crossbow
69 Yew Runite 200

Runite 2h crossbow
69 Yew Runite 200

Dragon crossbow
94 Magic Dragon 200

Off-Hand Dragon crossbow
94 Magic Dragon 200

Dragon 2h crossbow
94 Magic Dragon 200

Note: To make a Blurite crossbow you must complete the quest The Knight's Sword.


Darts are fast, one-handed ranged weapons. To make darts you need: dart tips (made in Smithing) and feathers. You easily make them by using the two items together.

The following table will show you which materials you need for which darts:

Name Level Required Dart Tips Required XP Gained

Bronze Darts
1 Bronze 1.8

Off-Hand Bronze Darts
1 Bronze 1.8

Iron Darts
22 Iron 3.2

Off-Hand Iron Darts
22 Iron 3.2

Steel Darts
37 Steel 7.5

Off-Hand Steel Darts
37 Steel 7.5

Mithril Darts
52 Mithril 11.2

Off-Hand Mithril Darts
52 Mithril 11.2

Adamant Darts
67 Adamant 15

Off-hand Adamant Darts
67 Adamant 15

Rune Darts
81 Rune 18.8

Off-Hand Rune Darts
81 Rune 18.8

Death Lotus Darts
92 Ascension Shards 25

Off-Hand Death Lotus Darts
92 Ascension Shards 25

Dragon Darts
95 Dragon 25

Off-Hand Dragon Darts
95 Dragon 25

Note: In order to make darts you must first complete the quest Tourist Trap.

* - To create Death Lotus Darts the player will need to unlock the scroll for these in the Player Owned Ports Activity. The player will need 1 ancient bone and 100 Ascension Shards per 10 darts.


To make arrows you need: 1 log (you can only use normal logs), a knife, feathers and arrow tips. Now, arrows are very easy to make, first you use the knife on the log (a menu will appear in the chat area, select the arrow shaft option), each log will make 15 shafts, next add the feathers to the arrow shafts, then you would have some headless arrow. Next you add the arrow tips to the headless arrows (you can make arrow tips in the Smithing skill).


Name Level Required XP Gained

Arrow Shafts
1 5

Headless Arrows
1 1

Bronze Arrows
1 1.3

Iron Arrows
15 2.5

Steel Arrows
30 5.0

Mithril Arrows
45 7.5

Broad Arrows
52 15

Adamant Arrows
60 10

Fragment Arrows
60 0.5

Rune Arrows
75 12.5

Dragonbane Arrows
76 10

Basiliskbane Arrows
76 10

Abyssalbane Arrows
76 10

Wallasalkibane Arrows
76 12.5

Dragon Arrows
90 15

Dark Arrows
95 17.5

* - Broad arrow tips can not be made but only bought from slayer masters, creating these arrows requires Smoking kills and requires the player to have bought the ability to make them using slayer reward points.

** - Fragment arrows are made by using ascension fragments, obtained as a drop from ascension monsters, on bronze arrows.

*** - Dark arrowtips can only be obtained as a drop from dark beasts and can not be created with the Smithing skill.

Brutal Arrows:

To make Ogre arrows, you must cut some achey trees to receive achey logs. Then use a knife on the achey logs to get the ogre arrow shafts. Next you add feathers to the arrow shafts (four feathers per arrow). Then you use a chisel on wolf bones, this will give you wolfbone arrow tips. Add the wolfbone arrow heads to the flighted ogre arrows.

To make 'Brutal' arrows, repeat all the steps on 'How to make ogre arrows' but don't add wolfbone arrow heads to the flighted ogre arrows. You will need a hammer and some nails. Use the nails on the flighted ogre arrows and your character should automatically drive the arrows into the incomplete arrows to make 'brutal' arrows. Add the desired arrow heads.

In order to make Ogre arrows you must complete the quest Big Chompy Bird Hunting.

In order to make 'brutal' arrows, you must complete the quest Zogre Flesh Eaters.

Name Level Required XP Gained

Ogre Arrows
5 1

Bronze 'Brutal' Arrows
7 1.4

Iron 'Brutal' Arrows
18 2.6

Steel 'Brutal' Arrows
33 5.1

Black 'Brutal' Arrows
38 6.4

Mithril 'Brutal' Arrows
49 7.5

Adamant 'Brutal' Arrows
62 10.1

Rune 'Brutal Arrows'
77 12.5


To make bolts you need: unfeathered bolts and feathers. If you want to add tips you also need: bolt tips. Making bolts is easy, first you get the unfeathered bolt made from the Smithing skill and use it with the feather. You should have a normal bolt.

Optional: Add the appropriate bolt tip to a bolt, you will now have a tipped bolt.

Name Level Required XP Gained

Bronze Bolt
9 0.5

Blurite Bolt
24 1

Kebbit bolt
32 5.8

Iron Bolt
39 1.5

Silver Bolt
43 2.5

Steel Bolt
46 3.5

Mithril Bolt
54 5

Broad tipped bolts
55 3

Fragment bolts
60 0.5

Adamant Bolt
61 7

Rune Bolt
69 10

Wallasalki bane bolt
80 7

Abyssalbane bolt
80 7

Basiliskbane Bolt
80 7

Dragonbane bolt
80 7

Long kebbit bolts
83 7.89

Ascension bolts
90 20

Bakriminel bolts
93 130

* - Blurite bolts can only be made after the quest "The Knight's sword".

** - Kebbit bolts are created by using a chisel on prickle kebbit spikes.

*** - Silver bolts are made with the crafting skill by using a mould. You require a crafting level of 21 as well as a fletching level of 43.

**** - Unfinished broad bolts can not be smithed but only bought from slayer masters. To create these the player needs to have the ability to do so unlocked by using the slayer reward system.

^ - Fragment bolts are created by using ascension fragments on bronze bolts.

^^ - Ascension bolts are created from fletching ascension shards.

^^^ - Bakriminel bolts are created by using bakriminel bolt heads on bakriminel bolt shafts. These can only be created by using bakriminel logs.

Name Level Required Bolt Required XP Gained Bolt Tip

Opal Bolt
11 Bronze 1.6

Jade Bolt
26 Blurite 2.4

Pearl Bolt
41 Iron 3.2

Red Topaz Bolt
48 Steel 3.9
Red Topaz

Barbed Bolt
51 Bronze 9.5

Sapphire Bolt
56 Mithril 4.7

Emerald Bolt
58 Mithril 5.5

Mithril Grapple
59 Mithril 11
Mithril Grapple

Ruby Bolt
63 Adamantite 6.3

Diamond Bolt
65 Adamantite 7

Dragonstone Bolt
71 Runite 8.2

Onyx Bolt
73 Runite 9.4

Special items

There are several items which work in a different matter from other items made in the Fletching skill, requiring either special items, special logs or which require additional requirements.

Jadinko lair items

There are 2 items which are created using items gathered from the Jadinko lair.

  • Bolas:These are created by using mutated vines on excrescence in a 2:1 ratio.
  • Sagaie:These are created by hardening straight roots in a firepit. These can then be cut into sagaie shafts. Use mutated vines on these shafts to create the sagaie.
Name Level Required XP Gained

83 40

87 50

Blisterwood items

After and during the quest Branches of Darkmeyer the player learns how to create items from the blisterwood tree. There are 3 items:

Name Level Required XP Gained

Blisterwood polearm
70 100

Blisterwood staff
70 100

Blisterwood stakes
70 10

Off-hand blisterwood stakes
70 10


Scrimshaws are a reward from the player owned ports activity. They require 10 ancient bones to make which are also obtained in this activity. To be able to make the scrimshaw the player will first need to unlock the respective scroll. There are 2 versions, untradeable (superior) versions and tradeable (inferior) versions, they both require the same Fletching level to make.

Name Level Required XP Gained

Log-splitting scrimshaw
85 4000

Rock-crushing scrimshaw
85 4000

Tree-shaking scrimshaw
90 4000

Gem-finding scrimshaw
90 4000

Scrimshaw of vampyrism
92 4000

Scrimshaw of the elements
92 4000

Scrimshaw of cruelty
92 4000

Scrimshaw of ranging
95 4000

Scrimshaw of strength
95 4000

Scrimshaw of magic
95 4000

Fletching in Dungeoneering

Arrow Shafts

In Daemonheim higher tier logs will provide the player with more arrow shafts when fletched.

Image Item Level Required Amount Made Logs Used
Tangle Gum 1 15
Tangle Gum
Sleeping Elm 10 21
Sleeping Elm
Blood Spindle 20 26
Blood Spindle
Utuku 30 32
Spinebeam 40 37
Bovistrangler 50 43
Thigat 60 48
Corpsethorn 70 54
Entgallow 80 59
Gravecreeper 90 65


Arrows are in Daemonheim also completed by using feathers on arrow shafts and then using the respective arrowheads on headless arrows.

Item Level Required XP Gained Arrowheads Used

Novite Arrows
1 1.3

Bathus Arrows
11 2.5

Marmaros Arrows
22 5

Kratonite Arrows
33 7.5

Fractite Arrows
44 10

Zephyrium Arrows
55 12.5

Argonite Arrows
66 15

Katagon Arrows
77 17.5

Gorgonite Arrows
88 20

Promethium Arrows
99 22.5


Shortbows are created by crafting a shortbow (u) and then using a bowstring on the unstrung bow. Unstrung bows can be fletched from logs.

Item Level Required Total XP Gained

Tangle Gum Shortbow
1 10

Seeping Elm Shortbow
11 18

Blood Spindle Shortbow
21 30

Utuku Shortbow
31 46

Spinebeam Shortbow
41 66

Bovistrangler Shortbow
51 90

Thigat Shortbow
61 118

Corpsethorn Shortbow
71 150

Entgallow Shortbow
81 186

Gravecreeper Shortbow
91 226


Sheildbows are created by cutting logs into a shieldbow (u). Use a bowstring on the unstrung bow to complete the bow.

Item Level Required Total XP Gained

Tangle Gum Longbow
6 11.4

Seeping Elm Longbow
16 20.6

Blood Spindle Longbow
26 34.4

Utuku Longbow
36 52.8

Spinebeam Longbow
46 75.8

Bovistrangler Longbow
56 103.4

Thigat Longbow
66 135.6

Corpsethorn Longbow
76 172.4

Entgallow Longbow
86 213.8

Gravecreeper Longbow
96 259.8


Staves can be created by cutting logs. These staves will provide all elemental runes.

Item Level Required Total XP Gained

Tangle Gum Staff
8 9

Seeping Elm Staff
18 16.2

Blood Spindle Staff
28 27

Utuku Staff
38 41.4

Spinebeam Staff
48 59.4

Bovistrangler Staff
58 81

Thigat Staff
68 106.2

Corpsethorn Staff
78 135

Entgallow Staff
88 167.4

Gravecreeper Staff
98 203.4


Wands can be created by cutting logs. Similar to staves they provide all elemental runes.

Item Level Required Total XP Gained

Tangle Gum Wand
8 9

Seeping Elm Wand
18 16.2

Blood Spindle Wand
28 27

Utuku Wand
38 41.4

Spinebeam Wand
48 59.4

Bovistrangler Wand
58 81

Thigat Wand
68 106.2

Corpsethorn Wand
78 135

Entgallow Wand
88 167.4

Gravecreeper Wand
98 203.4


Traps can be created by cutting logs. These traps are used to catch Bovimastyx in Daemonheim for their hides, which are used in Crafting.

Item Level Required Total XP Gained

Tangle Gum Trap
3 12

Seeping Elm Trap
13 21.6

Blood Spindle Trap
23 36

Utuku Trap
33 55.2

Spinebeam Trap
43 79.2

Bovistrangler Trap
53 108

Thigat Trap
63 141.6

Corpsethorn Trap
73 180

Entgallow Trap
83 223.2

Gravecreeper Trap
93 271.2

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do people Fletch?

A: Mainly to make money, but sometimes to get one of their skills to level 99 (to get an achievement cape).

Q: How do you make money from Fletching?

A: Selling them to players training magic (they use the high alchemy spell). They usually use this strategy to level up their mage fast while not loosing to much money.

Q: Where do I get my skillcape from?

A: You can get them in Catherby from Hickton (He is in the Archery shop).

Q: Are there any tools that increase my XP rate?

A: Sacred clay fletching knives can be used in place of regular knives, which provide double XP when used to fletch items. These can be obtained after playing and earning points from the Stealing Creation minigame. Speak to the Rewards mystics in the Gamers' Grotto for more information.

Skill Mastery

Once you have finally reached level 99 in the skill, you can travel to the Catherby fletching store and purchase the Fletching skillcape from Hickton for 99,000 coins. This will enable you to use a boost that raises your Fletching level to 100 and also allows you to perform the Fletching skillcape emote. The cape itself is members only. However, free players can still perform the emote granted they are wearing the cape.

If Fletching is your first skill to reach level 99, you will be rewarded the Fletching cape. However, if you have other skills at level 99, you will be awarded the Fletching cape (t). If you have the untrimmed version of the cape and achieve level 99 in another skill, the cape will become trimmed automatically.

Fletching cape Fletching cape (t) Fletching master cape

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