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Wicked hood
Item Type: Rewards
Stackable: No
Wear/Wieldable: Yes
Members Only: Yes
Quest Item: No
Requirements to Wear/Wield:Level 5 Runecrafting.
Stat Bonuses:
Stab Attack: +0Stab Defence: +0
Slash Attack: +0Slash Defence: +0
Crush Attack: +0Crush Defence: +0
Magic Attack: +3Magic Defence: +3
Ranged Attack: +0Ranged Defence: +0
Summoning Defence: +0
Melee Absorb: +0%
Magic Absorb: +0%
Ranged Absorb: +0%
Strength: +0Ranged Strength: +0
Prayer: +0Magic Damage: +0%
Item Options:Wear, Use, Drop, Examine
Used For:Can be used in Mournings End Part II.
Item Effects: If a player is Runecrafting with the hood, it is advisable to withdraw the essence at the altar. This allows the player to craft runes from 100 essence without banking once a day.
Examine Info:A menacing, magical hood which conjures runes and essence.
Location:Can be claimed for free from Tam McGrubor in Burthorpe. If you want another one you can buy it for 175 Runespan points from Wizard Finix at the Wizards' Tower.
Respawn Location:
Notes:Although the Hood officially requires Talismans to be 'fed' to it, tiaras work as well. The latter may be a cheaper alternative. However, whichever you choose, the talisman/tiara will be lost when 'fed'. It takes only 1 talisman per type of rune. Trying to feed a certain talisman twice, will get you the message "...REDUNDANT.". Also note: that if a player is already in possession of an Omni-talisman or tiara, it is suggested to 'feed' that one to the hood. This will make 'feeding' all other talismans/tiaras obsolete, as the Omni encompasses all (with exception of the Elemental talisman), hence it will also function as an Omni-tiara. The wicked hood will not let you teleport to the law altar if you have Banned Equipment (armour and weapons not allowed on Entrana). If you attempt to teleport to the law altar with any banned equipment, the message, "The power of Saradomin prevents you taking armour or weaponry to Entrana" will appear in the chatbox; you will remain where you are, and you will not waste one of your two daily teleport charges by attempting to teleport to Entrana with banned equipment. The wicked hood itself, despite having +3 magic attack bonus and +3 magic defence bonus, is allowed into Entrana.
Submitted by: Joe
Corrections Submitted By: Majinvegito3, Dark, Umbra