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Sunday 12th December
The start of some pretty cold weather today.. I donít come to Florida for that, I come to Florida for nice heat. But I digress. The original plan for today was to pop back to Universal Studios and finish what we started, but due to the cold weather, we gave it a miss. Instead, we went a few miles down the road to the Florida Mall (home of an Apple store. ino.) Most of the shopping was aimless wandering, buying things we didnít need. But I could see it. A glowing beacon of light in the distance. Entrancing me. I could write a page of description about how I walked to the Apple store, but I wont. We walked in, I played on an iPad for about a minute, said I wanted one, along with a case, and was out within about 5 minutes. Job done.

Upon returning back to the hotel room, I stared at the iPad box for a few minutes, before realizing that I canít open it until Christmas. Joy. What a wait. I was tired anyway at this point, so I just started to doze off.

Monday 13th December
More lovely cold weather! Waking up to the weather people on the TV saying that temperatures were below freezing wasnít a good start to my day. Our logic suggested that because it was a cold weekday, Universal Studios would not be busy, therefore we went there today. We started off with a quick visit to Rip Ride Rockit. Loljk, it was closed because it was too windy. That was my day slightly ruined. Wandered around the rest of the park aimlessly, stopped off for a Starbucks coffee, went on a DDR machine, rode a few more rides, stood next to the car from Back to the Future, scored 365,000 on MIB: Alien Attack, got in the car, and went back to the hotel. Joy!

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Tuesday 14th December
Went to visit Ripleys Believe it or Not! Namely because it was cold, and we had half price coupons. While Iíd normally be fascinated by this sort of thing, I wasnít. I was tired, I was cold, I was hungry, and I wanted to sleep. Killed a couple of hours in there anyway, before returning back to the hotel room to catch up with everything going on on RZ.

Wednesday 15th December
After reinitiating contact with somebody from the cruise, I quickly found my time on my laptop whizzing past. Pretty strange how much you can have in common with somebody when you get to know them. But I digress. Youíre here for a blog, not a recollection of my thoughts on life. Went back to Universal *again*. I really donít know why, but we did. Went on the Harry Potter Forbidden Journey ride. The sound didnít work. I complained. I got another ride without having to queue up. Life was good. Today was pretty much a repeat of Monday, the only exception being it wasnít cold this time. Win for Illustrial. Went for dinner and fell asleep - what I do best.

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Thursday 16th December
Iím not normally one to complain about having to wake up early.. Bah, who am I kidding, I complain about anything, and today was no exception. I donít even remember what time we woke up, but it was bloody early. Today we were off to Busch Gardens in Tampa. Iím no expert on geography, but itís somewhere to the west of where we were. Itís about an hour long drive away, so it was a perfect opportunity to get some sleep before a day of theme park action, and sleep is what I did. Moving on to when we got there, it was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, the weather was sweet. Busch Gardens certainly know how to make a thrilling ride, from a wooden coaster that looks like itís about to fall down, to a steel giant dropping you vertically (twice), and not to mention an odd swinging pirate ship type thing which holds you upside down for like 15 seconds. Nosebleed alert. I rode them all. Twice. It was fun. We also watched a few shows which featured various animals which can do tricks and whatnot. Not really my cup of tea, but they were pretty good. By the end of the day, I was shattered, so I slept in the car, and went straight to dinner. After a good meal, I went for a well deserved sleep.

Friday 17th December
Yeah! Itís Friday! Oh wait, that means nothing while youíre on holiday. Regardless of that, it was a lovely day, and we were taking advantage of it, by visiting the last park we had left to do - Sea World! Now, while Iím not a huge fan of animal shows (as I said yesterday), thereís a couple of incredible coasters there which I really wanted to go on. When we arrived, the first coaster (Manta) was closed. So we fed dolphins for a bit. Well, I didnít. I took pictures. Iím pro photographer. Before long, Manta was open. This is one beast of a coaster. It tilts your car so youíre facing the ground. Itís pretty cool. After riding this a few times, we caught a few animal shows, one being pretty mediocre, one being pretty hilarious. Hah. Good times. Weíd done the whole park by about 1pm, so we came back to the hotel, and sat out in the sun. Well, I was on my laptop obviously. Did that for the whoooleee evening, because Iím hardcore.

Saturday 18th December
Just one week until Christmas, and itís raining in Florida. Was able to sleep in today! Until 8:30am.. I guess itís an improvement. We originally planned on visiting Aquatica today, which is a waterpark, but as it was raining, we though nah, weíre not cool enough to go to a waterpark in the rain. So what do we do when itís raining? Go to the Florida Mall! Spending here, spending there, spending so much, I just donít care. I like to make rhymes yísee. I do care. A lot of money can be spent very quickly. Other than a mall, a pretty uneventful day on the whole. Spent most of the day on my laptop. Not much else I could do considering the weather.

Need to grab the rest of the photos from the camera.

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