Giant Mole


The Giant Mole is the result of an accidental side-effect of an suspicious plant-growth potion, known as the Malignius-Mortifer's-Super-Ultra-Flora-Growth-Potion. Living in its tunnels underneath Falador Park, terrorising the park's gardener, Wyson. His punishment of careless use of potions is evident.

The lair of the Giant Mole is located underneath Falador Park, its entrance on the surface via a large golden-leaf plant. There are several routes available for getting to the entrance. To the south of the park is one of the two Falador's banks, allowing quick banking of loot and/or restocking of supplies.

You will be presented with various options at the entrance.

  • Start a new session allows you to open a new session in normal mode, designed for a solo player with a combat level of 110. You can specify the number of players in it (up to a maximum of 16), the minimum combat level required for joining the session, and an option of security to choose whether anyone can enter, only friends of the instance's creator can enter, or those who know the entry key consisting of a numerical value between 0 and 999,999 set by the creator. An instance will last 1 hour, earlier if emptied of players beforehand.
  • Start a new session (hard mode) is the same as the above, except it is the harder version designed for a team of level 110 players with a combat level of 110, or a solo level 140 player.
  • Join an existing session allows you to join another player's battle, by entering the name of the owner of that instance. The battle key is also prompted, if one is set.
  • Rejoin my previous battle allows you to rejoin the last session you were in, however the battle key is needed again.

Know Your Enemy and the Fight

One of the best ways of defeating the enemy is by knowledge, and creating your combat strategy accordingly.

The Giant Mole
Combat level: 110
Experience per kill: 1024xp constitution and 3104xp combat Max hit: 720
Lifepoints: 78,000 Weakness: None
Immune to Stun?: Yes Retreats?: No
Immune to Poison?: No Attack Styles: Melee

At any stage of the battle, the giant mole will have two forms of attack, depending on the location of the players. By default, she will be attacking with melee. However, if you hide or attempt to trap her behind scenery, she will carry out a tremor attack which can hit all everyone in all chambers. In hard mode, this will be repeated 2-5 times. Only those in tunnels will be safe from this form of attack.

The mole will have three stages of the fight as follows:

  • Stage 1: You simply attack the mole, as it does not perform any special attacks.
  • Stage 2: The mole will then begin digging to any of the outer four chambers in random order, where each has a specific special attack associated with it. When the mole is headed for another chamber, it will face the direction of its destination, a visual cue for players of where it is going next. Once the fight has gone through all four chambers, it will return to the main chamber, marking the start of stage 3.
    • Falling Rocks: Takes place in the south-east chamber. One player is stunned before rocks from the ceiling fall, which players must avoid or else risk being hit. In hard mode, all players are hit, and one player will be immobilised and buried in rocks until they are freed by another player or the rocks disappear after a few seconds. The Freedom ability is ineffective once buried in rocks.
    • Enrage: Takes place in the north-east chamber. The mole will become enraged, and gains the ability to deal extra damage from her attacks toward her target, however also becomes vulnerable to stuns. In hard mode, players standing next to the target will also be hit.
    • Moles: Takes place in the north-west chamber. The mole will call for aid in the form of up to four moles in their normal, smaller sizes. They will boost her defensive abilities. In hard mole, she will call for up to 10 moles, and her minions will also boost her damage dealing abilities.
    • Tremor attack: Takes place in the south-west chamber. The mole will periodically dig and re-emerge elsewhere in the same chamber near a player, leaving behind a trail of damage in the process when she emerges.
  • Stage 3: The mole will return to the central chamber and use all four forms of special attacks of Stage 2 in random order. No special attack is used twice in a row.

Recommended Equipment Setup


A simple yet effective inventory setup.

The Giant Mole is a relatively easy for a boss, hence a sophisticated inventory and armour sets are not necessary. A basic setup consisting of mainly food and prayer potions, however if you wish to do faster kills, you can also elect to include a super set in your setup. A one-click emergency teleport such as a Teletab is recommended for emergencies.


A good Melee setup.

Melee is perhaps the least safest way to attempt to fight the mole, due to the damage it causes to closeby players when it burrows underground.

  • Head: Dharok's helm > Bandos helm > Dragon full helm > Rune full helm
  • Amulet: Saradomin' Whisper > Amulet of Fury > Amulet of Glory
  • Cape: Obsidian cape > Skillcape > Cape of legends
  • Body: Dharok's platebody > Bandos chestplate > Dragon platebody > Rune platebody
  • Legs: Dharok's platelegs > Bandos tassets > Dragon platelegs > Rune platelegs
  • Gloves: Bandos Gloves
  • Boots: Bandos boots > Dragon boots
  • Shield/off-hand weapon: Divine spirit shield, or an Offhand weapon
  • Ring: Warrior Ring (i) > Sixth-age Circuit > Onyx Ring (i) > Warrior Ring > Ring of Wealth
  • Weapon: Dharok's greataxe > Godsword > Saradomin sword > Abyssal whip > Dragon scimitar > Rune scimitar
  • Aura: Vampyrism


A good Ranged setup.

As the mole does not have a weakness, Ranged is just as effective as any other combat style in terms of dealing damage, however it is safer as you can keep a distance, avoiding damage especially when it burrows underground.

  • Head: Karil's coif > Armadyl helm > Royal d'hide coif > Coif
  • Amulet: Saradomin's Murmur, Amulet of Fury > Amulet of Glory
  • Cape: Obsidian cape > Skillcape > Cape of legends
  • Body: Karil's top > Armadyl chestplate > Royal d'hide body > Blue d'hide body
  • Legs: Karil's skirt > Armadyl chainskirt > Royal d'hide chaps > Blue d'hide chaps
  • Gloves: Armadyl gloves > Royal d'hide vambraces > Blue d'hide vambraces
  • Boots: Armadyl boots
  • Shield/off-hand weapon: Elysian spirit shield, or an Offhand weapon
  • Weapon: Zaryte bow > Crystal bow > Karil's pistol crossbow > Armadyl Crossbow > Elder short/shieldbow
  • Ring: Archer's Ring (i) > Sixth-age Circuit > Onyx Ring (i) > Archer's Ring > Ring of Wealth
  • Aura: Vampyrism


A good Magic setup.

Magic is yet another option for those who want to keep a distance. Again, as the mole does not have any weakness, it's down to weapons and spell options that yields the best result.

  • Head: Ganodermic visor > Ahrim's hood > Hood of subjugation > Grifolic visor > Batwing hood
  • Amulet: Saradomin' Murmur > Amulet of Fury > Amulet of Glory
  • Cape: Obsidian cape > Skillcape > Cape of legends
  • Body: Ganodermic poncho > Ahrim's robe top > Garb of subjugation > Grifolic poncho > Batwing torso
  • Legs: Ganodermic leggings > Ahrim's robe skirt > Robe of subjugation > Grifolic leggings > Batwing legs
  • Gloves: Ganodermic gloves > Gloves of subjugation > Grifolic gloves > Batwing gloves
  • Boots: Ganodermic boots > Boots of subjugation > Batwing boots
  • Shield/off-hand weapon: Spectral spirit shield, or an Offhand weapon
  • Weapon: Armadyl battlestaff > Polypore staff > Staff of light > Ahrim's staff > Toktz-Mej-Tal > Saradomin Staff > Mystic battlestaves
  • Ring: Seer's Ring (i) > Sixth-age Circuit > Onyx Ring (i) > Seer's Ring > Ring of Wealth
  • Aura: Vampyrism


Once the Giant Mole has been slain, it will always drop some Big bones, a Mole claw, 1-3 Mole skins, and if you have completed the Elite Falador Tasks, you will also receive a Mole nose. If you are fulfilling the Odd Old Man's wishlist, you can also obtain a Long, Sharp claws as a common drop.

Other noteworthy drops include a Numbing root, a Dragon 2h sword, and a Clingy mole. In hard mode, there is a 1-dose vial of Ultra-growth potion up for grabs, plus a higher drop rate of the Clingy mole. The Giant Mole can also drop the Rotten Fang which unlocks Molly, the mini Giant Mole pet. Chances of receiving it as a drop increases with a higher tracked Giant Mole kill count.

In multiplayer team sessions, all drops are divided equally among the top three players of a kill, with some exceptions:

  • All players will receive the Big bones.
  • The top player will receive a Mole claw.
  • The top three players will each receive a piece of Mole skin.
  • If a player receives a rare drop, other players of the team will equally receive the remainder of the loot.

The mole skin, claws and nose can be exchanged with Wyson for birds' nests, however, with the exception of the nose, these nests does not provide rings or eggs and has a much lower chance of giving out rarer seeds. If you have completed the Elite Falador tasks, the Mole skin can be exchanged for White lily seeds instead.

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