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Abyssal charm
Item Type: Summoning Item
Stackable: No
Wear/Wieldable: No
Members Only: Yes
Quest Item: No
Item Options:Use, Drop, Examine
Used For:Used as a secondary ingredient to make these pouches; Abyssal parasite pouch Abyssal lurker pouch Abyssal titan pouch
Item Effects:
Examine Info:A charm used to summon familiars.
Location:Dropped by; Abyssal walkers Abyssal guardians Abyssal leeches
Respawn Location:
Notes:Abyssal parasite pouch (Requires level 54 Summoning) Abyssal lurker pouch (Requires level 62 Summoning) Abyssal titan pouch (Requires level 93 Summoning)
Submitted by: Icedlala
Corrections Submitted By: SkillrzUnite