As you can see, Nardah has 2 ranges, 1 hunter shop, 1 adventure shop, 1 chocolate shop, 1 fountain, 1 general store, 1 bank, 1 anvil and a carpet transportation stop. Basically, all of your needs bundled up in one small town.

How To Get There

Magic Carpets

This way takes very little time and you honestly don't need any desert robes or waterskins if you're just heading to Nardah to relax. This method costs 400gp.


This is one way of getting to Nardah, although not many people want to sacrifice the placing of their house. Move your house to Pollnivneach and then teleport to your house. Ride the very last carpet which is south of Pollnivneach for a total cost of 200gp. Et voila, you're in Nardah!


There is a plenty full number of shops in Nardah. Below are pictures of the prices and what the stores have gotten in stock:

-and then there is a man by the name of Zahur. He will clean your dirty herbs for you for 200gp a herb. So now you can clean that old Grimy torstol in your bank!


The only quest that can be started in Nardah is Spirits of the Elid.


  • Nardah makes the agility pyramid much more enjoyable for everyone. Nardah has the only bank in the Desert unless you have finished Contact!. So after you've run to the top of the pyramid and you've eaten your food and drank your waterskins, just go back to the bank and get some food. Once you have completed the Spirits of the Elid quest, you can refill your waterskins at the fountain.
  • There is a free pair of boots in the Mayor's Abode for your feet.
  • Nardah is a perfect place to store your Vulture Egg's after killing some vultures. Just run North-West and you come to Nardah.
  • Nardah is quiet and peaceful. There is a 0 to little chance of finding Nardah crowded with 2 or more people. Many people fletch and alch there all the time in the peace and quiet of Nardah.
  • South of Nardah are Desert goats. Desert Goats give you goat horns which is the secondary ingredient for Combat potions.

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