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I'm Lily B Allen, though everyone just calls me Lily; I'm the Head of Community Relations. My role is challenging but I get a great deal of satisfaction from ensuring that the community is able to operate free of rule breaking and is supported to the high standards we have come to expect.

My primary role is to manage user conduct - if a user is disrupting the community then it is my job to take steps to prevent harm to the community as a result, I frequently review user behavior. Part of my role as Head of CR is to deal with user accounts - whether this be in the form of managing offences or dealing with the appeals and exclusions - in this element of my role I must be fair and level-headed at all times. A further responsibility of mine is to ensure we provide top quality support to all our users - this is why I am actively involved with managing support tickets and monitoring response times; we constantly strive to respond faster, and offer more comprehensive responses to your queries and having seen your reaction to our progress is really rewarding.

My favorite element of my role as Head of Community Relations is that I lead the donator and ambassador schemes - I love to reward those that support RuneZone, either financially (as a donator) or by striving to give to the community or the website (as an ambassador), it's great to be able to recognize those that go above and beyond the norm for a member of our community. I'm generally less visible on the forums than other SL because much of the work I do is behind the scenes, and some of you may only get to speak to me if I'm dealing with your queries or requests for support; however, I love the community and am incredibly pleased that I can help it grow and expand in my role as Head of Community Relations.
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