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Intentional: I miss everyone here xxx
Mar 5 2017, 7:08 PM

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Hello :)

My name is Rachel. I am 25 years old turning 26 in april. I live in Canada/quebec. I need 1 more year of studies to be a Radiologist. I enjoy working in hospitals.

I have been part of Runezone since March 6th 2014. It has been already 3 years that I have joined the community. I have been part of the RuneRadio for a short period of time during 2014. I have made quite a few friends here and still talk to a few (that are active on my friendslist).

If you want to add me in game, add Intentional and send me a message
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This short story is about this boy who lived in a cabin in the woods alone since he was 18. His name was Jack. He lived so far from the stores and had no way to get there so he had to find his own way of surviving. He became a hunter.

Jack The Hunter

Jack always found a way in his life to survive but his strongest skill was to be a hunter. He hunted day and night for food & fur so he can be ready for the winter. He was very brave to hunt alone in the woods especially at night as there were dangerous creatures out there such as trolls , goblins and even the most dangerous he did enjoy taking the risk to survive.

As the week passes he was always succeeding in his hunting skills and along the way of hunting, killing a few beasts along his way to his cabin. He was always anxious of the adventure. He was pretty much ready for the winter and Jack was a very proud hunter. Jack continued the same thing every day hunting and protecting himself from these creatures during his hunt.

The End

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