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~ Short Introduction ~

Hi there! My name's Jason since March 9th | 1993, and I'm from Belgium.

I'm a very calm person, but lively at the same time. I work almost every day, and thus very busy. I'm a very caring person. I put lots of time in others, to help them, and that makes me even more busy, hehe. I'm quite emotional, although you wouldn't say that when you see me. But I am ! What I mean with this, is that I don't like the feeling if someone's upset because of me. When I see a lovely couple on the streets, it'll kind of Mute me, if you know what I mean..
You'll mostly see me in the RuneRadio chatbox :) That's where I go when I come home.

My type of music? I don't really have a favorite one ^_^ I listen to a large variety of music, but there's one type that amuses me the most...and that's Tomorrowland's music.
I also like calm music (examples: Phil Collins, Owl City, Disney-songs, Ellie Goulding,...)

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~ RuneScape Status ~

My RSN is Verhaert3 and my alternative account is Dragon Santa. This last one used to be a skiller account, but I messed up. So I went to train Combat too :P
I've been member for a long time (non-stop), so I can say I know ALOT about RuneScape. This being said, questions are always welcome (y) .
You'll mostly find me in world 83, which has been my homeworld for years :) I also help many people ingame, especially my fellow clannies ^_^ .

My goal on RuneScape is getting the trimmed completionist cape, which I'm working on nowadays :)

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