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A handwritten book (The Prisoner of Glouphrie)
Item Type: Quest Items
Stackable: No
Wear/Wieldable: No
Members Only: Yes
Quest Item: Yes
Item Options:Read, Use, Drop, Examine
Used For:General information on illusions and anti-illusion devices.
Item Effects:
Examine Info:Bolrie's research notes on anti-illusion devices.
Location:Found during the Prisoner of Glouphrie quest.
Respawn Location:If you should lose it, you can get another copy by going back down the trapdoor in North-West Lletya.
Notes:**Another quest item book has the same title; A handwritten book -Roving Elves-**
Submitted by: Icedlala
Corrections Submitted By: #8173671, SkillrzUnite