A quiet town on the west bank of the River Lum, Lumbridge presents a good start to your adventuring. The weather is always fine and the citizens are usually friendly. Despite its imposing castle, ruled by the generous Duke Horacio, the town is founded on its farms. There is much to do in Lumbridge, though, and it boasts a variety of training and practice opportunities, whatever your particular interests may be.

The town's buildings are all made of the same grey stone that has survived through the years. This is the sort of determination that has seen Lumbridge through even the hardest times.

Lumbridge is one of many places anyone sees on the mainland. It is home to the Lumbridge guides, who will be more than happy to teach you about their specialist skill. It is also the place in which you re-spawn, if you die (unless you have completed the relative quest). Lumbridge was built near a marsh, the marsh is full of creatures - and also a dungeon. It is also the location of the HAM headquarters.

Area Map

Map of Lumbridge

Lumbridge lies directly south of Varrock, the capital of Misthalin and seat of King Roald. East from Lumbridge is the gate to Al Kharid, a major desert town that spans the desert from the Lumbridge gate to the Shantay Pass. Travelling west from Lumbridge - across what was a gods' battlefield - will deliver you to Draynor, a small village menaced by the ominous Draynor Manor. As a rural township, there is a cluster of farms to the north where the locals scratch a living from the soil. There is also a windmill, which supplies most of the surrounding region with flour for bread, cakes and other baked treats. To the south of the town is Lumbridge Swamp, a sodden and dreary area filled with twisted mangroves and home to The Nexus.

Main town

Thieve's Guild

Just by the northern-most covered bridge on the west side of the River Lum, you'll find a house with a trapdoor behind it taking you into the Thieves' Guild . If you've completed the quest Buyers and Cellars.

Combat Academy

Lady Deathknell is running a combat academy in Lumbridge and wishes to use you as her assistant. The tutorial runs through the basics of combat, to exploiting enemy weaknesses and finally through to abilities.

Lumbridge General Store

Shopping in Lumbridge doesn't need to be expensive. As a promotion to attract customers, the General store of Lumbridge offers free items - as long as you haven't taken a sample recently.The town general store can be found right next to Taskmaster Explorer Jack's house just to the south of the Combat Academy. Just near the entrance to the crater at the end of this short road is Fishing shop Wyant's Fishing Store right next to the Water source memorial fountain

Hank's Fishing Store

Just near the entrance to the crater at the end of this short road is Fishing shop Wyant's Fishing Store right next to the Water source memorial fountain

Lumbridge Church

The Altar Church just north of the graveyard is a good place to recharge your prayer points, and Father Aereck is always up for a chat about the finer points of modern theology. Tombs and graves are also a good starting point for an adventurer for Father Aereck to help you out with.

Lumbridge Forge

Skilled smiths will be able to utilise the Furnace and the Anvil located just east of the Combat academy

Explorer Jack's

He is also a point of contact for the Lumbridge/Draynor Achievements; if you have completed the Easy tasks Jack will reward you with the Explorer's ring 1.


There are many NPC's around Lumbrige, here are some of them.

NPC Location

Duke Horacio
The Duke can be found in his chamber on the first floor of the castle.

Sigmund can be found with the Duke, probably advising him on matters of state.

The Cook
The Cook, obviously, can be found in the castle kitchen.

Phileas,The Sage
Phileas is never far from the signpost by the bridge across the Lum.

Father Aereck
Father Aereck can always be found looking after his church in the south-east of Lumbridge.

Bob, of Bob's Brilliant Axes
Bob is always in his shop just south of Lumbridge Castle.

Roddeck can be found in his house on the east side of Lumbridge.

Xenia can be found in the graveyard of Lumbridge Church.

Nastroth can be found wandering about Lumbridge Castle's courtyard.

Fred the Farmer
Fred can be found relaxing in his farmhouse.

Herald of Lumbridge
The Lumbridge herald is found in the centre of Lumbridge.

Lady Deathknell
Lady Deathknell can be found north of the castle at the Combat Academy.

The Doomsayer is in central Lumbridge, near the bridge that crosses the River Lum.

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