Duel Arena

This is a safe activity, however if you are playing a staked duel, you will lose the items you have staked if you die during the duel.


The Duel Arena is a an arena where players can duel each other in friendly or staked, choosing how much they wish to wager. The Arena is a place where all players can go to engage in one-on-one-combat, made on the 10th December 2007, either for fun or for a prize. Dueling for prizes is referred to as staking. The duel arena is a safe pastime. In case of death, there is no penalty, and no items (except the optional stake) will be lost upon death.


The Duel Arena is found in Al Kharid. The most common method of arriving is to use a Ring of Dueling, but you can also walk from Al Kharid.


Upon arrival at the Duel Arena, you will see a glowing battleaxe icon appear. That icon indicates that you may challenge or be challenged yourself. To do this, simply right click on the player you wish to challenge.

Friendly Duels

Once you have challenged somebody, you will have to the option to pick either a friendly or a staked duel.

Friendly duels are 100% safe, and are used for fun. Selecting the option for an friendly duel will bring up this screen, which sets rules for the fight. These rules will be explained later on in the guide.

Staked Duels

Selecting the Staked Duel option will let you stake items, which can be won or lost depending if you win or lose the fight. There is no way to get any items you have staked back after the fight, so think carefully.

It will bring up a different screen, however the rules will still be the same for you to set. There is also a limit to how much you can stake, this will also be explained later in the guide.

Dueling Rules

Selecting different options will set the rules for the fight. You can remove items of armour during that screen, and it will not allow that item to be used in the fight.

No RangedRanged Attacks are not allowed.
No MeleeMelee Attacks are not allowed.
No MagicMagic Attacks are not allowed.
Fun WeaponsUse of Fun Weapons is allowed - e.g. Flowers or Rubber Chicken.
No ForfeitLeaving the Arena through the trapdoor is not allowed.
No DrinksDrinks are not allowed.
No FoodFood is not allowed.
No PrayerUse of Prayer is not allowed
No MovementYou cannot move during the fight.
ObstaclesThe Arena will have obstacles for use.
Enable SummoningAllows the use of Familiars.
No Special AttacksNo Special Attacks can be used.

After accepting these rules, you will be given a confirmation screen.


After you have selected all the options you want for your duel, you will be teleported into the Arena. You will see your opponent flashing in the minimap, with a big arrow.

You will then commence a countdown from 3, and then the fight will begin. Search the Arena for your opponent, and let the fighting begin!

If for whatever reason, you wish to forfeit, and it is allowed to do so in the fight, head to the door to exit the Arena.

After the fight, if you won you will be victorious. If it was a staked fight, it will show the spoils.

Watching the Duels

If you wish to watch a Duel, simply walk up the brown ramp and you will be able to watch all the duels that are going on. You also have the option to buy Rotten tomatoes to throw at players.



There is Bank Chest on the east side of the Arena. In this Area, you will also see a NPC called Fadli, who will sell you Rotten tomatoes for 1gp each.


There is also a Altar of Saradomin, which is just south of the bank.


Here, there are certain NPC's that can heal you. You can also buy the Skillcape of Constitution here, by talking to Surgeon General Tafani.

Staking Technique

If you've ever wondered how people get so rich within a few days, or even a few hours, the most common answer would be: staking. Staking is one of the best ways to earn money on Runescape, and yet risky at the same time. You may either triple your bank; or lose it all within seconds. Most players stake their money without thinking, therefore they are getting 'cleaned' really fast; those who use a technique however, can almost guarantee themselves constant profit.

First of all, you may want 15M or more to start with. Starting with lower than that reduces your chances of earning cash, therefore the more the marrier. Find someone who's staking 500K, as this is the starting amount you want to stake. Once found a duel partner, make sure these settings are on:

These settings promise you to have a clean fight, with no tricks whatsoever. The only thing you and your partner can do, is attack each other and change combat styles. However, changing combat styles can be critical.

Once the fight starts, make sure you and your enemy do not attack each other at the same time. If you do, click on the ground and then your enemy again; it's in your interest that your enemy's attacks won't be adjusted with yours.

Whenever your enemy hits you, make sure your character is in defensive combat style. This will cause your character to be in a defensive mode, which will increase your defence. Then, when it's your time to attack quickly change to punch. Repeat this process; remember, block when you are being hit, punch when you are the one hitting.

A player using the 'switching-combat' trick:

In most cases, you will be the winner and thus earning 500K. However, even with this technique staking can be risky at times, and other players may use the same trick too; that's why we're going to use technique number 2. The chances of winning at duel arena are mostly 50%, even with the trick we mentioned above. Therefore the chances of you losing over 5 times in a row are slim.

We're going to use this, and guarantee ourselves a profit, which will come eventually no matter how many times we lose. If you lose the first stake, you'll be on a 500K loss. You're willing to gain that 500K back, and another 500K to make a profit. Therefore the next stake you'll put 1M in.

If you lose that one, you'll be on a 1.5M loss. Therefore your next stake will be 2M.

Next stake will be 4M.

Next stake will be 8M.

Next stake will be 16M. And so on. The chances of reaching the 8M stake are slim, so you don't have to worry about it. The more cash you have, the higher you can stake when losing. With every loss, the chance of losing the next stake decreases.

This method is roughly 10M per hour. Remember; staking is not safe, and there's always the small chance of losing your whole bank in matter of seconds.

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