Advanced Alchemy


Alchemy is the process of turning items into gold. In RuneScape, this not only gives you magic experience, but could potentially reap you a lot of profit! There are two types of alchemy:

Icon Magic Level Runes Experience Information

Low Alchemy
21 1
31 It is not recommended to use this spell, as it will lose you lots of cash and is not a good source of magic experience.

High Alchemy
55 1
65 It is recommended to use this spell instead, and if you so choose could be the method to get you level 99 magic!

High Alching

The process of high alchemy requires either a fire, lava, or steam staff. This saves you from purchasing thousands upon thousands of fire runes when you can just use a staff and get them for free. Now, you will want to set up your inventory and magic spellbook like the following:

Note that for the spellbook, only the miscellaneous and skill spells are viewed (hide the combat and teleport spells), and sort by level order. For the inventory, the items you wish to alch should be placed in the first column second row, while the nature runes should be placed at the bottom to prevent accidentally alching them. Do not carry any other items in your inventory to prevent accidentally alching expensive items! Coins will go straight to your money pouch.

Jagex has implemented a feature so that you can 'queue' an item to alch next. So, when you are in the middle of alching one item you can click the spell again and click the next item that you want to alch. This makes it so that when the last item is done being alched, you will immediately proceed to alch the next item. Utilize this feature to save time!


How you alch your items is entirely up to you. You may use your mouse, or you can use Mousekeys. For those who don't know how MouseKeys work, the number keys at the right side of the keyboard (which is not found on most laptops) can operate mouse movements depending on whether the num lock is on Pressing the number 5 will imitate a left mouse click when Mousekeys are on. Pressing down on this key to alch is not against the rules, and it will save your fingers from becoming numb!

Here is a list of common places to alch. You might even find other people in some of these spots that you can converse with to ease the redundancy of this task. Be sure to change your location time after time to freshen things up!

  • Banks. Some alchers like to keep an eye out for good merchanting opportunities.
  • Near skilling areas, like woodcutting or fishing spots.
  • Completely deserted and peaceful spots.
  • Barrows crypts: free items if a barrower dies.
  • Castle Wars. On world 24, there is usually a long line of alchers surveying the Castle Wars games.
  • Poison Waste Area. A common place with no one around and distraction free.

Whether it is for some magic experience or profit, happy alching!

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