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Hi !

My name is Johann , or also known as Im fail nub.

I live in sunny California . I have plenty of hobbies and normal traits. 5'10 , 145 pounds , 15 years of age , cross country runner , reader and writer of books , philosopher , poser statistician , student enrolled in palisades high school , study psychology , sociology and acts in S.M.C , Runescape player since 2004.

I like to find answers. Facts. I do my own research of simple/unique questions that don't get answers. Like why does a bowel movement feel good? Why would it hurt at times?
My inspiration and role model is Malcom Gladwell.

You can love me or hate me , i hope its both .
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Hey Guys! Its Johann here!

For those who don't know me that well i am Johann :L , i previously did a blog in Runezone , before it merge with Runescapez. My blogs were in a daily basis. Usually i would write about my cross country training , school , and all that good stuff. Also i would be nice and throw in picture's :D But , about a week ago i got a cast for 1-2 months on my leg. I was in a run , a few miles in i was going to get hit by a car , but i dived for me life ( lol ) and messed up my ankle and knee. So i'm out for a while. Which means instead of running a good 2-3 hours i got runescape time. But i still got school to worry about.

So yeah ill stop there. I want to say hi and today i will post me first blog on the new updated website. Please leave comments and bumps to keep it running ! Hope you enjoy!

Alright , to start off , all day , no school , Runescape lol :D And some halo reach. Didn't do anything that intresting today. Maybe saw my gf for 2 hours ;) But other then that , i did pro no life. Look :D

User Posted Image

That picture that you cant see , its here VV

User Posted Image

Also while looking for this picture , look what i came across. I own, GTML

User Posted Image

Sorry for not a super intresting one today , but i simply stayed home D:

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