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10th Anniversary cake
Item Type: Holiday Item
Stackable: No
Wear/Wieldable: No
Members Only: No
Quest Item: No
Item Options:Celebrate, Eat, Drop, Use, Examine
Used For:To celebrate the 10th anniversary of RuneScape.
Item Effects:Click celebrate and you will perform an emote
Examine Info:Celebrating 10 years of runescape.
Location:Kill any monsters in the old parts of Runescape and from Jagex 'around the world' drop parties.
Respawn Location:
Notes:If your lose or destroy the full lit cake, you can get another one from Diango in Draynor Village. You cannot eat the cake after the candles are put on.
Submitted by: Hunty
Corrections Submitted By: DaDa, Deathslayer, #8173671