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Hello there, I'm Konen.

I've been playing RuneScape since 2006 but I have been on and off on it. I lost my main account that I made in '06 that's why i'm using a relatively new account. Anyways on RS my name is Konen. I'm generally a skiller/quester. If you want to hang out with me in-game then simply send me a message, my private is always on!

Around here on RuneZone, I create signature and various graphical images. I tend to post and raise technical-minded questions. I am a Member+ since I referred 10+ friends, I know it seems silly stating my group even though its at the top of the page, and I guess you can laugh at me if it turns out to be a different group when you read this.

About my personal life, my name is Kevin and i'm 18 years old. I am interested in the web and how all that technological work. Granted, I work with web programming, and I've been creating odd things here and there.

Anime and Japanese culture fanatic. My favorite anime show is Death Note. I also enjoy playing Basketball and reading various genres of articles.

Hope you now know more about me, thanks for reading my biography!
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I just got back to RuneZone and RuneScape and frankly, its been a while since I talked to 'Zoners. I would like it if I could talk to more members here. So if you are interested in starting a convo, then either add me on skype "rz.bootman" or add on RS "Konen". You can start off by reading my profile biography so you can get to know me more.
I am going to starting a second version of my graphics shop so that I can get back to giving the community amazing signatures and avatars. Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading,

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