Romeo and Juliet - Old School
Can you help the ever so confused Romeo reunite with his one true love Juliet?


Skill Requirements: None.Quest Requirements: None.Other Requirements:
Items Needed: Cadava berries

Items Recommended: None.
Reward: Click to reveal

Romeo's Messenger

To begin the quest, you first must speak to Romeo who can be found at a fountain in the center of Varrock. Talk to him and he will ask you to talk to Juliet, his lover.

An image of Romeo standing by the Varrock Fountain.

Juliet's Message

Talk to Juliet who can be found in the big house on the first floor; directly west of Varrock West Bank. She will hand you a Message to give to Romeo.

An image of Juliet in her house standing on the balcony.

Father Lawrence's Suggestion

After reading the message, Romeo hasn't the slightest what to do. He then suggests going to Father Lawrence, found in the church north of Varrock East Bank. Talk to Father Lawrence and convince him that no one's paying attention to his preaching, and he will now speak to you about the dilemma. He suggests using a Cadava potion, and then refers you to the Apothecary.

An image of Father Lawrence.

To save your time, it's recommended you collect the Cadava berries required to create the potion before you go to the Apothecary. These berries can be found north-west of Varrock East Mine. Danger: Dark Wizards are near this area and are aggressive.

The Apothecary

Go talk to the Apothecary, found north-west to the entrance of Varrock with his shop marked with a purple potion symbol on the mini-map. He will say he knows how to create a knock-out potion which can create a 'fake-death' if consumed. He will ask you to collect the last ingredient that he's missing in order to create the potion: Cadava berries. If you haven't already, go collect the berries which can be found north-west of Varrock East Mine.

Once you have the berries, speak to the Apothecary and he will create and hand you over the Cadava potion.

An image of the Apothecary.

The Knockout-Potion

Head back to Juliet and talk to her. You will explain to her the plan that Father Lawrence had created in order for her marriage to be possible. By this time she will agree with you and explain that Phillipa, her cousin, is also in on the plot and will act out the scene of her death which will be presented to her Father. Juliet will drink the potion, and you will now enter a cut-scene in which Juliet's Father is shocked and believes in her death. She then gets taken away to the Crypt.

The cut-scene of Juliet faking her Death.

The Crypt

Head back to Romeo and talk to him. You will explain the plot and what has happened so far, including Juliet's whereabouts. He will go to the crypt on one condition: that you accompany him. Agree to this and you will be entered into a cut-scene at the Crypt site.

The cut-scene of Romeo attempting to wake Juliet.

Juliet will be resting above a coffin. Romeo will slowly approach her and then try to wake her. Whilst he's trying to wake her Phillipa, Juliet's cousin, will walk in. Romeo falls in love with Phillipa and leaves Juliet in the crypt.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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