This is a members only area.


Canifis, also known as Kharyrll & previously named Cave Canem, is a members only village that lies to the east of the River Salve in Morytania and is the home to many werewolves.

Getting There

There are many different ways of reaching Canifis:

  • Using the lodestone system once Canifis has been activated.
  • By passing through the holy-barrier in the temple basement occupied by Drezel, and then walking east.
  • Teleporting to Canifis using the Ancient Magicks spell Kharyrll Teleport.
  • After completion of Desert Treasure, players may point a house Portal to teleport to Canifis.
  • Using the Fairy Ring System with the code CKS.
  • After completion of In Search of the Myreque, players may use a shortcut in Mort'ton that leads to the north-east part of the Swamp.
  • Players can walk east from Varrock, going through the temple occupied by Drezel.
  • Slayer ring to teleport to the Slayer tower just north-west of Canifis.


There are a few NPC's in Canifis to keep an eye out for regarding quests or personal business. Some players may find these to be helpful at some time or later.


Fidelio is the owner of the General Store in Canifis. Unlike normal General Stores around RuneScape, this one sells needles and threads. The prices here are much more expensive than any other general store in RuneScape.

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Sbott is the owner of the Tannery in Canifis. He will tan cow hides and dragon hides for players at the normal cost.

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Barker is the owner of the Clothing Store in Canifis. Here, you can buy coloured robes with each item costing just 650 coins each, except for the coloured capes, which cost 20 coins each. The coloured capes and gloves sold here can be used by free-to-play players, but all other items are members only.

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Rufus is the owner of the Meat Emporium in Canifis. He will sell players various raw meets and fish.

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The Hair of the Dog Inn is owned by the bartender Roavar. He will sell players a Moonlight Mead beer for 5 coins. Also located in the tavern are several quest-related NPCs.

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The Taxidermist is located in the western part of Canifis. She will stuff any monster heads or Big fishes you may have for a certain price. These items, once stuffed, can be used to hang on a wall in a player-owned house.

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The Bank

In the eastern part of Canifis, there is a bank that players can use. Don't worry, the wolves won't steal your gold, it's a real bank!

Slayer Master

The local slayer master, Mazchna who can be found just on the North-East path leaving Canifis, will assign tasks to anyone who has 30 combat. He is available even if you are only Slayer level 1, and assigns fairly easy tasks. He is the second lowest Slayer Master, and unlike Turael/Spria his tasks are worth slayer points (after smoking kills).

Available Quests

The following quests can be started in Canifis.

  • In Search of the Myreque - Speaking to Vanstrom Klause in the Hair of the Dog Inn
  • In Aid of the Myreque - Speaking to Veliaf located down the stairs in the basement of the Hair of the Dog Inn
  • Creature of Fenkenstrain - Reading the sign in the middle of Canifis

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