Ranging Guild


The Ranging Guild is located immediately South of McGrubor's Wood. Level 40 Ranged is required to enter, this is where the Ranged Master is located whom can sell you a Ranged Skillcape for 99,000 coins.

Inside The Guild

If you walk to the back of the guild you will notice a Competition Judge who will let you play an activity for the small fee of 200 coins. The idea of the activity is to get the highest amount of points you can with the 10 bronze arrows he supplies the player, of course the better a player's ranged level is, the more frequently they are to get bulleyes. Bringing equipment with good ranged bonuses will help a lot here. Depending on the score which is divided by 10 to calculate the amount of tickets a player recieves. ex. If a player gets 350 points - They will be awarded 35 Archery Tickets which can be exchanged to prizes at one of the two Ticket Merchants.

Competition Judge chat-box.

Target view box.

Ticket merchant's prizes.

In the centre of the guild is a ladder. Go up the ladder (stay in the center!) and you will notice four towers with rangers on them you can attack. These rangers hit higher or lower depending on which tower it is. Talk to one of the four people in the centre. They will tell you which tower to attack.

Different towers are for higher levels of Ranged, as stated before.

  • The West Tower is the highest level tower, with level 80 Archers
  • The South Tower is the next highest, with level 60 Archers
  • The East Tower is the second lowest, with level 40 Archers
  • The North Tower is the lowest, with level 20 Archers

Hide Tanning

There is a leatherworker is the far left corner of the guild who will gladly tan any hides for you.

The Shops

Dargaud's Bows and Arrows

This shop sells a wide variety of ammunition and bows from regular Shortbows to Maple Longbows. This shop also sells all types of arrows bronze to rune, brutal bolts from bronze to rune, arrow shafts, and all types of arrowheads from bronze to rune as well! Much cheaper than the Grand Exchange but there is only so many the can be bought at a time.

Aaron's Archery Appendages

Aaron is the Ranged master whom a player can purchase a Ranged Skillcape from for 99,000 coins. He sells a variety of lower leveled ranged armour at a much better price than the Grand Exchange!

Authentic Throwing Weapons

This shop sells all the types of javelins and throwing axes from bronze to rune. Very well priced but again, only so many can be bought before the shop runs out of stock.

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