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Bubbles: Today i learnt that Mega Rayquaza was so overpowered it was banned from the uber tier... and because of this the uber tier is now defined as an official tier...
Jan 25 2015, 9:47 PM

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** Biggest Achievement: 269th Person to 99 Divination **
** Became Content Team: 11/10/2013 **
** Became Head of Video Management: 14/01/2015 **

Haii for whoever is reading this! :)

I'm 19! and My name is Rosie but my nickname is Bubbles! :P i started my account in April 2012 and my goal
was to be as efficient as possible. I was originally aiming for max cape in 1 year! but i didn't make it,
settling with 80s cape come April 2013!

My current goal is 90s cape which i'm incredibly close to! however i've been slacking big time due to some other commitments :)

My favourite part of Runescape is everything Lore! i am a HUUUGE lore nerd :3 I Got my quest cape back in january and done every new quest to keep it ever since!

I also love Pokemon! one of my favourite Pokemon being Azumarill, :P I love it because its small and cute, but under the right conditions it packs one hell of a punch!

I love doing 3D Modelling and i aim to be a 3d environment artist for Jagex one day! I also love video editing and digital drawing like concept art, although i'm not that great at it currently

Don't be afraid to ever say hi to me! i don't bite, and i love meeting new people!

- Happy scaping peoples!

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