Stealing Creation


Stealing Creation is an activity located in the Gamers' Grotto to the north of Falador. It is a team based game in which you work together to get a higher total score than the other team. Can you arise to the challenge and help the Mystics collect as much Sacred Clay as you can?


No requirements are needed to play the game, however higher levels are useful.

Below is a table showing you what class clay you can collect at a certain level.

Level Class of Sacred Clay
1 Class 1 Clay
20 Class 2 Clay
40 Class 3 Clay
60 Class 4 Clay
80 Class 5 Clay

Higher class clay means you can score more points and make higher quality items. Please see Processing Clay for more details.


Stealing Creation can be found in the Gamers' Grotto in a cave to the north of Falador. The fastest way to arrive is to use a Games Necklace teleport.

Starting the Game

Once you arrive at the Stealing Creation lobby, you will find that you have to join a team. You can speak to the Head Mystic there to find out more.

You can either choose a team, or play as a clan.

Once the game has started, you will arrive in the team base. Talk to the Mystic there to find out what types of Sacred Clay there is out there. He will bring up a screen like this:

A game will last for 20 minutes. You can check the amount of time remaining by looking at the timer at the top of the screen.

Gathering the Sacred Clay

There are four main skills in which you use to gather the Sacred Clay. They are:

  • Fishing - Harpoon clay from the pool.
  • A Sacred Clay harpoon can be made to help you gather clay faster.
  • Mining - Mine clay from a rock.
  • A Sacred Clay pickaxe can be made to help you gather clay faster.
  • Woodcutting - Chop clay from a tree.
  • A Sacred Clay hatchet can be made to help you gather clay faster.
  • Hunter - Catch clay from a swarm.
  • A Sacred Clay net can be made to help you gather clay faster.

If your team have collected too much clay from a resource, it will become empty. If this happens you will have to move on and find a new resource to collect from.

Processing Sacred Clay

After you have collected enough Sacred Clay, you can take it to a Creation Kiln.

This will allow you to manipulate the clay into a variety of categories:

  • Weapons - Various weapons can be made to attack other players.
  • Armour - Various armour can be made to help defend you when attacking other players.
  • Equipment - Various items can be made to help you gather items faster. This also includes options to make a barrier and food.
  • Potions - Various potions can be used to help aid when attacking other players.


Armour can be made from Sacred Clay to help aid in attacking other players.

Choose the option of Armour from the creation kiln, and make you preferred choice. There are three tpyes of armour you can make:

Attacking other Players

Of course, Stealing Creation isn't just about collecting clay. If you are bored of collecting resources and processing them for points, you can attack other players to gain points.

Because you are not allowed to bring any items into the game, you must make all of your items with Sacred Clay.

You can make armour, weapons, arrows and runes.

Pickpocketing other Players

If you don't fancy gathering or attacking other players, why not pickpocket other players items right out of their pockets!

For your attempt to be successful, you must have a theiving level must be no less than 20 levels lower of your oppenent.

For example, if they had 99 Thieving, you must have at least 79.

Below is a picture showing the options of another player.

You also have the choice of giving an item to another player. For this to work they must be on the same team as you, and have accept aid on.

Whilst waiting for your unsuspecting victim, you can hide in a bank of fog.

This will make you completely invisible, and you will also not be able to attack, or be attacked, inside the fog.

The Summoning Familiar

The Summoning Familiar is very useful to use because its Special Move lets you deposit items from your inventory back to the base, scoring points. It will last for the whole game, and will also fight for you.

Building a Barrier

If you are trying to gather some Sacred Clay, and you are attacked, build a barrier!

These are very useful to have because not only does it become a respawn point for your team if you die, your attacker will have to destroy the barrier before attacking you.


For doing actions during the game you gain a score. Your score can be viewed at the top of the screen.

At the end of a Stealing Creation game, you will need to deposit all of your items by either using a Familiar or by depositing them at the table at your home base.

This score will then be converted into points at the end of the game. Look at the table below to see how many points you would get per game.

Game Score Points Received
0 - 19,999 1 Point per every 1000
20,000 - 21,999 20
22,000 - 25,999 21
26,000 - 33,999 22
34,000 - 49,999 23
50,000 - 81,999 24
82,000 - 145,999 25
146,000+ 26

With these points, you can use them to buy items.

Morphic Tool - This will transform into:

  • Sacred Clay Hatchet
  • Sacred Clay Butterfly Net
  • Sacred Clay Hammer
  • Sacred Clay Harpoon
  • Sacred Clay Knife
  • Sacred Clay Needle
  • Sacred Clay Pickaxe

These are used exactly the same as the normal type of equipment, however it will earn you double the regular experience when using them.

Note, this tool can be transformed as many times as you like, until it runs out of bonus experience. You can check the amount of experience left by right clicking on it and choosing "Count-charges".

Volatile Tool - This is identical to the Morphic Tool, however it will randomly transform into a tool. It offers 2.2x experience for actions, opposed to the Morphic Tool's 2x.

Note, this tool can only be used a certain amount of times before it disintegrates. The time it lasts for is based on your level of the skill it relates too. It can transform 10 times.

Sacred Clay Armour/Weapons - Sacred Clay armour and weapons will double the amount of experience you earn in combat. The experience you earn will slowly degrade the armour. You can check the amount of experience left by right clicking on it and choosing "Count-charges".

Note, when your armour has run out experience, it will retain its equipment bonuses but will no longer give you double the experience you would normally gain with it. You can recharge it at the Rewards hut in Stealing Creation.

This table shows the approximate amounts of experience the items provide before they crumble.

ItemExperience gained
Butterfly net~8,000
Armour (all pieces)~24,450

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