Canoes are yet another transportation method in RuneScape, allowing you to travel up and down the River Lum. Due to an update, both free players and members have access to canoes. There are currently four different types of canoes that you are able to construct; the better the canoe, the further you can travel up or downstream from your current location. The Canoe Tutor nearby, Barfy Bill, Hari, Sigurd or Tarquin, will let your borrow a hatchet if you do not have one in your toolbelt, however, everyone should start off with a bronze hatchet anyway.


Name Map
Champion's Guild
Barbarian Village
This location is in the Wilderness so be careful of any player killers. It is a one way trip!

Level Requirements

After arriving at one of these four canoe stations, you have the ability to make one of four different canoes, depending on what your woodcutting level is:

Name Level Required Experience Gained How far it can travel
Log 12 30 One station away.
Dugout 27 60 Two stations away.
Stable Canoe 42 90 Three stations away.
Waka 57 150 Four stations away, including the wilderness location at Level 35, which does not have a canoe station back!

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