Lunar Isle


Lunar Isle is a series of magical islands located in the most north western corner of Gielinor. The island is shaped like cresent moon to represent the magical/lunar qualities the island and it's inhabitants have. The island is most famous for it's quests series to unlock the Lunar spellbook, the Livid Farm, Astral Altar and the Suqah's that are skilled for Slayer tasks.

Getting There

There are several ways to get to Lunar Isle:

  • One of the easiest ways to get to Lunar Isle is via the Lodestone Network after the completion of Lunar Diplomacy and having activated to Lodestone.
  • For those on the Lunar Spell Book, you can use the Home Teleport Spell or the Moonclan Teleport.
  • You can also use an Astral Altar Teleport Tablet to get to the Astral Altar on Lunar Isle.
  • Those who have the Seal of Passage can also use that to teleport directly to Lunar Isle. Please note that this method can only be used once per day.
  • There is also a boat journey that can be used to travel to Lunar Isle. First you will need to head to Rellekka and then on the far western peir there is a Fremennik named Lokar Searunner, speak to him and ask to travel back to his ship. Then talk to Captain Bentley to travel to Lunar Isle. You will arrive on the boat at the dock just south east of the town. The Lunar Diplomacy quest must be started in order to travel to Lunar Isle.

Area Map

Places Of Interest

The Bank

The bank on Lunar Isle is located just west inside of the entrance gate and just east from the lodestone. The bank functions like any other bank where you are able to withdraw and deposit items as well as change your bank pin settings and see any lent items that have been returned to you.

During the Lunar Diplomacy quest, you will need to wear your Seal of Passage in order to be able to bank with the bank clerks. However after the complettion of Lunar Diplomacy, the Seal of Passage is no longer required.

Baba Yaga's House & Rune Shop

The famous walking chicken house, home of Baba Yaga and her Rune Shop.

Baba Yaga also has her own store where she sells a variety of magic related items shown below:

IconItem NamePriceQuantityDescription
Air Rune17gp1000One of the four basic elemental runes.
Water Rune17gp1000One of the four basic elemental runes.
Earth Rune17gp1000One of the four basic elemental runes.
Fire Rune17gp1000One of the four basic elemental runes.
Mind Rune17gp1000A basic level catalytic rune.
Body Rune16gp1000A basic level catalytic rune.
Chaos Rune140gp300A medium level catalytic rune.
Nature Rune372gp300Used for alchemy spells.
Death Rune310gp300A medium level catalytic rune.
Law Rune378gp100Used for teleport spells.
Blood Rune550gp100A high level catalytic rune.
Soul Rune410gp100Used for powerful curse spells.
Astral Rune220gp100Used for Lunar spells.
Battlestaff7000gp20It's a slightly magical stick.
Staff of fire1500gp10A Magical staff.
Staff of water1500gp10A Magical staff.
Staff of air1500gp10A Magical staff.
Staff of earth1500gp10A Magical staff.
Moonclan manual1gp10A book of Moonclan history.

The clothing shop

Lunar Isle also has a clothing shop where you can buy the Moonclan Armour along with crafting equipment. Rimae Sirsalis is the owner of the Moon Clan Fine Clothes shop.

IconItem NamePriceQuantityDescription
Moonclan helm1000gp10Mystical headgear.
Moonclan hat1000gp10A mystical hat.
Moonclan armour1000gp10Provides good protection.
Moonclan skirt1000gp10This should protect my legs.
Moonclan gloves900gp10These should keep my hands safe.
Moonclan boots900gp10Groovy foot protection.
Moonclan cape200gp10A mystical cape.
Needle1gp10Used with a thread to make clothes.
Thread4gp1000Used with a needle to make clothes.

General Store

Melana Moonlander is the owner of the General Store on Lunar Isle.

IconItem NamePriceQuantityDescription
Empty Pot1gp30This pot is empty.
Jug1gp10This jug is empty.
Shears1gp10For shearing sheep.
Bucket2gp30It's a wooden bucket.
Bowl4gp10Useful for mixing things.
Cake tin10gp10Useful for baking cakes.
Tinderbox1gp10Useful for lighting a fire.
Chisel14gp10Good for detailed crafting.
Hammer13gp10Good for hitting things!
Security book2gp10WARNING: Contains information which could make your account secure.
Vial5gp10An empty glass vial.
Vial pack250gp20A pack of 50 noted vials.

Lunar Isle Dungeon

The Lunar Isle Dungeon entrance is located on the north east part of the island. Use the ladder by the small ruined hut to go down into the Dungeon. Before the start of Dream Mentor, the dungeon will have Suqahs which may attack you so please do be careful.

There are several points of interest for players in the Dungeon:

  • Rune Essence Mine - Location to mine Rune Essence.
  • Mining Rocks - Gold, Silver and Gem Rocks can be found in the corners of the dungeon.
  • The Fallen Man - Found in the small cave and is the start location for the Dream Mentor quest.

Astral Altar and the Oneiromancer

The Astral altar is situated on the south eastern corner of Lunar isle. Players can do two things here:

  • Players can craft Astral runes at the altar without the need for a talisman or tiara, However the completion of Lunar Diplomacy is required.
  • Players may also pray at the Astral altar to change between their current spell book and the Lunar spellbook.

The Oneiromancer is also located near the Astral Altar. She is the spiritual leader of the island and can read the players mind. If you ever lose your Lunar magic robes, you can replace them for you at a fee.

Flax Field

There are three different spots on the island where flax can be picked with a bank close by. Each spot is guarded by Suqah's though so if you are planning to pick flax here, please be careful not to take too much damage.

Summoning Obelisk

There is a summoning obelisk location just outside of the entrance gate, east of the bank which can be used to recharge your summoning points. Using the obelisk can be beneficial while running Astral Runes.


Lunar Isle has it's own lodestone which can be activated after the completion of Lunar Diplomacy and can then be used for easy travel to the island.

For more information about Lodestones, check out our guides on the Lodestone Network.

The Brazier

In the most western building in the town, there is a brazier which can be lit in order to allow the player to travel to the Dream World. The Brazier is used during both the Lunar Diplomacy and Dream Mentorr quests.

Livid Farm

Livid Farm is an activity situated to the north of Lunar isle outside of the main town. You help out Pauline with her local business by casting a variety of Lunar spells in order to help her. She rewards you by giving you produce points which can then be spent on bonuses and unlocking new Lunar spells.

For more information about Livid Farm, check out our guide here.


The only monsters found on the island are Suqah's which are primarily killed as part of Slayer tasks.

Lunar Spells

The Lunar spellbook is unlocked with the completion of Lunar Diplomacy and then further spells can be unlocked with the completion of Dream Mentor and from unlocking them from the Livid Farm activity. For more information about all the spells available in the Lunar spellbook, check out our magic guide here.

Related Quests

There are a few quests that are located around Lunar Isle or require travelling to Lunar Isle to speak with NPC's.

Related Tasks

Several of the Fremennik Tasks require access to Lunar Isle.

DifficultyTask NameDescriptionRequirements
HardRunes on the MoonMine pure essence on Lunar Isle.30 Mining
HardEasy as PieBake a pie using magic.Bake Pie spell (Lunar Diplomacy)
HardTotally LividUnlock the first spell by helping out on the Livid Farm.69,840 produce points
EliteAstronomical!Craft 56 or more Astral runes simultaneously.28 pure essence, 91 Runecrafting

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