Managing Miscellania



Your kingdom is found in the island of Miscellania, which can be reached from Rellekka, or by using a Fairy Ring.


Below is a map of your kingdom.

Head to Advisor Ghrim, and ask him how your kingdom is faring.

He will tell you your approval from your subjects. High approval is vital in the running of your kingdom if you want your subjects to collect resources for you.

If you take a look at the kingdom map, you will see you have workers. To improve your rating you should help them out with their chores. There are four skills you can use to help them out with their chores.

Mining Number 3 on the kingdom map - Miner Magnus. You can help by mining coal to improve your approval rating. Level 30 mining and a pickaxe is required.
Woodcutting Help Lumberjack Leif and (requires completion of Royal Trouble) Carpenter Kjllack. You can help by woodcutting Maples or Teak and Mahogany logs, to help with their chores and improve your approval rating. Level 45 or 35 woodcutting and a hatchet is required.
Fishing Help Fisherman Frodi. You can help by fishing lobsters or swordfish and tuna, to improve your approval rating. Level 40 fishing and either a lobster pot or harpoon is required.
Farming Help Gardener Gunnhild and (requires completion of Royal Trouble) Farmer Fromund. You can help by raking the patches, watering, and adding compost to the patches to help improve your approval rating. Level 10 farming and either a rake, watering can, and a bucket of compost is required.

Please note, you will not gain any items for helping them, e.g. if you were helping Lumberjack Leif, you would not gain any Maple Logs.

If you have completed the Fremennik Province Diary hard section, the sea boots will help you get your approval rating up faster.

When you have done enough of the chore to get to 100% rating, you will get a message:

by Your approval will drop by 2.5% every day, or 1% with Royal Trouble complete, so be sure to help out every few days to keep your approval high.

The Royal Coffers

Talk to Advisor Ghrim to access your Kingdoms coffers.

He will bring up this screen:


Money is important to have. Without it, you cannot pay your subjects, and your subjects will not collect anything for you. You can store 5 million gp with the completion of Throne of Miscellania, and 7.5 million gp after completion of Royal Trouble.

Your subjects will take 10% of what is in the coffers a day, which is capped at maximum of 50k, or 75k with Royal Trouble done.

To get the most of your money, you should have at least 750k in your coffers at all times and keep your approval rating as close to 100% as possible.

Collecting Resources

You can set your workers to collect 6 different resources. You will have 10 workers. After completing Royal Trouble, you will have 15 workers. You can have up to 10 workers on one resource area to collect as much as possible.

When you have chosen your workload, and left your workers to collect resources, the following calculation will take place:

For each day that passes, 10% of the cash in your coffers (up to 50k, or 75k after Royal Trouble) will be taken. This is then times by your approval rating (100% approval = full cash, 50% = only half). This new figure is split between your 10, or 15 workers (therefore, a lower approval rating means wasted cash!). They will then use this cash to 'buy' the largest amount of the resource they are set to as they can, with each resource having a set price. This price becomes 1/3rd lower after Royal Trouble It is these resources that are handed to you when you return to your kingdom. You will also get bonus items per the amount of resource collected.

The following table gives all the information for resources, prices, and bonuses.

Option Resource Bonuses Cost Cost (after Royal Trouble)
Mining Coal 1 Gem Per 150 137.4gp 91.6gp
Wood Maple Logs 1 Nest Per 100 84.2gp 56.1gp
Herbs Flax Herbs 1 Herb Seed Per 600 1 Herb Seed Per 100 1239.6gp 60gp 826.4gp 40gp
Fishing Tuna Swordfish 1 Gem/Casket per 50 Tuna (10 Tuna per 3 Swordfish) 84.5gp 284.1gp 56.3gp 189.4gp
Hard Wood Teak Mahogany 1 Nest Per 350 Logs 249.16gp 336.9gp 166.1gp 224.6gp
Farm Seeds Tree seeds (unknown ratio) Unknown Unknown

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