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  • Hey, my name is Luke and my RuneScape name is Guys. Runescape is my favourite and only game I play. My favourite things to do in RuneScape are plan/enjoy events with my clan and when I get bored I lurk around in the RZ Chatbox and work on some content stuffs! If you ever need any RuneScape help at all, shoot me a pm as I know a little about a lot, some more than others. I am also Head of Site for Scape.Tips, so if there is anything I can help you with about that, PM me. :)

RuneZone :)
  • I joined RuneZone on the 6th July, 2013 and have been here since. A very unique community here and always full of fun. I decided to apply for the Content Team in late September and was accepted shortly after. Then on the 11th October, it became official. I was actually a part of one of the best fansite teams and I am still enjoying it to this very moment.

  • My name is Luke
  • I am 18 years old
  • I am currently in full time education at College studying a few different subjects: Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics & Physiology.. :)
  • I love food!
  • Dream Job: Undecided.
  • My favourite colour is Blue.
  • I love sleeping!
  • Assignments are not my thing. At all.

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