Greegree Obtaining


Greegree's are obtainable throughout and after the Monkey Madness quest. During the quest, you can only get the Monkey greegree. Greegree's can only be used on Ape Atoll and in the Ardougne Zoo; they cannot be used to attack with, only cut logs. There are 8 different Monkey Greegree's which you can obtain. Having one of each Ninja, Zombie, Gorilla and the Karamjan monkey greegree's will allow you to complete the Saving Awowogei section of Recipe for Disaster, and subsequently, the Do No Evil quest.


To start obtaining the Greegree's, you will need a Monkey talisman, which can be bought from 'Tutab's Magical Market' shop. Along with this talisman, you will also need some remains of the monkey you want to transform into.

GreeGree Types

GreeGree Image Bone Collection

Monkey greegree

Kill any brown monkey on the island of Karamja. You can use either the Monkey bones or Monkey corpse.

Ninja monkey greegree (big)

You must kill a big Ninja monkey on Ape Atoll by quickly attacking them when they spawn whilst being spotted in human form. If you don't kill them quick enough, you will be locked up into the cell.

Ninja monkey greegree (small)

Smaller ninja monkeys can be found above the enterance to Ape Atoll or on the podiums where they attack with range.

Gorilla greegree

Within the temple, you will find black and white striped gorillas. Some will have beards and some not. If you want this greegree, kill the gorilla without the beard and collect them bones.

Gorilla greegree (bearded)

As above, kill the bearded gorilla monkey in the temple on Ape Atoll.

Gorilla greegree (blue)

* This is a very rare item that can only be obtained one way. There is a Monkey skull underneath the temple on Ape Atoll, however, it is not obtainable.

Zombie monkey greegree (big)

Outside and under the island, where you travel to Zooknock, there will be Zombie monkeys which you can kill to retrieve the bones. Kill the bigger monkey for this greegree.

Zombie monkey greegree (small)
As above, this time kill the smaller of the two Zombie monkeys. Both should be near the start of the ladder, but may be a bit further in.

* This type of monkey remain can only be obtained by opening or catching Zombie implings.


Once you have collected the remains of the monkey you want to transform into, and the Monkey talisman, then you will have to make your way to Zooknock who is at the very end of the tunnel, underneath Ape Atoll. You will have to talk to Zooknock and ask him to make you a greegree before using the items on him as doing so before will give you a 'Nothing interesting happens' message.

Once you have created your greegree, you are free to use it within the limits of the island or Ardougne Zoo.

Guide Made by: Doctor Shemp
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