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My name is Umbra; I'm 19 years year old and am currently at University where I am studying a Masters degree for Computer Games Development for 5 years, one of which will be a "sandwich" year where I shall be doing one year of work placement in the games industry. By the end of this, I aim to be working in the industry.

Reveal for my RuneScape life story. DISCLAIMER: It's long and boring <3 ENJOY!
Spoiler: Click to show... I began my first account back in 2007 where I was helped by a friend until about level 12 where he then quit. By then I knew enough to get myself around I also made a skiller on the side who I was going to get 99 mining on. I was young an impatient so I quit that account after day 1 and went back to my main account.

After solo playing for a long long time as I was skeptical about other players so I barely ever had any friends on RS, I finally found out my cousin played it too. Our aims was to get a Cape of Achievement but we never in a million years thought we would get 99 in any skill, so instead we aimed for Quest Cape. Unfortunately that never happened since he had to quit due to revision for exams.

I was back to solo playing again and my thrill for the quests dropped since he wasn't with me to play anymore. I still quested now and then but not as much. Then, while completing the Ogre section of Recipe for Disaster I met someone who I would never have thought could have changed my life like she did. Her name was Raxarose and we became good friends. I got bored of RS for a while and played on FunOrb a lot. After getting bored of FunOrb I went back to RS where the spark for the game was re-ignited when Raxarose invited me into her clan of friends. I became part of a small community of friends, however I always felt like an outsider in it. Raxarose made a new account called Firefly2999 and we grew closer and closer. We spoke on Skype until eventually we started dating. (Yes, yes. Say what you want about online dating and call me sad :P )

I quit RS in 2010 before summer as Firefly2999 went on to get 99 Fletching, Cooking, Woodcutting and Agility. On December 2010 we met up in real life for the first time and that was an awkward scenario. We watched a film together, which made us a bit more comfortable. Since then we had seen each other every few months. In this time we decided to go back on to RS for the memories so we made new accounts under the name of Umbra Lupus and Amor Lupus in October 2011. After 3 months we quit again until and old friend of mine got back in touch with me and begged me to come back on. I was bored with games so I decided "Sure, why not?" Me and Amor restarted playing in October 2012 where we have been playing up to now.

My Childhood RuneScape Goals:
99 Mining - Achieved February 2013
Quest Cape - Achieved December 2012

Long Term Goal:
Completionist Cape


I first encountered RuneZone through RuneRadio thanks to JaGeX using RuneRadio to host the Lore Podcasts with Mod Osborne. I then started to listen to the radio for a while and got caught up with sending in requests for songs. DJ CallMeMatt told me to register and I thought "Hey, what the hell!" so I did. This was on May 17 2013. After a day or two I decided to get involved with the forums and since then I have been addicted to them! A month later I became an ambassador where I regularly helped out in the community hosting or co-hosting some events and aimed to be encourage many others to get involved too.

Fast forward a few months and I applied to be a Content Team member, which was nerve racking until the confirmation came through that I passed and was hired onto the best team on RuneZone. Once I got comfortable in my abilities, I focused most of my attention on skill guides with the occasional other guide such as Fate of the Gods. My favourite time working on the team was working with Sytze on completely revamping the Magic guide. Cue a whole year after I was first recruited as an Ambassador, Sytze and myself were promoted to leadership positions within the Content team taking Deputy and Assistant Team Leader roles respectively. We worked closely with Majinvegito3 helping him in Team Leader duties, motivating the team and of course, keeping up with the work load ourselves.

Not soon after, Majin received a well deserved promotion up to Senior Leader status so Sytze and myself moved up the ranks yet again to fill the positions and we continued in our duties up until Sytze unfortunately had to step down due to real life workloads. From then, I took full leadership of the Content team and aim to lead them to success where all our guides are maintained to an immaculate standard and become the envy of all other fan sites.

If you are interested in joining the Content Team check this thread to see if applications are open. If they are then follow the instructions and you may find yourself on the team helping us attain our long term goal. Should applications not be open you can still send in a speculative application in the event a vacancy in the team crops up!

Joined: 17th May 2013
Bronze Member: 18th May 2013
Iron Member: 20th May 2013
Steel Member: 22nd May 2013
Black Member: 28th May 2013
Mithril Member: 4th June 2013
Adamant Member: 11th June 2013
Rune Member: 21st June 2013
Dragon Member: 1st July 2013
Chaotic Member: 21st August 2013
Ancient Member: 6th May 2014

Became Ambassador on the 16th June 2013!
Became a member of Content Team on the 11th of October 2013!
Became Assistant Team Leader of Content Team on the 16th of June 2014!
Became Deputy Team Leader of Content Team on the 28th of August 2014!
Became Team Leader of Content Team on the 25th of January 2015!

Became Media Services Support Assistant for a short time on the 22nd of June 2014!
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