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Nathan: Gotta say I love checking the status updates. Despite RuneZone no longer being updated, it's great to see people popping in every now and then to say hi!
Oct 13 2016, 10:45 PM

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Earlier this month I was fortunate enough to receive another invitation down to Jagex HQ for a few days with Regicidal, Jake, Ryan & Dardan and here's my blog about how it all went!


Woke up early, packed laptop & tech stuff and headed to the train station early afternoon. :) Had a long train journey and a few Skype calls with the team and arrived in Cambridge at around 19:00 BST. Checked into my hotel room, unpacked stuff, set up laptop etc and just chilled out. Ordered some room service which was yum, soup & burger to be specific... here's some pics:

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Nom'd that, watched The Apprentice final, a bit of #GordonRamsay then met up with Regicidal & Dardan in the hotel for a short while before heading off to bed. :)


An early start but that's no problem when you're getting up to visit Jagex HQ! Met up with the other guests and headed to Jagex HQ just shortly after 10AM. We were given out NDA (non-disclosure agreement) to sign and then began our tour (after eating breakfast of course)! The Jagex team were really cool to be around and there were loads of exciting things going on (and hard work too, RS3 was just days away). We spoke with various departments, teams and people about everything from RuneFest, to RS3 to Old School Runescape and more, obviously the finer details aren't able to be published but let's just say there's lots to look forward to!

After the tour, grabbing lunch and talking to more JMods we were invited to ride around in Bertha, Mod MMG's tank which we all gladly accepted. :P Mod MMG met us outside and we drove around in the tank... it was super cool and a lot of fun too.. here's some pics!

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Shortly after that we went out for a meal with a load of Jagex Mods, including Mod Jane, Mod MMG, Mod Slayer, Mod Sabre, Mod Chris L and too many more to mention! I was egged into ordering potted squirrel which tasted like corned beef.. but very salty. Here's a pic (it's got butter on the top so you can't really see any squirrel)!

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Friday was similar to Thursday, another delicious breakfast and lots of awesome activities at Jagex HQ, including playing on JMod accounts on test servers, talking more about RuneFest, learning more about RS3 and bumping into JMods such as Mod Pi, Mod Jacmob, Mod Moltare, Mod Mat K, Mod Lord, Mod Suhi_Pi, Mod Stevew, Mod Phoenix, Mod Crow, Mod Pips and Mod Paul M to name a few!

We had another nice night out with Jagex again on the Friday in which Mod Mark and Mod Pips joined us too, as well as the Chief Marketing Officer who was great to talk to. I think I ordered soup and chicken and passed on dessert, we arrived back at the hotel close to midnight and all headed to bed shortly after.


...and that's it! I had an amazing trip and it was now time to head back home, hopped on a few trains and arrived safely back at around 15:00 BST. Here's a quick clip of the Jagex tank:

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