Edgeville is a little secluded village that sites on the edge of the Wilderness, just west of Varrock and just east of the Edgeville Monastery. Other than the ruins that rest south of the bank the area has managed to remain undamaged from the wars that wreaked havoc throughout the Wilderness. The town is now a lively hotspot for players due its easily accessible bank and furnace close by as well as being home to the only access point for Soul Wars.

Area Map

A map of Edgeville.

Getting There

There are several different ways to get to Edgeville. Here are some of the more efficient methods:

  • If you are in the wilderness then you could always run along the Wilderness Wall until you see Edgeville and then hop over it and you'll find yourself in the north part of the village.
  • The lodestone network can be used to get to Edgeville. There is a lodestone located just south of Oziach's shop (west of the bank).
  • A charged Amulet of glory has the option to teleport you to Edgeville. You will arrive just outside the bank.
  • A player can always run to the north-west corner of the Grand Exchange and then go under the wall and run west a little way before finding themselves near the Edgeville furnace.

Places of Interest


The bank can be found in the very heart of the village. Due to the banks easy access it is considered one of the most popular banks in the whole of Gielinor and with the furnace so close by it makes it one of the best spots for anyone who is smelting bars. As well as 4 bank booths there are also 2 deposit booths in the bank which can be found in the northern corners.

Mandrith can be found lurking in the Edgeville bank and will exchange any Ancient artefacts you have found while killing revenants for coins.


The edgeville furnace can be found just north east of the bank and is the closest furnace to a bank in the whole of Gielinor (other than casting superheat) and is therefore one of the most popular places to find players training Smithing. To use the furnace players must have completed the easy task set of Varrock task set.

General Store

The General store can be found in the north of Edgeville. It stocks the usual supplies that most other stores offer.

The items available to purchase from the General store.

Oziach's Hut

In Oziach's hut resides Oziach, a once mighty warrior who now spends his retirement days in his hut. He plays a part in the Dragon Slayer quest and once the questhas been completed he will offer to sell you Rune platebodie's for 65,000 coins and Green d'hide bodies for 7,800 coins.

Soul Wars Portal

The Soul Wars portal can be found located to the west side of the ruins south of the bank. Going through the portal will take you to the Soul Wars lobby area.

Yew Trees

There are 2 yew trees in the fortress ruins which are commonly cut down by players due to the bank very close by just north of the spot. Players will need a Woodcutting level of 60 to chop down the yew trees.

Wilderness Lever

There is a lever in the fortress ruins which will teleport the players deep into the Wilderness beyond the high level fence. A warning message will appear when a player tries to click on the lever to ask them if they are sure they want to teleport into the Wilderness because of the dangers of dieing and losing items.

Edgeville Dungeon

One of the entrances to the Edgeville dungeon can be found in the ruins south of the bank close to the coffin. Going down this entrance will lead you into the low level end of the dungeon and is the quicker entrance to use if you are running to Vannaka to get a new Slayer task.

Evil Dave's House

Edgeville is also the home to the notorious Evil Dave, or at least it's where his mothers house can be found. He plays a significant role in the Recipe for Disaster quest including his sub-quest "Saving Evil Dave". The basement beneath the house is where players can use their cats to hunt the rats and get ingredients for spicey stews which can then be used to boost stats.

Summoning Obelisk

On the west side of the bridge there is a summoning recharge obelisk which can be used to recharge players summoning points. This obelisk cannot be used to create pouches or scrolls.

Fairy Ring

There is a fairy ring on the east side of the river near the wall for the Grand Exchange. This fairy ring can be used to get quick access to Zanaris and the code for this fairy ring if you wish to travel from Zanaris to here is D K R.

Canoe Transport

A canoe stop can be found on the east side of the river where players can craft a canoe and take a ride from Edgeville down to Lumbridge.

The Crucible

The entrance to The Crucible can be found on the west side of the bridge that links Edgeville and the corner of the Grand Exchange. The Crucible is a Player-vs-Player activity. If you die while in here you will lose your stuff.


Edgeville has it's own lodestone which can be found just east of the Edgeville Monastery or just south of Oziach's Hut. This lodestone is part of the Lodestone Network and must be activated before it can be used however once activated the use of this lodestone is completely unlimited.

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